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Flash Reports
Puerto Rico June. Market is recovering in double-digit

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico June. Market is recovering in double-digit

Puerto Rico Autos Market is fast recovering and the first half 2018 ended with sales up 14.6%, despite data from local economy remains in a deep downturn following the 2017 hurricanes. Toyota is market leader with 26% of share.

September 3, 2018

Puerto Rico 2017. Customers dislike american models

Puerto Rico Vehicle Market in the 2017 was hit by the devastating hurricanes Maria and Irma effects and by the weak US investment in the emergency disaster funds. Toyota is near 30% of market share and customers dislike American products.

February 17, 2018

Puerto Rico 2016. A moderate recovery.

Puerto Rico Vehicles Market 2016 grew moderately, despite the critical fiscal situation. Despite administratively this is under US, the consumer's do not like to buy American. Toyota led ahead of Hyundai.

February 28, 2017

Puerto Rico 2014. Auto Market down in double digit.

In 2014 the Car Market in Puerto Rico fell in double digit, following the positive score of the previous year. Toyota stands on top of the list while Mazda and Infiniti were the fastest growing. Corolla was again the king.

February 6, 2015

Puerto Rico 2013. Market over 100.000 units. Toyota dominates.

Following a series of five consecutive growing years, in 2013 the car market in Puerto Rico finally outpaced the 100.000 units, growing 9.3% from the previous year. Market is high concentrated and Toyota dominates with a solid 25% of market share. Ford fell down in fifth place.

February 3, 2014