Moroccan Cars Market

Morocco August. Volkswagen soars 25.9% while the market went back on a negative path

Moroccan Cars Market in August dropped down again, with 7.814 sales (-22.5%). The leader Dacia – losing 27.1% – held just 25.4% of share. Hyundai and Peugeot registered the same trend, declining over 25%. Volkswagen soared to an impressive +25.9%.

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Moroccan Cars Market

Morocco 2018. Fourth All Time Record in a string

Moroccan Cars Market grew 3.6% in the 2018 with registrations at 174.645, pushed by the LCVs segment, hitting the fourth consecutive all-time record. Dacia, the market leader with 28.2% of market share, is followed by Renault and Volkswagen.

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Morocco Autos

Morocco vehicle market 2010-2017

Morocco vehicle market 2010-2017 features historical data and insights plus professional forecast on new vehicles sales by type, manufacturer, brand and model providing an easy-to-use picture of current and future competitive landscape.

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Morocco Autos Market

Morocco 2017. Vehicles sales at third All Time record in a string

Morocco Autos Market in the 2017 hit the third consecutive all time record, while auto export from Renault plant improved substantially. Renault-Nissan Group dominates the market with 47% of share, with Dacia leader ahead of Renault and Ford.

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Morocco Auto Sales 2016

Morocco 2016. New record up 23%

Morocco Auto Sales 2016 at the new all time record, the second in a row, consolidating the rule as fourth African market. Dacia, Renault and Ford led the ranking while Volkswagen shines.

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Morocco Vehicles Market in Q3 2016

Morocco market report. Q3 2016

Morocco Vehicles Market runs for the new all time record although the third quarter was reported more moderate after the strong first half. Dacia and Renault are fast growing.

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Morocco Automotive industry

Morocco is the new frontier to produce cars

Morocco Car Market has grown substantially in recent years thanks to the the Casablanca Industrial Zone and the Tangier Med Zone and Kenitra Free Zone offering fiscal incentives and modern infrastructures.

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Morocco Vehicles Sales in Q1 2016

Morocco Vehicles Sales in Q1 2016 boomed.

Morocco Vehicles Sales in Q1 2016 boomed by 23%. Ford has taken the 2nd place to Renault while Hyundai slipped in 4th. The market was fueled by expanding economy and strong rebates.

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Morocco Cars Market in 2015

Morocco 2015. Auto Industry hit a new record again

Morocco Cars Market in 2015 hit the new all time record thanks to sales boomed 43% in December, traditionally the strongest month of the year. While Dacia dominates with 28% of share, Nissan doubled sales.

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Morocco new vehicles sales

Morocco new vehicles sales shy in the first half 2015.

Morocco new vehicles sales shy in the first half 2015 hit by the harsh time spent by the market leader Dacia. However, the Romanian brand, producing in Morocco kept the entire podium with Logan, Duster and Dokker.

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car market in Morocco

In 2014 the car market in Morocco rose 1%.

In 2014 the car market in Morocco rose 1% with Dacia dominating the market with over 27% of market share and four models on top of best-selling list. Toyota was the fastest growing brand.

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Morocco Auto Market

First Half 2014 Morocco Auto Market shocked by Renault 50% collapse.

First Half 2014 Morocco Auto Market shocked by Renault 50% collapse only partially recovered by Dacia that is the new market leader ahead of Renault and Peugeot. See here all statistics on Brands, Groups & Models.

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Morocco car market

2013 Morocco car market fell 7%. Dacia market share at 25%.

2013 Morocco Car Market fell 7% following the all-time record scored in the previous year, with Renault – Dacia leading the market thanks to strong local heritage and the new plant recently inaugurated on the Mediterranean cost.

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Morocco: car market had lost terrain in first half 2013. Dacia leader at 25% of share.

During first half 2013, the light passengers vehicles market in Morocco had interrupted the positive string losing 7% from last year, pushed back by low internal demand and still inadequate economic policy. However, the market leader, Dacia, has further improved the share.

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Morocco car market soared 29% in 2012. Dacia on top.

The car market in Morocco posted a substantial increase in the 2012, reflecting the improved economic conditions and the high government attention to the automotive sector development. French brands control the market with a combined share above 50%.

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