Brazil. Best selling cars ranking in 2020


Brazil best selling cars ranking in 2020 was dominated by the Chevrolet Onix, followed by the Ford Ka and the fast-growing Chevrolet Onix Plus. The Hyundai HB20 falls out from the podium.

The ranking of Top 50 best selling cars in Brazil reflects the positive momentum of the market, with sales in a positive pathway since the early months of 2018. On top of the list, there are – as tradition – models made by Chevrolet, plus the recent success made by emerging brands, like Jeep and Renault. Considering the huge relevance of this market within the Latin America region, the leader of Brazil is usually the best selling model in the region.

The Chevrolet Onix easily repeats in pole position with over 35.000 sales (-5.7%), confirming its leadership in the entire Latin America region for the fifth year in a row. In 2018 the model hit the record market share at 9.4% and in 2019 ended at 9.2%.

The Ford Ka is in second place with 5.7% of share, followed by the strong performance of the Chevrolet Onix Plus with over 17.000 sales.

The Hyundai HB20 falls in fourth place with 4% ahead of the Renault Kwid with 3.2%, followed by the Volkswagen Gol with 3.2%, the Volkswagen Polo with 2.9% and the Fiat Argo with 2.8%.

In ninth place the Fiat Strada with 2.8% of market share, ahead of the Fiat Toro with 2.6%.

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Rank 2020Rank 2019ModelSales YTD 2020+/- YTD 2020February sales+/- February
11Chevrolet Onix35.115-5,7%17.652-4,0%
22Ford KA21.7171,7%11.2355,5%
3158Chevrolet Onix plus17.8459.123
43Hyundai HB2014.957-2,6%8.4024,3%
57Renault Kwid12.55216,2%5.8136,3%
69Volkswagen Gol11.97425,6%5.94430,2%
78Volkswagen Polo11.1108,4%5.51714,6%
85Fiat Argo10.711-7,6%5.917-11,3%
96Fiat Strada10.609-6,5%5.190-20,8%
1017Fiat Toro9.77432,7%4.47433,7%
1110Jeep Renegade9.6791,6%5.35413,4%
1212Jeep Compass8.9966,1%4.6847,2%
1311Fiat Mobi8.994-3,3%4.678-4,2%
1415Nissan Kicks8.77015,0%4.95519,8%
15158volkswagen T-Cross8.7135.374
1616Toyota Corolla8.44713,7%4.51534,6%
1719Hyundai Creta8.19813,5%4.46412,0%
1818Renault Sandero7.190-1,0%4.05212,4%
1922Volkswagen Saveiro6.44311,5%3.1888,9%
2021Toyota Hilux6.4364,6%3.1257,9%
2113Honda HR-V6.310-20,4%2.989-29,8%
2220Volkswagen Virtus6.183-7,7%3.047-1,9%
2314Volkswagen Fox/CrossFox5.141-34,8%2.183-42,5%
2423Toyota Yaris5.095-10,9%2.487-12,1%
2528Hyundai HB20S4.72711,5%2.65422,2%
2624Ford Ecosport4.678-7,3%2.4408,6%
2730Chevrolet S104.1842,3%1.781-6,6%
2835Nissan Versa3.6773,1%1.8715,5%
2931Honda Civic3.499-12,4%1.910-11,3%
3040Renault Logan3.36817,6%1.735-2,9%
3129Fiat Cronos3.350-19,3%1.360-13,5%
3232Toyota Yaris sedan3.269-15,8%1.730-6,8%
3326Volkswagen Voyage3.256-25,4%1.694-1,6%
3425Honda Fit3.247-25,9%1.734-23,9%
3537Chevrolet Spin3.1140,0%1.59740,8%
3641Volkswagen Amarok2.9907,8%1.63922,0%
3739Ford Ranger2.9530,8%1.31611,7%
3838Chevrolet Cruze Sedan2.870-6,6%1.131-22,7%
3945Citroen C4 Cactus2.6376,5%1.447-1,0%
4036Fiat Siena2.592-21,9%1.461-11,6%
4144Toyota Etios Hatch2.554-2,2%1.040-19,9%
4233Fiat Uno2.412-35,9%1.274-36,5%
4342Chevrolet Tracker2.294-15,5%1.33711,4%
4447Fiat Fiorino2.2746,8%1.41241,8%
4548Honda WR-V2.15512,1%1.0739,4%
4663Chery Tiggo 5x1.92384,9%1.036167,7%
4727Renault Captur1.906-55,7%950-45,6%
4849Volkswagen Up!1.894-0,6%1.00210,0%
4934Renault Duster1.873-47,9%720-57,3%
5043Honda City1.765-33,9%935-35,1%