French vehicle market

France. Car market is recovering after a weak first half

French vehicle market in the second half is recovering the moderate lost reported in the first and is projected to close the 2019 flat from the previous year, confirming the great shape under the Macron government. The traditional battle for leadership among Renault and Peugeot is ending again the lion brand in second, while Alfa Romeo and Land Rover are the fastest growing brands.

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French vehicle market

France 2018. Dacia & Fiat shine in a market up 3.2%

French vehicle market grew 3.2% in 2018 with 2.177.510 sales, closing the fifth consecutive year of improvement, despite the influence of WLTP regulation. Renault was the market leader, with a tiny gap from Peugeot. Impressive performances from Dacia and Fiat.

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France Auto Sales 2017

France 2017. Auto sales at the best in last 10 years

France Auto Sales in the 2017 at the best since the 2008 not far from the all time record, pushed up by consumer confidence and rebound in annual fixed investment and industrial production. Hybrid solution gave to Toyota a clear competitive advantage.

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France Cars Market in 2016

France. Full year 2016

French Vehicles Market in 2016 was moderately positive for the third year in a row, at the best since 2011 ranking as World’s 8th market. French brands dominate while Infiniti and Jaguar jumped up.

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France cars sales 2015

France cars sales 2015 up 6%. PSA ends ahead of Renault.

France cars sales 2015 had been up 6% thanks to a final rush with December reported in double-digit. Despite a strong year-end Renault had lost the leadership at group level closing 3 thousand units down from P.S.A..

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Best selling cars in France

Best selling cars in France in the 2014.

Best selling cars in France in the 2014 witness the peculiarity of the market where consumer's prefer local made vehicles to imported. See statistics here on the top 100 models.

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France Car Market

2014 France Car Market was flat albeit negative Q4.

2014 France Car Market was flat albeit negative Q4, pushed up by Renault and Peugeot efforts. Citroen is in difficulties while new brands are growing, led by a turbo-Jeep. In December, Renault Captur was on podium.

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