Brazilian new autos sales still in the nightmare with July heavy down

Brazilian new autos sales

Brazilian new autos sales still in the nightmare with July heavy down and scoring the 19th month of year on year fall. The Chevrolet Onix was the best-selling model ahead of the Hyundai HB20.

Market Outlook

Although Brazilian economic activity remains feeble, tentative signs of improvement are emerging from Brazil’s battered economy. Industrial production accelerated in June and consumer and business confidence continued to improve in July. In addition, despite growing concerns over global growth, the real has remained resilient and rose to a one-year high on 4 August.

Therefore the automotive industry is still involved in the hardest crisis of its history with both production and sales collapsed in the last two years.

In the front of domestic new vehicles sales, no news in July. Indeed, according to data released by the Anfavea, the Brazilian Association of Car Manufacturers, in July the sales have been 174.792, down 20.3%.

Year to date July the total light vehicles sales fell down 24.4%, at 1.125.993 units.

Competitive Arena

In July, on top the list there was Chevrolet retaining the leadership with 29.577 vehicles sold (-4.1%) with 16.6% of market share. Fiat confirmed the second place with 28.708 sales (-24.7%) ahead of Volkswagen with 21.502 (-31.0%), Hyundai with 16.101 (-13.6%), Toyota with 16.855 (-1.1%), Ford with 16.752 (-36.2%) and Renault with 13.371 (-15.91%).

As far as the Car Groups performance, the leader was FCA with 18.3% of market share, ahead of General Motors with 16.6%, Volkswagen with 13.8%, Hyundai-Kia with 10.5% and Renault-Nissan with 10.1%.

The Chevrolet Onix was the new the best-selling model leader with 11.591 sales (+8.1%) while the second was the Hyundai HB20  with 9.697 ahead of the Ford Ka with 7.235 (-46.1%).

The Volkswagen Gol advanced in 4th place with 6.466 (-10.6%) followed by the Fiat Palio with 6.022 (-46.8%), the Chevrolet Prisma with 5.932 (+1.0%), the Fiat Strada with 5.924 (-33.9%) and the Toyota Corolla with 5.919 (-3.7%).

The whole ranking by model is inside the report dedicated to the Brazilian best selling models.

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Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank JulRank 2016BrandSales JulSales YTD JulVar JulVar YTD JulShare JulShare YTD Jul
1818Land Rover5454.144-27,3%-13,3%0,3%0,4%

Rank JulRank 2016GroupSales JulSales YTD JulVar JulVar YTD JulShare JulShare YTD Jul
22General Motors29.637187.342-4,0%-20,4%17,0%16,6%

Rank JulRank 2016ModelSales JulSales YTD JulyVar JulVar 2016
11Chevrolet Onix11.59180.1308,1%20,5%
22Hyundai HB209.69765.626-33,7%-29,0%
33Ford KA7.23550.452-46,1%-34,8%
44Volkswagen Gol6.46638.961-10,6%-25,3%
59Fiat Palio6.02234.288-46,8%-53,7%
66Chevrolet Prisma5.93237.0971,0%-8,0%
78Fiat Strada5.92434.839-33,9%-45,1%
85Toyota Corolla5.91937.813-3,7%-0,7%
910Renault Sandero5.70032.118-16,9%-29,0%
1011Jeep Renegade4.74430.44717,8%197,4%
117Honda HR-V4.33835.224-2,1%60,1%
1217Fiat Toro4.31320.061
1314Volkswagen Saveiro3.90523.205-31,3%-39,1%
1412Volkswagen Fox/CrossFox3.77530.279-48,1%-40,7%
1530Fiat Mobi3.6049.989
1613Volkswagen Up!3.40723.706-15,1%-25,5%
1716Fiat Uno2.95021.305-52,1%-57,3%
1818Toyota Hilux2.65819.648-15,6%-0,6%
1915Fiat Siena2.57921.308-50,4%-42,7%
2024Chevrolet Spin2.47212.66632,5%-22,6%
2120Ford Ecosport2.40914.927-16,6%-28,0%
2222Chevrolet S102.33912.906-5,5%-40,0%
2319Honda Fit2.30915.861-17,4%-39,2%
2421Renault Duster2.29314.372-28,3%-28,0%
2528Renault Logan2.22910.451-15,8%-46,8%
2626Nissan Versa2.02411.5552,6%43,4%
2725Volkswagen Voyage1.98712.517-37,6%-53,3%
2827Nissan March1.97810.943-3,4%-23,0%
2935Ford Ranger1.9618.79711,2%-23,1%
3023Chevrolet Cobalt1.76212.7992,7%-13,6%
3129Chevrolet Classic1.72810.023-31,9%-51,5%
3239Ford Focus1.3216.752-49,1%-50,6%
3342Chevrolet Montana1.3156.094-51,5%-63,5%
3434Ford Fiesta1.2468.853-73,2%-71,8%
3532Renault Clio1.2359.437-0,2%0,2%
3631Honda City1.2299.624-3,7%-40,9%
3737Renault Oroch1.1947.740
3850Chevrolet Cruze Sedan1.1284.93821,0%-39,6%
3936Hyundai Tucson1.0127.793-17,0%0,6%
4046Fiat Fiorino1.0055.901-22,7%-37,2%