Brazil new vehicles sales -32% in September, worse score in a decade.

Brazil new vehicles sales Honda HR-V_2015

Brazil new vehicles sales -32% in September, worse score in a decade. The country is now officially entered in recession and struggle among scandals, corruption and poverty. The huge 2015 industry fall is not over.

Economic Outlook

Brazil’s economy contracted more than expected in the second quarter of 2015 and entered into technical recession. Latin America’s largest economy was dragged down by a deterioration of both domestic and external demand.

Corruption scandals have pushed confidence levels to record lows, weighing on private consumption and fixed investment, while lackluster external demand and low commodity prices took their toll on the external sector. More recent data suggest that the economy is continuing to struggle at the outset of Q3.

Industrial production shrunk in July and confidence indicators remained depressed in August. The economy’s poor performance has hurt tax revenues and on 31 August the government presented a budget with a primary deficit for the first time in Brazil’s modern history.

The budget confirms that the government’s efforts to correct the country’s sinking finances have come up alarmingly short. Moreover, corruption scandals have eroded the government’s support in Congress and led to the watering down or stalling of key legislation.

Market Outlook

Already on January 1st the 2015 was expected harsh for the Brazilian new vehicles markets and it was predicted by all observers the third losing year in a row Moreover the reality had been worse than any expectations both for direct and indirect factors.

The last years easy loans process has been followed by a strict limit on credit release while car prices increased for the new specs, required by the recent legislations. The Brazilian low economy growth reported for the 2014 evolved in real recession cutting middle class purchase power.

Consequently, after the -1.9% reported for the 2013 at the -6.9% in the 2014, this year the market is losing in double-digit with a trend worsening quarter after quarter.

During the first half the lost was at 19.8% while the third quarter was even worse. In July sales had been 219.410 (-21.6%) followed in August by 199.583 units (-23.0%) and in September by 192.610, dropping 31.8%, the 9th year on year decline in a row and the highest lost since 2008.

As reported by the Anfavea, the Brazilian Association of Car Manufacturers, in the first nine months if the 2015 total light passengers sales had been 1.688.908, down 20.4%. The persistent disappointing economic environment does not allow hopes for a short-term recovery.

Competitive Arena

The three markets leaders kept outsell the market: in September Fiat sold 31.900 vehicles (-46.1%) with year to date sales at 342.739 (-33.8%) and market share at 18.2%.

Chevrolet in second have sold 27.202 units (-45.4%) followed by Volkswagen with 26.814 sales (-42.5%), Ford with 19.513 (-22.2%), Hyundai with 15.860 (-21.7%) and Toyota with 14.411 (-17.5%).

As far as the performance by groups, the 2015 leader is again F.C.A. with 19.7% of market share, ahead of Volkswagen Group with 15.8% and General Motors with 15.4%.

As far as best-selling models, the Hyundai HB20 was leader for the 8th month in a row with 13.059 sales (-13.1%) followed by the Chevrolet Onix, at its best place ever, with 10.212 (-24.3%), the new Ford Ka with 9.999, the Fiat Palio with 8.761 (-45.7%) and the Fiat Strada with 7.116 (-50.0%).

The whole ranking by model is inside the report dedicated to the Brazilian best selling models in the 2015.

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank SepRank 2015BrandSales SepSales YtdVar SepVar YtdShare SepShare Ytd
1818Land Rover8476.3642,0%-9,8%0,4%0,3%

Rank SepRank 2015GroupSales SepSales YtdVar SepVar YtdShare SepShare Ytd
33General Motors27.207289.118-45,3%-30,8%14,1%15,4%

Rank SepRank 2015ModelSales SepYTD SepVar SepVar YTDShare SepShare 2015
11Hyundai HB2013.059119.103-13,1%-5,7%6,82%6,4%
24Chevrolet Onix10.21287.726-24,3%-16,3%5,33%4,7%
32Ford KA9.99996.62041,0%797,4%5,22%5,2%
43Fiat Palio8.76192.089-45,7%-33,9%4,57%4,9%
55Fiat Strada7.11679.456-50,0%-30,9%3,71%4,2%
67Volkswagen Fox/CrossFox6.37363.200-24,8%-15,4%3,33%3,4%
79Renault Sandero6.36958.284-14,9%-13,2%3,32%3,1%
811Toyota Corolla5.77549.595-4,4%14,7%3,01%2,6%
917Honda HR-V5.74733.1843,00%1,8%
108Fiat Uno5.68462.596-35,0%-30,7%2,97%3,3%
1127Jeep Renegade5.67620.5132,96%1,1%
126Volkswagen Gol5.25463.246-58,2%-53,1%2,74%3,4%
1314Toyota Etios4.86846.240-16,8%1,1%2,54%2,5%
1410Chevrolet Prisma4.71449.834-43,6%-20,7%2,46%2,7%
1513Fiat Siena4.53446.697-52,4%-43,0%2,37%2,5%
1612Volkswagen Saveiro4.35746.778-44,0%-17,2%2,27%2,5%
1715Volkswagen Up!4.34441.468-30,7%0,0%2,27%2,2%
1819Honda Fit3.51232.864-39,5%-6,7%1,83%1,8%
1918Volkswagen Voyage3.19232.958-42,6%-43,0%1,67%1,8%
2016Ford Fiesta2.78138.704-65,4%-65,4%1,45%2,1%
2124Toyota Hilux2.74725.151-27,3%-17,9%1,43%1,3%
2221Renault Duster2.69825.676-33,2%-24,1%1,41%1,4%
2320Ford Ecosport2.65526.357-41,8%-35,1%1,39%1,4%
2431Ford Focus2.41218.5475,3%-22,3%1,26%1,0%
2523Chevrolet S102.38525.561-49,9%-32,8%1,24%1,4%
2622Honda Civic2.31225.573-50,6%-36,8%1,21%1,4%
2726Renault Logan2.24024.576-54,6%-29,2%1,17%1,3%
2732Nissan March2.24018.267-12,4%13,0%1,17%1,0%
2825Chevrolet Classic1.94324.591-62,2%-32,9%1,01%1,3%
2929Honda City1.93019.745170,7%36,7%1,01%1,1%
3040Nissan Versa1.87311.75635,0%28,6%0,98%0,6%
3128Chevrolet Spin1.80619.949-53,2%-27,1%0,94%1,1%
3235Chevrolet Cruze1.70416.107-48,2%-46,3%0,89%0,9%
3330Chevrolet Montana1.54219.672-53,4%-22,8%0,80%1,1%
3434Chevrolet Cobalt1.43017.715-68,7%-46,6%0,75%0,9%
3537Citroen C31.32013.114-40,3%-41,0%0,69%0,7%
3638Fiat Punto1.29512.458-7,2%-37,1%0,68%0,7%
3739Renault Clio1.24612.001-47,8%-17,3%0,65%0,6%
3852Chevrolet Tracker1.1827.411130,0%-30,9%0,62%0,4%
3943Mitsubishi L2001.15411.546-44,6%-19,8%0,60%0,6%
4036Ford Ranger1.09013.800-46,2%-22,7%0,57%0,7%

To know more on this market, you can read the Brazil Market 2012-2015 Insights, just published. Wishing to know the 2020 outlook, just contact us for a quick development of this research.


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