Philippines Vehicles Market

Philippines July. Toyota holding 44.2% in a market soaring 40.9%

Philippines Vehicles Market in July boomed at 40.9% with 42.989 sales. Toyota soared 68.6% – holding a huge 44.2% of market share – while Suzuki and Subaru were the best Top 10 brands, booming over 150%. Hyundai lost the podium, scoring a disappointing -34.9%.

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Turkey July. Fiat on top of a market down an awful 66%

Turkish Autos Market in July dropped down by a huge 66% with 17.927 units sold. Despite declining over 60% from the previous year Fiat is on top, a few units ahead of Renault. Volkswagen was among the worst performers, losing the market podium.

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Mexico Cars Market

Mexico July. Toyota (+14.1%) & Renault (+31.6%) shine while market declines 7.5%

Mexico Cars Market in July decreased by 7.5% with 105.712 sales. This was the 25th drop in 26 months for the Mexican market. Toyota and Renault ran against the negative trend, signing impressive performances, while Nissan and Chevrolet declined in the double-digits.

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Malaysian Vehicles Market

Malaysia July. Proton (+6%) runs against a negative market trend (-25.9%)

Malaysian Vehicles Market in July kept suffering (-25.9%) with 49.870, dragging year-to-date figures on a negative score. Proton was the only positive Top 10 brand, improving 6% while gaining the second position, a few units ahead of Honda (-41.2%).

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sudan car market

Indonesia July. Wuling soars 63% in a market down 8.6%

Indonesian Vehicles Sales in July declined by 8.6% with sales at 82.705. Large drops were registered from Daihatsu, Mitsubishi and Suzuki, all losing around 20%. Behind, Wuling and Nissan impressed. The Honda Brio jumps on the podium, a few units ahead of the Toyota Rush.

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Thailand vehicles market

Thailand July. Mitsubishi hits an impressive +18.9% while market fell 2.3%

Thailand vehicles market in July signed the second decline in a row, with registrations at 66.193 (-2.3%). Toyota kept dominating with 38.8% of share, losing 1.8% from the previous year. Mitsubishi grew with an impressive +18.9%, while Nissan, Mazda and Ford decreased in double-digits.

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World Car Group Ranking

China July. Honda & Nissan shining while the market lost 4.2%

Chinese Auto Market marked the 13th consecutive drop in July, with 1.783.351 sales (-4.2%). Volkswagen held the previous months’ negative trend, while Honda and Nissan improved in double-digits. Outstanding performances scored by Mercedes, gaining the 9th place.

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Europe best selling cars

Europe best selling cars. The top 100

Europe best-selling cars ranking in July within 44 markets in the continent, from Portugal to Russia. The Volkswagen Golf is on top, followed by the Renault Clio and the Volkswagen Polo. The Citroen C3 gains 2 positions, while Dacia Sandero Jumps in 5th place.

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Switzerland Auto Market

Switzerland July. Mercedes (+34.7%) & Toyota (+39.2%) pulling the market up 0.2%

Switzerland Auto Market kept a stable trend in July with 25.505 sales (+0.2%). Volkswagen, leading with 11.8% of share – lost 8.1% while Mercedes surged 34.7% holding a moderate gap from BMW. Toyota entered in the Top 10, with an impressive +39.2%.

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New Zealand vehicles

New Zealand July. Ford losing 13.5% in a market down 3.5%

New Zealand vehicles sales in July marginally declined (-3.5%) with 11.903 units sold. Toyota – leading with 18.4% of share – improved by 5.6%, while, behind, Ford declined in double-digits. The Ford Ranger held the throne, ahead of the Toyota Hilux and the Mitsubishi Triton.

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New Caledonian Cars Market

New Caledonia July. Toyota (+12.6%) leading in a market down a disappointing 22.4%

New Caledonian Cars Market rapidly decreased in July with 665 units sold (-22.4%). Toyota - leading with 16.1% of share - improved 12.6% while, behind, Dacia declined in double-digits. Awful performances scored by Citroen and Kia, both losing over 40%.

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Uruguayan Vehicles Market

Uruguay July. Suzuki booming 526.2% while the market embarked on a positive path

Uruguayan Vehicles Market in July suddenly went up 30.7%, signing the 2nd consecutive gain, with 3.521 sales. Suzuki – gaining the 3rd position – was the best performer, booming over 500%. Renault managed to temporarily hold the crown, surging 21.2%.

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Vietnamese vehicles market

Vietnam July. Mitsubishi roaring 395.5% in a market soaring to 30.8%

Vietnamese vehicles market surged 30.8% in July with 24.393 sales. The leader Toyota signed an impressive +72.7%, holding 30.2% of share. However, the best Top 10 brands were Mitsubishi (+395.5%) and Suzuki (+169.1%), while Hyundai crumbled down 81.7%.

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Hong Kong May. Honda & Porsche booming while market grows 23.5%

Hong Kong Auto sales in May surged to 23.5% with 3.562 sales. Toyota - soaring at 73% - dominated the market with 32.4% of share. Impressive performances were registered also by Honda and Porsche.

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Singapore Car market

Singapore July. Honda (+115.9%) & Toyota (+75%) pushing the market up 32.4%

Singapore Car market in July almost recovered from previous months’ sharp losses, soaring at 32.4% with 6.983 sales. Honda – holding 24.7% share – signed an outstanding +115.9%, followed by Toyota (+75%). Mitsubishi and Nissan declined by over 20%.

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Croatian Auto market

Croatia July. Opel roars (+98.9%), climbing a market up 8.3%

Croatian Auto market grew 8.3% in July with 6.211 sales. The leader Volkswagen sharply declined (-25.8%) while Opel has overtaken Renault with a stunning 98.9%. Despite losing the market podium, impressive performance was scored also by Skoda, up a mammoth 56.7%.

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Luxembourg July. Mercedes (+26.3%) & BMW (+18.5%) pulled the market on a positive score

Luxembourg Car Market kept a stable trend in July with sales at 4.774 (+0.4%). Volkswagen held 14.5% of share, while Mercedes and BMW signed remarkable performances. Renault – down 22.2% – dropped in 5th place, being overtaken by Audi.

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Colombian Auto Market

Colombia July. Renault (+60.3%) pushes the market up 18.4%

Colombian Auto Market in July surged 18.4% with sales at 22.463. Renault drove the growth, signing an impressive +60.3%, bringing the Duster on the podium behind the Sandero and Logan. Remarkable performances scored by Toyota and Volkswagen, both growing 24%.

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Romanian car market

Romania July. Renault marking a stunning +115.4% in market up 52.7%

Romanian car market in July signed the 8th consecutive double-digit growth with 23.202 sales (+52.7%). Outstanding performances scored by all Top 10 brands, with Renault booming 115.6%. BMW soared 169.9% reaching the 11th position.

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Norwegian Auto Market

Norway July. Audi e-Tron smashing records in a market down 4.5%

Norwegian Auto Market in July decreased by 4.5% with 9.178 sales. Tesla kept booming (+668.8%) while Volkswagen declined in double-digits. Impressive performances were scored by Volvo (+69.1%) and Hyundai (+82.2%). The Audi e-Tron conquered the 7th place.

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