Brazil Vehicles Industry in January 2016 hit record fall. Fiat lost the leadership.

Brazil Vehicles Industry in January 2016

Brazil Vehicles Industry in January 2016 hit the highest lost in a decade while Fiat lost the leadership and over 50% of sales volume. Chevrolet Onix became best-selling model fueling the historical achievement of its brand leadership.

Economic Outlook

Low commodity prices, high inflation, large fiscal imbalances and political crisis all came to a head in 2015, with Brazil’s economy on pace to have contracted at the fastest rate in over a decade.

After GDP tallied the worst annual reading on record in Q3, data for Q4 remained abysmal: industrial production plunged in November and consumer confidence fell to a new record low in December.

On the political front, Nelson Barbosa took over as Finance Minister on 21 December, inheriting the tough role of trying to halt the government’s deteriorating finances amid dismal economic data. Barbosa, who is more left-leaning than his predecessor, has stated that correcting government accounts remains a top priority, however, a specific plan has not yet been unveiled and doubts remain regarding whether he has the ability or willpower to pass vital reforms.

Market Outlook

As reported by the Anfavea, the Brazilian Association of Car Manufacturers, following the sharp market decrease reported in the 2015, in January light vehicles sales have been 149.699, reporting a incredible 38% of lost, below any observer’s expectations.

The last was not only the 13th year on year fall in a row while the 5th with a lost above 30% and the highest monthly lost in the last decade. All these negative records are killing several distribution activities with panic rather than clients within the dealers showrooms.

In this infernal environment, Fiat has lost the leadership after years and not in favor of the traditional rival Volkswagen, entered in deep crisis since a couple of year, but by Chevrolet.

Indeed the American brand owned by GM have sold 27.110 vehicles in January (-42.2%) while Fiat only 23.039 (-53.6%). Only Mitsubishi in 12th place have lost more than Fiat this month.

Third was Volkswagen with 20.738 sales (-47.8%) ahead of Hyundai with 14.803 (-15.7%), Toyota with 11.794 (-5.8%) and Ford with 11.468 (-54.0%).

A new leader this month for models, with the Chevrolet Onix on top with 11.952 sales (-3.8%) ahead of the 2015 leader, the Hyundai HB20 with 12.580 (-3.7%) and Fiat Palio with 8.012 (-44.5%).

The whole ranking by model is inside the report dedicated to the Brazilian best selling models.

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.


Rank JanRank 2015BrandJanJan VarJan Share2015Share 2015
1818Land Rover73815,1%0,5%8.8140,4%

Rank JanRank 2015GroupJanJan ShareJan Var2015Share 2015
22General Motors27.12418,1%-42,2%388.45115,7%

Rank 2016Rank 2015ModelsJan SalesJan Var.Jan Share20152015 Share
12Chevrolet Onix12.952-3,8%8,7%125.9315,1%
21Hyundai HB2012.580-3,7%8,4%163.6746,6%
34Fiat Palio8.012-44,5%5,4%122.3644,9%
43Ford KA5.739-47,8%3,8%124.2475,0%
510Chevrolet Prisma5.467-29,7%3,7%70.3362,8%
620Jeep Renegade4.9913,3%39.1871,6%
78Volkswagen Fox/CrossFox4.709-48,8%3,1%79.5903,2%
812Toyota Etios4.34126,9%2,9%61.3652,5%
916Honda HR-V4.2831148,7%2,9%51.1552,1%
1011Toyota Corolla4.2435,5%2,8%67.3392,7%
115Fiat Strada3.991-64,4%2,7%98.6314,0%
126Volkswagen Gol3.942-49,9%2,6%82.7463,3%
137Fiat Uno3.333-61,2%2,2%79.7833,2%
1415Volkswagen Up!3.325-51,0%2,2%53.5422,2%
1514Volkswagen Saveiro3.263-43,1%2,2%56.7042,3%
1613Fiat Siena3.219-55,3%2,2%59.3932,4%
179Renault Sandero3.003-51,8%2,0%78.1743,2%
1824Toyota Hilux2.838-22,3%1,9%32.9001,3%
1918Honda Fit2.456-51,5%1,6%42.4761,7%
2019Volkswagen Voyage2.206-53,5%1,5%41.5181,7%
2129Honda City1.836-28,7%1,2%26.4051,1%
2222Ford Ecosport1.807-50,8%1,2%33.8611,4%
2333Nissan March1.800-32,6%1,2%23.0230,9%
2426Chevrolet Classic1.781-58,4%1,2%31.1571,3%
2528Chevrolet Spin1.665-50,1%1,1%27.3661,1%
2617Ford Fiesta1.590-72,0%1,1%47.6081,9%
2725Honda Civic1.561-33,5%1,0%31.2411,3%
2835Nissan Versa1.51554,3%1,0%17.5380,7%
2940Renault Clio1.411-22,0%0,9%14.9290,6%
3023Chevrolet S101.265-63,0%0,8%33.3301,3%
3121Renault Duster1.246-55,9%0,8%34.3251,4%
3251Volkswagen Golf1.22932,4%0,8%10.0630,4%
3332Chevrolet Cobalt1.211-62,8%0,8%23.0710,9%
3438Fiat Punto1.120-35,9%0,7%16.4760,7%
3545Volkswagen Amarok1.093-11,0%0,7%12.2110,5%
3630Ford Focus1.048-42,6%0,7%24.2771,0%
3748Chevrolet Tracker1.0394,5%0,7%11.0310,4%
3836Citroen C31.012-48,0%0,7%17.1080,7%
3927Renault Logan983-64,9%0,7%31.1291,3%

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