Honduras 2017. Nissan boomed sales taking the leadership


Honduras declared independence from Spain in 1821, joining the First Mexican Empire, which soon became the United Provinces of Central America. Honduras later joined other variations of Central American federations, until they proved unsuccessful. In 1838, Honduras became an independent republic, though it has since experienced political instability and many rebellions. In the 20th century, Honduras was a point of focus of US produce companies, leading to a rise of banana plantations and other production. This foreign influence led to Honduras taking on a greater role in international politics and conflict, including a border battle with El Salvador. The 21st century brought a crisis including an illegal military coup, according to the UN, in 2009.

Honduras 2017. Nissan boomed sales taking the leadership

Honduras Vehicles Market in the 2017 was almost positive with sales up 19%, recovering the previous year fall. Sales were driven by Nissan, which boosted sales taking the leadership over Toyota. Outlook is positive.

February 19, 2018

Honduras 2015. New all time record, up 13%

Honduras Vehicles Sales in 2015 improved for the fourth year in a row, hitting the new all time record with 14.292 sales, fueled by internal demand, gaining strength during the year. However, new new vehicles are still penalized by used imported cars.

June 5, 2016