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Flash Reports
El Salvador 2017. Sales down for the third year in a row

El Salvador

El Salvador is that little dynamo in Central America that past visitors just keep going on and on about it. Glimpses of tropical paradise, lush tracts of pre-industrial national park, colonial splendor astride pristine volcanic lakes, searing colors and a fierce creative vision sit quietly in the shadows of an indomitable local pride. Here you’ll find a glorious coastline with world-class waves, a culture-clad capital famed for its nightlife, hard-core war tourism and small-town charm by the plaza-load.

El Salvador 2017. Sales down for the third year in a row

El Salvador vehicles market in the 2017 posted the third fall in a row, hitting the worse sales level of this decade. New vehicles sales struggles due to the strong competitions from grey import. Toyota is market leader ahead of Nissan.

February 21, 2018

El Salvador 2016. New vehicles just near 25% of total import

El Salvador auto market in the 2016 was still dominated by pre owned vehicles, which counted near 75% of all imported vehicles in the market. New vehicles are stable but a new legislations expected this year can change the perspectives.

April 29, 2017

El Salvador Light Vehicle Market Outlook

El Salvador Light Vehicle Market Outlook is almost positive for the next years as the little Central American market is reporting growing economic success and the market runs over 30% below the pre-crisis level.

May 26, 2015