Canada best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2019

Canada best selling cars

Canada best selling cars in July shows the Ford F-Series on top, followed by the Ram Pick and the Honda Civic. The Toyota RAV4 – currently gaining one position from the previous year – keeps running at a fast pace (+44.1%).

In the 2019 the market did not change mood and the negative path was still alive. In January sales were reported at 111.176 units (-5.6%), the 11th consecutive month of decline. In February year-to-date sales were down 3.8% with 234.571 units sold. Sales, in March, keep decreasing – despite speed reduction – by -1.5% with 184.150 units. Therefore, results for the first quarter were negative (-2.8%) and 418.721 registrations.

In April, the market keeps moving down (-4.6%) with 183.754 units, as well as in May in which it registers 203.242 units (-6.1%). In June sales fell down 9.4%, with 182.243 units sold.

In July, the market declined just 1.5% with 173.774, keeping year-to-date figures down 4.5%, with 1.161.854 sales.

The year-to-date Canadian best selling car remains the Ford F-series with 88.767 sales (+2.7%) followed by the Ram Pick up with 54.057 and the Honda Civic, the best car passenger’s, with 38.239 sales (-10.4%), confirming in full the previous year final ranking.

In fourth place the Toyota RAV4 – up one spot – with 37.869 (+23.3%) ahead of the Chevrolet Silverado, fifth with 33.110 (-5.4%).

In sixth place the Honda CR-V with 32.969 followed by the GMC Sierra with 31.774 units (-7.8%), the Toyota Corolla with 28.669 (-1.3%), the Ford Escape with 24.451 (-10.2%) and  in 10th place by the Nissan Rogue with 22.551 (-11.4%).

Market Outlook

Despite of the current negative trend, the future of the Canadian light vehicles market is seen in positive. Sustained by one of the most solid economy in the World and by the need of fast replacement of the current circulating park, which has a CO2 average level among the worst world-wide, the market will deeply change in the period 2019-2025, while hitting new volume records.

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Research, Consulting, Data & Forecast

F2M covers intensively this market with several products developed to help any investigation required. Market Researches in PDF are immediately available for download with study on the market since 2005 and with forecast up to the 2025. AutoData in EXCEL are immediately downloadable with annual sales volume, split by month, for all brands and all models distributed in the market. This year data are released year to date, but you will receive a monthly update until the year-end.  See details within Canada Corner Store

Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelSales YTD July 2019Sales July 2019'+/- YTD 2019'+/-July 2019
11Ford F-Series88.76713.8622,7%-1,9%
22Ram pick-up54.0577.3420,0%36,6%
33Honda Civic38.2395.841-10,4%-18,1%
45Toyota RAV437.8695.93623,3%44,1%
56Chevrolet Silverado33.1105.630-5,4%17,5%
67Honda CR-V32.9695.3880,0%8,9%
74GMC Sierra31.7744.572-7,8%-2,7%
88Toyota Corolla28.6694.047-1,3%4,6%
99Ford Escape24.4513.455-10,2%-4,3%
1011Nissan Rogue22.5513.094-11,4%1,2%
1110Hyundai Elantra22.5313.864-8,8%-5,8%
1212Dodge Grand Caravan18.4302.487-3,5%59,4%
1313Hyundai Tucson16.4302.7220,1%-23,0%
1416Mazda CX-515.6602.752-2,8%18,5%
1517Jeep Wrangler15.6232.073-13,3%27,9%
1633Hyundai Kona15.2122.08493,9%38,9%
1822Chevrolet Equinox12.4581.979-8,3%6,1%
1924Ford Edge12.3581.6795,8%6,6%
2018Hyundai Santa fe12.0621.741-14,7%-27,2%
2123Nissan Qashqai11.5891.2956,2%-22,0%
2236Jeep Grand Cherokee11.0841.42233,2%82,8%
2320Volkswagen Golf10.5401.843-21,6%-19,4%
2421Volkswagen Tiguan10.5381.6350,4%-12,3%
2526Kia Sorento10.4061.7141,0%12,5%
2627Volkswagen Jetta10.0791.63235,6%-3,9%
2731Toyota Camry9.8731.28713,5%17,9%
2829Ford Transit9.7491.43315,5%13,3%
2928Toyota Sienna9.6851.5202,0%24,6%
3034Kia Forte9.3621.5118,2%36,2%
31107Nissan Kicks8.5221.480471,9%69,1%
3219Jeep Cherokee8.3951.104-41,8%-65,5%
3339GMC Terrain7.9201.0000,9%-17,6%
3459Tesla Model 37.900400197,4%14,3%
3530Toyota Highlander7.7551.347-11,8%2,8%
3632Subaru Crosstrek7.6841.427-11,2%63,8%
3758Honda HR-V7.5631.2008,8%43,0%
3837Toyota Tacoma7.4661.147-10,2%0,3%
3935Subaru Forester7.3861.117-0,1%-2,0%
4049Kia Soul7.3751.4384,0%-14,0%
4141Nissan Murano7.3051.035-7,4%6,7%
4238Honda Accord6.821984-12,4%-25,4%
4344Kia Sportage6.8201.375-5,0%-5,6%
4448Mitsubishi Outlander6.6697231,6%-24,7%
4545Audi Q56.563781-7,8%-8,7%
4673Dodge Durango6.52995246,3%313,9%
4714Chevrolet Cruze6.3651.059-62,3%-56,5%
4850Subaru Outback6.2671.074-5,4%2,4%
4961Mercedes GLC6.17780614,8%8,2%
5051Buick Encore6.028939-2,9%-14,1%
5146Toyota Tundra5.987882-10,5%-3,8%
5243Mazda CX-35.9401.088-25,5%-7,2%
5347Honda Odyssey5.755915-18,6%-20,6%
5469Ford Fusion5.5404736,7%-40,7%
5525Ford Explorer5.445663-51,7%-66,0%
5667Ford Mustang5.439640-13,0%-22,1%
5757Toyota Prius5.4091.089-4,3%21,5%
5842Nissan Sentra5.370779-32,8%-43,9%
5940Subaru Impreza5.308777-36,2%-42,1%
6064Volkswagen Atlas5.1657617,7%-24,4%
6154Jeep Compass5.112608-20,4%9,5%
6255Chevrolet Colorado5.071812-9,3%-13,7%
6362Acura RDX4.975819-0,8%3,5%
6465Toyota 4Runner4.9038245,0%14,6%
6566Honda Pilot4.72465320,9%45,8%
6681Ford Ecosport4.70055520,7%-27,1%
6799Chevrolet Spark4.65577236,9%53,2%
6875Toyota C-HR4.64271916,4%1,7%
6956Lexus RX4.556574-9,1%-23,7%
7071Toyota Yaris4.45573510,1%11,9%
7163BMW X34.434701-9,5%21,5%
7252Mercedes C Class4.331707-32,4%-32,3%
7368Lexus NX4.106586-5,3%13,6%
7460Hyundai Accent4.032701-33,4%-19,0%
7583BMW X53.92753622,0%45,3%
7693Nissan Micra3.8756005,5%65,3%
77116Chevrolet Impala3.86459171,0%372,8%
7878Chevrolet Traverse3.851548-5,3%16,3%
7974Chevrolet Malibu3.659709-22,6%59,7%
8072Nissan Pathfinder3.601477-11,5%-12,5%
81100Dodge Charger3.281326-7,1%270,5%
82111Ford E-Series3.25935415,6%-3,5%
83118Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross3.24959088,0%66,7%
8492Kia Sedona3.245435-5,4%-56,3%
8582BMW 3 Series3.193501-15,6%-18,0%
86Ford Ranger3.140750
87101Chevrolet Express3.10145810,6%35,9%
88115Ram ProMaster3.02936018,9%-5,3%
8988Mitsubishi RVR3.011-24,0%-100,0%
9077Kia Rio3.010456-15,6%4,6%
91142Ford Expedition2.99129142,8%34,1%
9280GMC Savana2.975434-34,6%-34,9%
9370Mercedes GLE2.955542-37,5%-4,7%
9476GMC Canyon2.811406-26,2%-41,4%
9596Hyundai Sonata2.808641-9,9%52,3%
96119Hyundai Ioniq2.75436137,3%1,7%
9797GMC Acadia2.652343-18,2%-27,9%
9884Chrysler Pacifica2.644428-45,2%-11,6%
99124Honda Fit2.608295-13,6%-12,5%
100102Audi A52.565281-10,0%-13,0%