Nicaragua vehicles market 

Nicaragua 2017. Toyota leader in a market down 11.6%

Nicaragua vehicles market has lost steam in the 2017 followed the previous year record, albeit domestic public and private consumption were fairly robust. Toyota kept the leadership with 17.9% of market share followed by Volkswagen.

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Nicaragua Auto Sales

Nicaragua 2016. New all time record

Nicaragua Auto Sales established a new all time record in the 2016 taking full benefit by the strong economic momentum and by the booming tourism sector. Thanks to the wide line up, Toyota kept the market leadership..

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Nicaragua Vehicles market in 2015

Nicaragua Vehicles market in the 2015 hit new all time record

Nicaragua Vehicles market in 2015 hit new all time record, the fourth in a row. The industry is fueled by fast economic expansion and increased regulation on the import of pre-owned vehicles.

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