Canada. Best selling cars ranking in the 2019

Canada best selling cars

Canada best selling cars in 2019 was dominated again by the iconic Ford F-Series which dominate the market since over 40 years and is able to further hit the best ever market share. In second the always successful Ram Pick-up ahead of the best passenger car, the Toyota RAV4 which hit its record share at 3.4%.

In Canada the best-selling model is the same since over 40 years and – like in US – is the large pick-up Ford F-series. However, we continue to be surprised by the love of Canadian people for this model! In the 2018 the market share achieved was 7.2% and in 2019 replicated the 2017’s record of 7.5%. Consider that in 2010 the share was at 6.2%.

The second best model is the Ram Pick up with the outstanding share of 5%, hitting a new record. In third there is the first car passenger and best SUV, the Toyota RAV4 with a final year projected share of 3.4%, the new record and the second in a row after the 2.7% hit in the 2018.

In fourth place and best sedan on the market, the Honda Civic with 3.1% ahead of the Honda CR-V with 2.9%, the Chevrolet Silverado with 2.8%,  the GMC Sierra with 2.8%, the Toyota Corolla with 2.5%.

In ninth place, the Ford Escape with 2.0% ahead of the best Korean, the Hyundai Elantra with 2.0% as well.

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Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelSales 20192019 VarDecember SalesDecember var
11Ford F-Series145064-0,4%5982-28,1%
22Ram pick-up9676314,0%12374145,7%
35Toyota RAV46524717,8%3792-6,0%
43Honda Civic60139-12,8%2033-22,2%
57Honda CR-V558591,8%2641-28,7%
64GMC Sierra54400-3,3%440162,8%
76Chevrolet Silverado53484-3,3%1925-25,1%
88Toyota Corolla47596-2,5%2431-17,0%
99Ford Escape39503-9,9%311530,0%
1010Hyundai Elantra39463-5,6%21506,2%
1111Nissan Rogue37530-8,8%2144-7,1%
1213Hyundai Tucson300755,0%183943,9%
1315Mazda CX-5276964,2%1661-0,4%
1412Dodge Grand Caravan27382-15,1%351-78,9%
1533Hyundai Kona2581778,1%177377,8%
1617Jeep Wrangler256594,2%276991,6%
1824Ford Edge199654,2%122653,1%
1920Volkswagen Golf19668-8,4%152787,8%
2036Jeep Grand Cherokee1945938,0%2696123,5%
2121Volkswagen Tiguan19250-10,3%1014-43,3%
2218Hyundai Santa fe18929-21,1%919-39,1%
2323Nissan Qashqai18526-5,8%896-40,5%
2422Chevrolet Equinox17846-16,7%208-79,7%
2527Volkswagen Jetta1726014,1%1149-25,1%
26108Nissan Kicks16086268,8%1082207,4%
2726Kia Sorento160543,0%888-3,4%
2829Ford Transit156104,4%163-82,0%
2934Kia Forte155498,0%797-30,8%
3032Subaru Crosstrek151844,4%119335,3%
3119Jeep Cherokee14687-34,0%146056,7%
3228Toyota Sienna14631-3,2%580-65,6%
3330Toyota Highlander13811-5,7%9247,4%
3431Toyota Camry13654-6,4%581-40,8%
3535Subaru Forester13059-8,3%1091-16,7%
3659Honda HR-V1298543,1%65358,9%
3739GMC Terrain12745-7,6%79921,8%
3844Kia Sportage126373,5%81417,6%
3937Toyota Tacoma12536-9,9%867-0,3%
4040Nissan Murano12000-9,4%786-3,2%
4149Kia Soul118687,6%1774316,4%
4238Honda Accord11381-17,7%493-33,8%
4350Subaru Outback109720,2%110678,1%
4461Mercedes GLC1088321,2%8927,7%
4545Audi Q510855-9,2%433-12,7%
4643Mazda CX-310850-12,8%511-5,5%
4748Mitsubishi Outlander10701-7,1%448-40,0%
4858Toyota Prius1050514,5%569-1,9%
4951Buick Encore10196-2,5%77351,3%
5046Toyota Tundra9966-15,1%675-8,9%