Canada best selling cars 2017. The top 100

Canada best selling cars

Canada best selling cars 2017 ranking with the Ford F-Series king of the market followed by the Ram Pick up and the Honda Civic, third and best car passengers. The fastest model was the Mercedes GLC

Canadian vehicles market in the last five years has reported a steady and continue growth, hitting year after year a new all time record. In the 2017, according to data released by the Canadian Transportation Authority, the industry finally hit the milestone of 2 million vehicles sold in a celendar year, up 4.7% with 2.043.000 units.

Canadian best selling car remains the Ford F-series with 155.290 sales (+6.8%) followed by the Ram Pick up with 99.465 units (+10.6%) and the Honda Civic, the best car passenger, with 69.030 sales (+6.9%).

GMC Sierra was fourth with 61.883 sales (+21.1%) ahead of the Chevrolet Silverado, up 5 spots, with 59.066 (+31.5%), the Toyota Rav4 with 50.894 sales (+3.6%) and the Honda CR-V with 50.443 units (+12.6%).

in eighth place the Toyota Corolla with 50.332 (+10.3%) followed by the Ford Escape with 47.880 (+2.6%) and in 10th place by the Dodge Gran Caravan with 46.933 units (-8.6%).

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Rank 2017Rank 2016ModelSales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Ford F-Series155.290145.4096,8%
22Ram pick-up98.46589.04810,6%
33Honda Civic69.03064.5526,9%
45GMC Sierra61.88351.09121,1%
510Chevrolet Silverado59.06644.93231,5%
66Toyota RAV450.89449.1033,6%
711Honda CR-V50.44344.78912,6%
89Toyota Corolla50.33245.62610,3%
98Ford Escape47.88046.6612,6%
104Dodge Grand Caravan46.93351.349-8,6%
117Hyundai Elantra46.11248.875-5,7%
1212Nissan Rogue43.41840.0558,4%
1318Hyundai Tucson30.46723.78928,1%
1516Chevrolet Cruze27.52026.8242,6%
1617Mazda CX-525.40425.1231,1%
1723Chevrolet Equinox24.44619.19727,3%
1821Volkswagen Golf24.16419.96621,0%
1913Jeep Cherokee23.70232.465-27,0%
2014Hyundai Santa Fe Sport21.61532.263-33,0%
2120Ford Edge19.96720.517-2,7%
2219Volkswagen Jetta17.48320.954-16,6%
2329Ford Explorer17.33315.27513,5%
2424Jeep Wrangler17.29618.277-5,4%
2530Jeep Grand Cherokee16.87714.91213,2%
2641Kia Forte16.38812.29633,3%
2728Kia Sorento15.99015.4663,4%
2836Toyota Sienna15.47013.40415,4%
2937Toyota Highlander15.25912.96417,7%
3034Nissan Murano15.12013.8349,3%
3148Volkswagen Tiguan15.02811.22933,8%
3227Toyota Camry14.57415.683-7,1%
3339Honda HR-V14.14912.37114,4%
3432Nissan Sentra13.88314.281-2,8%
3525Dodge Journey13.74516.741-17,9%
3633Honda Accord13.50413.857-2,5%
3735Subaru Forester13.44113.798-2,6%
3845Kia Sportage13.28411.41016,4%
3949GMC Terrain13.20511.09519,0%
4022Hyundai Accent13.07319.198-31,9%
4138Toyota Tacoma12.45412.618-1,3%
4250Ford Transit11.95810.20417,2%
4326Ford Focus11.54916.504-30,0%
4447Subaru Outback11.49011.2552,1%
4540Honda Odyssey11.23212.311-8,8%
4642Kia Soul11.22511.964-6,2%
4754Subaru Crosstrek11.1689.72314,9%
4856Mazda CX-310.9389.35416,9%
4952Mercedes C Class10.8489.9549,0%
5043Subaru Impreza10.61711.673-9,0%
5160Audi Q510.2718.31323,6%
5255Nissan Pathfinder9.8389.6701,7%
5331Ford Fusion9.59614.292-32,9%
5446Toyota Tundra9.44211.364-16,9%
5561Lexus RX9.4028.14715,4%
56Nissan Qashqai8.970
5786Buick Encore8.9645.53362,0%
5869Honda Pilot8.9057.27922,3%
5953Nissan Micra8.8129.896-11,0%
6092Mercedes GLC8.7424.77483,1%
6165Ford Mustang8.3487.6559,1%
6244Chevrolet Malibu8.15211.503-29,1%
6362Acura RDX8.1018.0470,7%
6477Chevrolet Colorado8.0606.56922,7%
6574Toyota 4Runner7.8696.67717,9%
6667Nissan Versa7.8657.4176,0%
6751Hyundai Sonata7.81310.159-23,1%
6868BMW 3 Series7.6947.4123,8%
6978Mitsubishi Outlander7.4206.32417,3%
7079Lexus NX7.4076.29517,7%
7163Toyota Yaris7.0617.779-9,2%
7283Audi A47.0076.03116,2%
7380Mitsubishi RVR6.9736.19612,5%
7475BMW X56.6716.6710,0%
7564Nissan Altima6.6267.753-14,5%
76137Cadillac XT56.5862.789136,1%
7781Dodge Durango6.5056.1755,3%
7872GMC Savana6.4787.012-7,6%
79100Jeep Compass6.4434.31849,2%
8070Mercedes GLE6.4187.269-11,7%
8166Kia Rio6.2987.636-17,5%
8282GMC Canyon6.2606.0832,9%
8390BMW X16.1205.20517,6%
8457Chevrolet Trax5.9659.072-34,2%
8587Acura MDX5.8385.4257,6%
8676Mitsubishi Lancer5.7546.575-12,5%
87146Chrysler Pacifica5.7392.552124,9%
8888BMW X35.7305.4175,8%
89138Nissan Titan5.6922.715109,7%
90108GMC Acadia5.3803.93936,6%
9191Kia Sedona5.2864.79210,3%
9285Mini Cooper5.2405.915-11,4%
9359Honda Fit5.0198.622-41,8%
94112Dodge Charger4.8623.74729,8%
9595Chevrolet Traverse4.7104.4865,0%
9694Mercedes Sprinter4.6974.6770,4%
9799Audi Q74.6664.3357,6%
98102Chevrolet Express4.6614.16411,9%
99140Honda Ridgeline4.6322.62276,7%
100101Infiniti QX604.6274.2389,2%