Brazil best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2018

Brazil best selling cars

Brazil best selling cars ranking in 2018 confirms the last two years leader, with the Chevrolet Onix on top of the list. Outstanding performances scored by the Renault Kwid, the Volkswagen Polo and the Fiat Argo.

In the 2018, the market has fully recovered. The recovery of past year, have been confirmed with a growth of 13.8% this year, ending with 2.471.626 sales. Indeed, even if we are still far from the 2012 record, the market has even improved from last year, erasing the previous three years of decline.

As far as the best selling cars ranking, we left the 2017 with the same leader of the previous year, the Chevrolet Onix, and start the year again with the same leader and a further increased gap over the followers.

Indeed, after four months of the 2018, the top seller in the Chevrolet Onix with 210.458 units (+11.6%), leader in the entire Latin America.

In second place the Hyundai Hb20 with 105.506 followed by the Ford KA with 103.286 (+8.8%).

In fourth place the surprise of the year, a model very popular in the World but introduced in Brazil just launching the last generation, in the fall of 2017, the Volkswagen Gol with 77.612 sales (+5%).

In fifth place the Chevrolet Prisma with 71.735 (+4%) units followed by the Volkswagen Polo, with 69.584 units and the Renault Kwid with 67.320.

In eight place the Fiat Strada with 67.227 (+22.5%) ahead of the Fiat Argo with 63.011 and in 10th place the Jeep Compass with 60.284 (+22.6%).

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Rank 2018Rank 2017ModelSales 2018Sales 2017'+/- 2018
11Chevrolet Onix210.458188.65411,6%
22Hyundai HB20105.506105.5390,0%
33Ford KA103.28694.8938,8%
44Volkswagen Gol77.61273.9195,0%
55Chevrolet Prisma71.73568.9884,0%
657Volkswagen Polo69.5849.521630,8%
735Renault Kwid67.32022.576198,2%
88Fiat Strada67.22754.87022,5%
927Fiat Argo63.01127.925125,6%
1011Jeep Compass60.28449.18722,6%
117Toyota Corolla59.06266.188-10,8%
1210Fiat Toro58.47750.72315,3%
136Renault Sandero52.40167.344-22,2%
149Fiat Mobi49.49154.270-8,8%
1516Hyundai Creta48.97641.62517,7%
1612Honda HR-V47.95947.7750,4%
1722Nissan Kicks46.81233.46439,9%
1818Jeep Renegade46.34438.33020,9%
1914Volkswagen Saveiro45.92042.4148,3%
20205Volkswagen Virtus41.634-
2119Toyota Hilux39.27834.36814,3%
2213Volkswagen Fox/CrossFox39.26042.716-8,1%
2325Ford Ecosport34.49731.19510,6%
2417Volkswagen Voyage32.68340.822-19,9%
2523Hyundai HB20S32.15532.232-0,2%
2626Chevrolet S1031.76130.4384,3%
27205Fiat Cronos29.307-
2833Nissan Versa27.99323.37019,8%
2915Toyota Etios Hatch27.84741.986-33,7%
3030Honda Fit27.35925.3477,9%
3145Renault Captur26.50413.74292,9%
3248Chevrolet Tracker26.10012.136115,1%
3329Honda Civic25.94225.8710,3%
3432Chevrolet Spin25.19224.7131,9%
3540Renault Duster23.57917.63833,7%
3628Renault Logan22.47126.010-13,6%
3734Chevrolet Cobalt21.48822.949-6,4%
3824Toyota Etios Sedan21.20731.395-32,5%
3920Volkswagen Up!20.56334.213-39,9%
4039Ford Ranger20.55217.83015,3%
4138Chevrolet Cruze Sedan19.82819.1923,3%
4249Volkswagen Amarok18.76611.96456,9%
43205Toyota Yaris18.584-
4431Fiat Siena17.47024.955-30,0%
4521Fiat Uno15.15134.165-55,7%
4641Honda City14.90015.974-6,7%
4742Honda WR-V14.79715.353-3,6%
4837Ford Fiesta14.50519.468-25,5%
49205Toyota Yaris sedan13.674-
5051Fiat Fiorino13.54710.94723,8%
5150Renault Oroch13.40911.04721,4%
5243Chevrolet Montana13.10614.872-11,9%
5346Toyota Fortuner12.13812.958-6,3%
5444Nissan March11.94714.052-15,0%
5555Mitsubishi L20010.7669.9468,2%
5652Peugeot 20089.74510.571-7,8%
5753Hyundai ix358.52510.254-16,9%
5860Renault Master7.1936.18116,4%
5947Peugeot 2087.09212.157-41,7%
6056Citroen C36.3789.881-35,5%
6154Citroen C3 Aircross6.34810.019-36,6%
6269Nissan Frontier6.3254.05755,9%
6399Volkswagen Tiguan5.7711.418307,0%
6475Kia Sportage5.6483.63955,2%
6590Volkswagen Space Fox5.5732.021175,8%
6659Chevrolet Cruze Hatch5.5357.328-24,5%
6763Mitsubishi ASX5.3794.9229,3%
6861Fiat Doblo5.2975.711-7,2%
69205Chery Tiggo 25.197-
7062Hyundai Tucson5.1795.0322,9%
71205Chevrolet Equinox5.089-
7264Mercedes C Class5.0424.8833,3%
7367Ford Fusion4.4974.4012,2%
7473Nissan Sentra4.4223.86114,5%
7558Volkswagen Jetta4.4037.669-42,6%
7671Hyundai HR4.3104.0416,7%
77123Toyota RAV44.221547671,7%
7868BMW X14.0914.137-1,1%
7980Chevrolet Trailblazer3.8533.27317,7%
8076Land Rover Discovery3.7823.5656,1%
8178BMW 3 Series3.2493.393-4,2%
8279Citroen C43.2293.313-2,5%
8370Audi Q33.2094.046-20,7%
8481Chery QQ3.1763.215-1,2%
8577Fiat Weekend3.1653.497-9,5%
8672Volkswagen Golf3.0703.955-22,4%
8797Fiat Ducato3.0291.54496,2%
8874Mercedes GLA2.9563.749-21,2%
8965Ford Focus2.9334.756-38,3%
9084Volvo XC602.9172.34924,2%
91103JAC T402.8711.093162,7%
92110Peugeot 30082.844861230,3%
9395Kia K25002.4811.65050,4%
9496Kia Cerato2.4721.60454,1%
9583Toyota Prius2.4662.4052,5%
96205Volvo XC402.395-
9766Mitsubishi Outlander2.2934.675-51,0%
9889Suzuki Jimny2.2072.0328,6%
9988Iveco Daily2.0682.090-1,1%
10082Audi A3 sedan1.9912.819-29,4%