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Flash Reports
Uzbekistan September. Domestic demand grew fast


Automotive industry has been designed as a key driver for the National Economic Plan since the 2005 when the government started joint ventures to build up local production. With the born of GM Uzbekistan in the 2008 the production shoot up with fast growth in export and local sales. Huge duties on import have so far limited the import and the competitiveness of the industry. New emission rules in neighboring markets and Russia industry crisis are changing the scenario calling for a prompt development. To download professional market research or sales data on this market, visit the Uzbekistan Store

Uzbekistan September. Domestic demand grew fast

Uzbek Vehicles Market is rapidly changing and recently agreement signed by the government with Hyundai, PSA, Volkswagen and Chinese government will open market since 2019. Meantime, GM is selling all shares in the local plant.

November 24, 2018

Uzbekistan 2017. GM Uzbekistan stable at 92% share

Uzbekistan vehicle market kept declining in the 2017 with sales down 14.7% mainly due to the increase of export decided for the GM-Uzbekistan production. The state-owned company is stable near 92% market share.

February 19, 2018

Uzbekistan 2016. Ravon dominates with over 70% of share

Uzbekistan Vehicles Market still on demand in the 2016 albeit local production quota for domestic sales had been limited. The new brand Ravon dominates with over 70 percent of market share, ahead of Chevrolet and Isuzu.

March 25, 2017

Uzbekistan Car Market 2014 Outlook.

In the middle of Asia, the State of Uzbekistan is unique for the automotive sector, controlled by a joint venture with the American General Motors. The market is managed by political oligarchy and is basically a non-market, considering that only one player operates, Chevrolet.

December 30, 2013