Papua New Guinea car market

Papua New Guinea. Toyota held 50% in market bouncing back in 2019, up 9.5%

Papua New Guinea vehicles market in 2019 reported a robust growth, after four consecutive years of decline. Indeed, the Full-year ended with registrations at 5.331, up 9.5%. Toyota and Nissan grew in double-digits, but the star of the year was Kia, soaring 50.7%.

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Papua New Guinea 2018. Market down four year in a row while Toyota fell in double-digits

Papua New Guinea vehicles market in the 2018 signed the fourth consecutive decline, with 2.426 sales (-15.4%). Toyota has declined in double-digit (-15.4%), but keeping near 50% of share and a safe gap over Isuzu and Nissan.

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Papua New Guinea vehicles

Papua New Guinea 2017. Auto sales down for the third year in a row

Papua New Guinea vehicles market in the 2017 declined for the third year in a row mirroring the current difficulties of the South Pacific country to emerge from economic crisis. Toyota is market leader with 50% of share.

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