Liechtenstein auto

Liechtenstein 2018. Volkswagen leads in a market down 8.8%

Liechtenstein auto market in the 2018 fell again by 8.8% keeping the negative tone of the previous year, ending with sales at 1.823. Volkswagen led the market – down 15.6% – ahead of BMW and Audi. Ford jumps in 5th position, up 36.7%.

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Liechtenstein 2017. Volkswagen kept leadership albeit falling 28%

Liechtenstein vehicle market in the 2017 has lost 2.8% from the record level hit in the previous year. Volkswagen kept the leadership albeit losing 28% of volume and been addressed by attack from others German brands, Audi and BMW overall.

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Liechtenstein Auto Market 2016

Liechtenstein 2016. Record sales in the German feud

Liechtenstein Auto Market 2016 moderately down confirming the steady trend. Despite all brands are imported in this little country, it is a German feud with Volkswagen, Audi and BMW on podium.

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Liechtenstein Cars Market in 2015

Liechtenstein 2015. Auto sales up in double-digit

Liechtenstein Cars Market in 2015 reported a double-digit increase fueled by low-interest rate and growing economy. The market is a feud of German manufacturers. However Seat Alhambra ranked in second!

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car market in Liechtenstein

In 2014 the car market in Liechtenstein fell 15%.

In 2014 the car market in Liechtenstein fell 15%. The market is dominated by German Brands and by premium segment models with high engine displacement. No space for low cost cars!

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Liechtenstein: car market outlook. Volkswagen is on top.

Closed among high mountains, the car market of the small Liechtenstein looks protected by effects of European recession and keeps growing, after posting two consecutive all-time record in 2011 and 2012. Volkswagen leads the rank.

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