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Canada best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2018

Canada best selling carsJeep-Wrangler_Unlimited-2018

Canada best selling cars ranking year to date 2018 with podium unchanged and the jump of the last generation of the Jeep Wrangler in thirteen place. The recently introduced Nissan Qashqai ranks in 24th.

In the 2018 the market unchanged the moderately positive trend. After having ended the first quarter with 430.700 (+2.0%) and the second with 592.509 (-4.2%), in July sales were 175.837 (-3.5%) and in August 181.612 (-1.5%) with Year to Date figures at 1.397.160 (-0.7%).

Year to date 2018, the Canadian best selling car remains the Ford F-series with 101.870 sales (-4.5%) followed by the Ram Pick up with 61.217 (-16.1%) and the Honda Civic, the best car passenger’s, with 50.030 sales (-1.7%), confirming in full the previous year final ranking.

In fourth place the Chevrolet Silverado with 40.022 (+0.2%) ahead of the GMC Sierra with 39.744 (-7.3%) and the Honda CR-V with 37.825 units (+16.5%).

In seventh place the Toyota Rav4 with 35.705 sales (+3.9%) followed by the Toyota Corolla with 33.596 (-9.67%), the Ford Escape with 31.073 (-2.6%) and  in 10th place by the Hyundai Elantra with 29.424 (-10.8%).

We must mention the jump in 13th place of the last generation Jeep Wrangler with 19.774 units (+41.7%). The fourth generation of the Jeep® Wrangler – the most capable and recognized vehicle in the world – builds on its legendary history with an unmatched combination of off-road capability, authentic Jeep design, open-air freedom, advanced fuel-efficient powertrains, superior on- and off-road dynamics, and a host of innovative safety and advanced technology features.

Research, Consulting, Data & Forecast

F2M covers intensively this market with several products developed to help any investigation required. Market Researches in PDF are immediately available for download with study on the market since 2005 and with forecast up to the 2025. AutoData in EXCEL are immediately downloadable with annual sales volume, split by month, for all brands and all models distributed in the market. This year data are released year to date, but you will receive a monthly update until the year-end.  See details within Canada Corner Store

Rank 2018Rank 2017MODELSales 2018Sales AugustVariation 2018Variation August
11Ford F-Series101.87015.438-4,5%9,8%
22Ram pick-up61.2177.185-16,1%-10,7%
33Honda Civic50.0307.366-1,7%3,2%
45Chevrolet Silverado40.0225.0190,2%-26,8%
54GMC Sierra39.7445.281-7,3%-20,3%
67Honda CR-V37.8254.85616,5%8,0%
76Toyota RAV435.7054.9803,9%4,1%
88Toyota Corolla33.5964.560-9,6%-1,9%
99Ford Escape31.0733.852-2,6%-8,7%
1011Hyundai Elantra29.4244.727-10,8%0,9%
1112Nissan Rogue28.9063.444-1,9%-7,0%
1210Dodge Grand Caravan21.8422.740-33,6%2,1%
1324Jeep Wrangler19.7741.75768,5%41,1%
1413Hyundai Tucson19.2262.805-8,6%2,1%
1515Chevrolet Cruze19.2142.334-3,6%5,5%
1716Mazda CX-518.4192.31010,6%-8,1%
1819Jeep Cherokee16.8472.4170,4%27,3%
1920Hyundai Santa fe16.7552.610-6,8%110,8%
2018Volkswagen Golf15.5592.107-6,3%-25,9%
2117Chevrolet Equinox15.3221.737-9,6%-4,5%
2221Ford Edge13.3731.694-5,7%-3,4%
2323Ford Explorer13.1701.9018,2%18,5%
2456Nissan Qashqai12.9642.047250,0%31,5%
2531Volkswagen Tiguan12.5102.01062,9%-13,5%
2627Kia Sorento11.5131.2145,0%-23,5%
2728Toyota Sienna10.372879-1,4%-29,1%
2842Ford Transit10.2191.77928,5%73,9%
2929Toyota Highlander10.0771.288-3,5%1,5%
3032Toyota Camry9.9731.27412,5%18,8%
3126Kia Forte9.8781.226-15,4%-22,8%
3247Subaru Crosstrek9.7911.13859,9%-23,0%
3350Subaru Impreza9.6181.2990,2%254,0%
3441Toyota Tacoma9.4871.17013,3%15,7%
35Hyundai Kona9.4711.624
3648Mazda CX-39.2471.27137,4%36,4%
3725Jeep Grand Cherokee9.204883-25,1%-43,8%
3822Volkswagen Jetta9.1781.744-27,8%-19,0%
3939GMC Terrain9.0761.227-3,0%7,6%
4030Nissan Murano9.0401.153-9,6%-10,3%
4136Honda Accord8.9731.189-12,4%-15,7%
4234Nissan Sentra8.938946-13,2%-13,1%
4338Kia Sportage8.4681.286-8,0%17,2%
4437Subaru Forester8.4661.075-8,7%17,1%
4546Kia Soul8.4141.32212,3%-1,5%
4651Audi Q58.1611.04419,7%-9,4%
4745Honda Odyssey8.0841.0101,8%-32,8%
4854Toyota Tundra7.8661.17427,6%38,0%
4969Mitsubishi Outlander7.8531.28864,8%107,1%
5033Honda HR-V7.671719-25,9%-6,9%
5144Subaru Outback7.6179890,0%1,6%
5243Ford Focus7.488669-7,0%-37,0%
5380Jeep Compass7.24782373,0%-24,9%
5457Buick Encore7.19599022,0%5,5%
5549Mercedes C Class7.145734-9,6%-14,5%
5661Ford Mustang6.832583-4,3%-32,4%
5764Chevrolet Colorado6.6931.10426,7%20,4%
58105Toyota Prius6.512861204,3%176,0%
5940Hyundai Accent6.489431-31,8%-60,9%
6053Ford Fusion5.963769-15,8%26,5%
6163Acura RDX5.94493019,3%78,2%
6255Lexus RX5.908894-1,1%22,3%
6360Mercedes GLC5.8124297,2%-49,0%
6489BMW X35.58067948,5%86,0%
65102Volkswagen Atlas5.578781169,5%-2,6%
6665Toyota 4Runner5.3847153,9%1,4%
6781Mercedes GLE5.20247318,8%-28,4%
6888Chrysler Pacifica5.13631232,6%-34,2%
6962Chevrolet Malibu5.053327-15,2%-58,2%
7066Nissan Versa4.951489-13,0%-14,7%
7170Lexus NX4.8865481,8%-22,9%
7258Honda Pilot4.874968-11,7%48,2%
7379GMC Savana4.85230111,5%-28,0%
7471Toyota Yaris4.7887433,3%-0,1%
7578Dodge Durango4.747283-4,3%-61,9%
7652Nissan Pathfinder4.706637-35,3%-12,6%
7735Dodge Journey4.696277-50,7%-53,6%
7896Chevrolet Traverse4.58551869,1%39,2%
79107Toyota C-HR4.56357587,2%9,3%
8083GMC Canyon4.52171310,1%1,0%
81302Ford Ecosport4.475581
8273Mitsubishi RVR4.442479-5,4%-21,9%
8368BMW 3 Series4.351566-11,2%-29,3%
8476Nissan Altima4.323196-13,4%-31,7%
8582Kia Rio4.20063424,1%-25,5%
8677Cadillac XT54.185764-5,6%25,5%
8792Kia Sedona4.1517205,8%39,5%
8859Nissan Micra4.048375-35,7%-58,0%
8972Audi A44.037446-18,7%-19,5%
90196Nissan Leaf3.9761.050337,4%2000,0%
91114Chevrolet Spark3.84244277,0%-26,0%
9275BMW X53.778559-3,5%1,8%
9391GMC Acadia3.74950514,8%0,2%
9495Dodge Charger3.732202-6,2%66,9%
9586Acura MDX3.611454-3,6%-20,9%
9667Hyundai Sonata3.599483-31,6%-50,1%
9797Mercedes Sprinter3.57246113,5%47,3%
9884BMW X13.568319-8,7%-13,3%
9990Nissan Titan3.484395-21,4%-49,6%
100109Chevrolet Volt3.32031531,5%6,8%