Brazil best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2019

Brazil best selling cars ranking in the 2019 updated at the end of July confirms the undisputed leadership of the Chevrolet Onix which have a gap of over 50.000 units over the first followers, the Ford Ka and the Hyundai HB20. The emerging models are the Renault Kwid  in fifth place – and the Jeep Renegade, in 9th.

The ranking of Top 100 best selling cars in Brazil reflect the positive momentum of the market, with sales in a positive pathway since the early months of the 2018. On top of the list there are – as tradition – models made by Chevrolet, Fiat and Volkswagen, plus the recent success made by emerging brands, like Jeep and Renault.

Considering the huge relevance of this market within the Latin America region, the leader of Brazil is usually the best selling model in the region.

Indeed, the year-to-date top seller is the Chevrolet Onix with 136.974 units (+28.6%) and this model is leader in the entire Latin America as well.

In second place the Ford KA with 87.181 units (+7.2%), followed by the Hyundai HB20 with 62.199 (+4.2%).

In fourth place the Chevrolet Prisma (the sedan version of the Onix) with 49.223 (+32.9%) units followed by the Renault Kwid with 48.590 units (+39.3%) and the Volkswagen Gol with 45.578 (+16.3%).

In seventh place the Fiat Strada with 43.331 (+13.2%) ahead of the Fiat Argo with 42.820 (+28.0%), the Jeep Renegade with 38.832 (+52.5%) and and in 10th place the Volkswagen Polo with 38.223 (-4.4%).

Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelSales YTD July 2019Sales July 2019'+/- YTD 2019'+/-July 2019
11Chevrolet Onix136.97420.07128,6%19,1%
22Ford KA87.18113.6487,2%-1,7%
33Hyundai HB2062.1999.1244,2%-0,7%
45Chevrolet Prisma49.2238.37732,9%67,0%
57Renault Kwid48.5908.07039,3%55,1%
64Volkswagen Gol45.5787.27516,3%9,6%
78Fiat Strada43.3317.02113,2%21,8%
89Fiat Argo42.8206.61028,0%20,7%
918Jeep Renegade38.8375.79052,5%43,5%
106Volkswagen Polo38.2236.199-4,4%6,4%
1111Fiat Toro34.8116.2127,9%0,0%
1210Jeep Compass34.2046.1711,3%14,2%
1312Toyota Corolla32.0195.936-1,7%36,0%
1417Nissan Kicks31.1245.29924,5%67,8%
1514Fiat Mobi31.0774.7029,2%34,4%
1615Hyundai Creta29.5525.30721,2%25,3%
1716Honda HR-V27.5523.8563,6%12,0%
1820Volkswagen Virtus25.7753.81122,1%-8,7%
1913Renault Sandero25.3202.954-13,7%-30,5%
2022Volkswagen Fox/CrossFox24.1183.31210,3%5,8%
2121Toyota Hilux23.6653.85515,3%25,2%
2219Volkswagen Saveiro22.4893.500-12,9%-3,7%
2348Toyota Yaris21.5343.488520,6%21,4%
2425Hyundai HB20S19.2353.3175,0%15,1%
2524Volkswagen Voyage18.3793.0101,6%7,2%
2623Ford Ecosport17.9632.530-5,9%-18,6%
2748Toyota Yaris sedan17.2382.4872141,6%229,8%
2826Chevrolet S1017.2073.093-5,0%17,6%
2931Renault Captur16.4652.68037,7%2,4%
3032Honda Civic15.9882.4024,1%13,2%
3134Chevrolet Spin15.4883.11435,0%88,7%
3230Honda Fit15.4272.233-2,4%13,1%
3335Renault Duster14.7901.77735,4%-29,9%
3436Renault Logan13.9701.27215,4%-36,8%
3527Fiat Cronos12.3831.392-14,4%-57,6%
3628Nissan Versa12.0951.988-22,4%-26,0%
3744Fiat Uno11.7792.201109,3%149,3%
3840Ford Ranger11.5701.83011,0%-3,4%
39191volkswagen T-Cross11.1193.151
4042Volkswagen Amarok11.1021.66815,8%2,4%
4129Toyota Etios Hatch10.8251.866-49,2%4,2%
4243Fiat Siena10.5381.3616,2%-1,3%
4341Chevrolet Cruze Sedan10.5061.526-6,7%-2,0%
4433Chevrolet Tracker9.9781.293-37,2%-46,8%
4549Fiat Fiorino9.5632.00848,2%137,9%
46Citroen C4 Cactus9.2291.474
4745Honda City9.0781.24120,6%10,3%
48Toyota Hilux SW47.8581.193
4937Chevrolet Cobalt7.7051.001-27,8%-57,7%
5052Chevrolet Montana7.4791.07212,9%-24,5%
5139Volkswagen Up!7.3731.178-37,1%-39,1%
5238Toyota Etios Sedan7.3091.138-54,8%-9,6%
5351Renault Oroch7.1391.105-6,6%-6,8%
5476Volkswagen Jetta6.9401.107173,2%324,1%
5546Honda WR-V6.9281.155-24,2%-1,1%
5662Volkswagen Tiguan6.8351.244323,2%200,5%
5754Mitsubishi L2005.8991.032-5,9%3,5%
5858Renault Master5.09578028,2%24,8%
5955Peugeot 20084.729787-5,9%-1,3%
6060Nissan Frontier4.49765915,6%48,4%
6157Peugeot 2083.728580-22,5%-7,3%
6269Chery Tiggo 23.525490268,0%7,5%
6353Nissan March3.453706-55,3%-37,4%
64Chery Tiggo 5x3.452434
6567Chevrolet Cruze Hatch3.046330-6,0%-18,5%
6671Chevrolet Equinox2.9213294,6%-24,9%
6770Hyundai Tucson2.897215-5,7%-48,8%
6856Hyundai ix352.865586-46,3%-28,9%
6968Fiat Doblo2.784389-1,3%-17,9%
7047Ford Fiesta2.743288-75,4%-71,8%
7188Fiat Ducato2.735414192,2%66,3%
7264Kia Sportage2.670387-22,2%-10,6%
7379BMW X12.3583391,6%3,7%
7459Citroen C32.154211-48,4%-60,5%
7563Mitsubishi ASX2.047388-38,1%5,7%
7684Fiat Weekend2.01814341,3%-1,4%
7772Mercedes C Class1.960245-31,1%-49,5%
7866Citroen C3 Aircross1.957229-48,9%-74,6%
7978Toyota RAV41.915583-27,7%34,3%
8080Chevrolet Trailblazer1.8722961,5%-4,2%
81110Volkswagen Express1.846295235,2%
8287Volvo XC601.8432959,6%35,9%
8377Hyundai HR1.775513-43,0%-1,5%
8475Nissan Sentra1.733276-19,9%-24,6%
8565Volkswagen Space Fox1.71276-44,8%-87,2%
8693Iveco Daily1.63225128,5%33,5%
8797Audi A3 sedan1.61323628,2%62,8%
8894Mercedes GLA1.56022910,1%22,5%
8973Land Rover Discovery1.537231-43,5%-42,7%
9089Ford Focus1.521107-22,4%7,0%
91Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross1.426216
9295Kia K25001.41620827,1%8,9%
9398Volvo XC401.35917570,5%-47,8%
9491Peugeot 30081.353220-25,3%6,8%
9561BMW 3 Series1.33972-54,6%-83,2%
96126Mercedes Sprinter1.338110285,6%450,0%
97Chery Arrizo 51.301245
9883Chery QQ1.217103-35,2%-59,0%
99104Mitsubishi Lancer1.2077438,4%-46,4%
100105Mitsubishi Pajero1.20328616,3%214,3%