Brazil Cars Market crisis is neverending. May down 27%.

Brazil Cars Market Honda-HR-V_2016

Brazil Cars Market crisis is neverending hit by a falling pro capita purchase power, growing product prices, higher duties on sector and less car loans. The three leader are struggling while the others players are gaining terrain, led by Honda, the superstar of the year.

Economic Outlook

Latin America’s largest economy barely managed to eke out growth in 2014 and more recent data suggest that the economy remains stuck in the doldrums. Industrial production contracted again in March and the manufacturing PMI fell to a four-year low in April.

On the political front, the government is focused on trying to right the sinking economy through fiscal tightening and spurring business confidence. On 13 May, the lower house of Congress passed a bill reducing access to pensions, after having approved a bill tightening unemployment benefits the week prior.

However, the government is facing fierce opposition from labor unions as well as from members of its own Workers’ Party. Just hours after the pension reform bill was passed, an amendment was approved by the lower house that raises benefits for some pensioners, which presents a set-back to the government’s fiscal tightening agenda. Both the bill and the amendment will now head to the Senate for approval.

Market Outlook

The automotive sector started sputtering in early 2014, but the government managed to support a drastic fall pulling ahead the new duties approved in late 2013 together with the new National Automotive Plan. Moreover in the 2014 market left of field 6.9% of volume, losing for the second time in a row after the -1.9% scored in the 2013.

Between July 2014 and January 2015 duties on vehicles had been improved while the country economy is sobbing with pro capita income fell in 2014 for the third year at US$ 11.567 from $13.240 record in 2012 and the bank system reduced the access to car loans.

All together these factors has dramatically hit the vehicle market that in this 2015 is losing down without limit. In February it was hit the record down with a -27% but in April (-24.4% and May (-26.2%) the market was sharply down again.

In May, according to data released by Anfavea, the Brazilian Association of Car Manufacturers, total new Light Passengers Vehicles sold in Brazil have been 204.978, down 24.4% compared with the correspondent month last year.

Year to date May sales had been 1.065.288, down 20.0% from 2014, over a quarter of million vehicle loss in five months.

Competitive Arena

The Top Three Brands are outperforming the market and their negative momentum was confirmed both in April and May. During the last month, Fiat sold 36.116 units (-35.8% with cumulative sales at 200.011 (-28.2%) with market share down at 17.6%, the lowest in twenty years.

Chevrolet consolidated the second place losing a bit less than the others with 30.631 sales in May (-37.4%) and 176.641 so far this year (-18.3%). In third, Volkswagen’s sales fell down 39.6% in May and 22.3% year to date.

Other losers had been Mitsubishi (-32.4%), Citroen (-49.4%), Peugeot (-41.5%) and Kia (-33.8%).

The list of winners is led by Honda (8th with 13.033, +21.5%), followed by Mercedes (14th with 1.798, +39.8%)

As far as the Best Groups, the leader is again F.C.A. with 19.2% of market share in May, ahead of Volkswagen Group with 15.5% and General Motors with 14.9%.

As far as best-selling models, the Hyundai HB20 was leader for the fourth month in a row further gaining over the second with 13.332 sales (-9.4%) followed by the new Ford Ka with 11.708  and the Fiat Palio with 10.468 (-35.7%). Honda HR-V, the star of this year, jumped in 13th place with 4.997 sales.

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank MayRank YTDBrandSales MaySales YTD MayVar MayVar YTD MayShare MarShare AprShare May
1818Land Rover6623.340-6,1%-8,6%0,3%0,3%0,3%

Rank MayRank YTDGroupSales MaySales YTD MayVar MayVar YTD MayShare MarShare AprShare May
32General Motors30.633176.670-37,4%-18,2%16,4%16,1%14,9%

Rank MayRank 2015ModelSales MaySales YTDVar MayVar 2015Share MayShare YTDShare Apr
11Hyundai HB2013.33263.743-9,4%-4,9%6,5%6,0%6,2%
22Ford KA11.70854.7465,7%5,1%5,6%
33Fiat Palio10.46952.334-35,7%-31,3%5,1%4,9%4,2%
44Chevrolet Onix8.21246.919-29,8%-16,3%4,0%4,4%4,2%
57Volkswagen Gol7.98837.612-47,4%-53,2%3,9%3,5%3,6%
65Fiat Strada7.35445.835-41,7%-29,2%3,6%4,3%4,1%
76Fiat Uno6.85538.105-12,9%-28,7%3,3%3,6%3,8%
88Volkswagen Fox/CrossFox6.71036.055-16,3%-17,4%3,3%3,4%2,8%
99Renault Sandero6.62131.921-33,2%-20,5%3,2%3,0%3,4%
1013Toyota Corolla5.76926.1260,5%29,8%2,8%2,5%2,7%
1114Toyota Etios5.52824.3916,3%-1,8%2,7%2,3%2,6%
1210Chevrolet Prisma5.23829.699-28,8%-7,3%2,6%2,8%2,7%
1329Honda HR-V4.99712.3442,4%1,2%2,3%
1411Volkswagen Saveiro4.74727.039-35,1%-2,3%2,3%2,5%2,6%
1516Ford Fiesta4.59022.947-66,5%-65,3%2,2%2,2%2,0%
1612Fiat Siena4.55926.939-49,2%-41,9%2,2%2,5%2,3%
1720Chevrolet S104.14916.238-17,3%-22,2%2,0%1,5%1,3%
1818Volkswagen Voyage3.67020.422-51,7%-34,6%1,8%1,9%2,0%
1915Volkswagen Up!3.39724.321-40,9%44,7%1,7%2,3%1,8%
2025Honda Civic3.24413.476-31,0%-41,1%1,6%1,3%1,3%
2122Ford Ecosport2.82415.220-37,8%-30,4%1,4%1,4%1,4%
2224Renault Logan2.79414.029-31,6%-21,6%1,4%1,3%1,2%
2317Honda Fit2.66320.506-33,9%30,4%1,3%1,9%1,6%
2426Renault Duster2.51613.293-36,5%-27,7%1,2%1,2%1,4%
2558Jeep Renegade2.4923.1521,2%0,3%0,3%
2623Toyota Hilux2.30314.164-36,3%-12,7%1,1%1,3%1,4%
2730Chevrolet Spin2.26612.155-23,5%-14,3%1,1%1,1%1,3%
2821Chevrolet Classic2.16915.911-51,8%-9,7%1,1%1,5%1,4%
2919Chevrolet Celta2.12316.307-52,0%-23,8%1,0%1,5%1,6%
3027Honda City2.11213.11948,3%25,9%1,0%1,2%1,2%
3134Ford Focus1.9478.837-31,4%-34,9%0,9%0,8%0,9%
3231Chevrolet Cobalt1.92411.180-48,5%-35,5%0,9%1,0%1,0%
3328Chevrolet Montana1.87012.459-24,3%-20,5%0,9%1,2%1,2%
3432Nissan March1.70710.3120,6%45,2%0,8%1,0%0,8%
3533Chevrolet Cruze1.6389.826-51,5%-45,3%0,8%0,9%0,9%
3635Ford Ranger1.5878.275-25,8%-13,7%0,8%0,8%0,8%
3742Hyundai ix351.5746.54710,5%15,0%0,8%0,6%0,8%
3850Nissan Versa1.4614.18552,0%1,0%0,7%0,4%0,6%
3937Fiat Punto1.3277.136-39,1%-42,2%0,6%0,7%0,7%
4041Fiat Fiorino1.2996.795-41,5%-26,3%0,6%0,6%0,5%


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