Azerbaijan. Lada leading the 2019 rank, while the market is recovering

Azerbaijan Vehicles Market in 2019 has immediately recovered from the previous year’s drop. Indeed, Full-year registrations have been 7.615, soaring 73.7%. Lada went back on top – holding 18.6% of share – outpacing the former leader Hyundai by less than one hundred units.

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Azerbaijan 2018. Auto sales hit down 27.7%

Azerbaijan Vehicles Market in the 2018 dropped back again (-27.7%) – after the previous year’s recovery – with 4.388 sales. Hyundai held the throne, ahead of Lada, while Kia reached the podium. Impressive performance scored by Renault, up 530%.

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Azerbaijan 2017. Vehicles market recovered 42%

Azerbaijan Vehicles Market recovered 42% after the previous year record fall. The economy expanded only marginally but the currency value stabilized and several brands recovered. The market has now been “invaded” by Chinese brands.

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Azerbaijan Vehicles Industry

Azerbaijan 2015. Vehicles industry ranked 83rd in the World

Azerbaijan Vehicles Industry in the 2015 ranked as the World’s 83rd. Hit by the collapsed of local economy and domestic consumption, the vehicles sales fell 30 percent from the previous year.

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