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Bulgaria August. Market boomed 48%


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Bulgarian vehicles sales

Bulgaria August. Market boomed 48%

Bulgarian vehicles sales kept the impressive momentum in  August with 4.052 units (+48.9%) pushed up by strong economic growth and by WLTP next introduction. Renault consolidates the leadership over the traditional leader, Dacia.

September 8, 2018

Bulgarian car sales

Bulgaria 2017. Kia shines in a market up 19%

Bulgarian car sales ended the 2017 with a strong performance, up 19.8% from the previous year, thanks to the positive economic environment. Dacia is market leader but Koreans are gaining spaces, with Kia star of the year, up 123%.

February 8, 2018

Bulgarian Cars Market

Bulgaria 2016. Sales at best in the last sixth years

Bulgarian Cars Market in 2016 posted the highest sales level since 2010, postingt the third increase in a string. Dacia remained the most popular brand, pushed up by Dokker. Great Wall is collapsing.

February 24, 2017

Bulgaria Light Vehicles Sales

Bulgaria Light Vehicles Sales up 8% in Q1 2015.

Bulgaria Light Vehicles Sales up 8% in Q1 2015, fueled by strong sales on Renault that is challenging the Dacia leadership. Skoda Octavia still on top, while Renault Clio and Captur reduce the gap.

May 4, 2015

bulgarian car market

Bulgarian car market in November slipped 6 percent.

Bulgarian car market in November slipped 6 percent ending the year with a slow pace after a robust increase scored in the first part of the year. Dacia was pushed on top of the list by sharp sales increase scored on Dokker, the best-selling model.

December 29, 2014

Bulgarian car market

Q3 2014 Bulgarian car market reduced the speed.

Q3 2014 Bulgarian car market reduced the speed albeit cumulative performance stands 10 percent above last year. Volkswagen is losing terrain and now risks the fourth place under the Ford attack. All statistics on Brands, Groups & Models.

October 31, 2014

Bulgaria first quarter 2014 car market boomed.

Q1 2014 Bulgaria car market boomed. Nissan Qashqai leader.

Q1 2014 Bulgaria car market boomed following the little increase posted last year. Indeed, the light passenger vehicles sales have been 5.515, up 18.9% from last year with the first three months growing respectively 21.9%, 9.9% and 25.0% with March posting the 10th year on year increase in a row.

April 21, 2014

Bulgaria: Car Sales Statistics. Top 25 Brands and Models ranking.

October 2013 sales statistics were widely positive for the Bulgarian car market, with a double digit increase, the third in a row, which moved the cumulated 2013 performance in black. Dokker and Sandero pushed up Dacia performance, while Nissan Qasquai was the bestselling model.

November 30, 2013