Algerian Vehicles Sales

Algeria 2018. Market starts to grow up while Seat & Volkswagen boom

Algerian Vehicles Sales have started the recovery in the 2018 after having lost near 75% in the previous 4 years. The full availability of new vehicles locally produced by Volkswagen Group offered new options to the consumers and the sales grew up 127.300 units (+24.8%) with  Seat and Volkswagen booming.

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Algerian cars market in Q3 2016

Algeria 2017. In four years the market dropped over 75%

Algerian Cars Sales kept falling in the 2017, the fourth year in a row, having lost over 75% of volume since the 2013 record. The reduction of over 50% of licences to import has not been balanced by growth of local production.

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Algerian Auto Market 2016

Algeria 2016. The market was killed by local authorities policy

Algerian Auto Market 2016 destroyed by the local authorities limiting the import with discriminating quotas. Product shortage lifted prices on the sky creating room for grey market done by unstructured traders.

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Algeria Vehicle Market

Algeria authorities are killing the domestic vehicles sector

Algeria authorities are killing the domestic vehicles sector blocking the imports of new vehicles and sustaining the only local producer, the Renault Group, reducing the certificate for import dramatically.

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Algeria Vehicles Market in 2015

Algeria 2015. Market dropped 25%. Dacia and Renault shine.

Algeria Vehicles Market in 2015 dropped 25% reporting the second heavy lost in a row. However, Renault and Dacia had been stable gaining several points of share and now dominate the competition.

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Algeria new cars market

Algeria new cars market deep down in Q3 2015. Renault shines.

Algeria new cars market reported a deep down in the third quarter of the 2015 hit by recession generated by sharp fall in the oil price and measured taken by the government to sustain the budget. Renault shines.

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Algerian vehicle market

Algerian vehicle market fell in double-digit during the first half 2015.

Algerian vehicle market fell in double-digit during the first half 2015 hit by government measures restricting imports of new car that have advantaged the French makers and penalized all the importers. Chinese brands are growing.

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Car Market in Algeria

2014 Car Market in Algeria fell 20%.

In the 2014, the Car Market in Algeria fell 20% following the record hit in the previous year. However the country stands as second in Africa and keeps strong growing potential.

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