Slovakia Auto sales

Slovakia May. Brand leader Skoda sings a double-digit gain in a market up 2.2%

Slovakia Auto sales in May signs a new positive result (+2.2%), registering 9.888 units.  The brand leader Skoda marks an outstanding performance (+11%), ahead of Volkswagen and Hyundai. Astonishing performances are scored also by Dacia and Citroen. 

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Slovakia Autos sales

Slovakia 2018. Sales up five years in a row

Slovakia Autos sales grew 2.1% in 2018 signing the fifth consecutive annual gain, closing with registrations at 98.079. Skoda kept dominating with 19.7% market share, ahead of Volkswagen and Hyundai. Peugeot shines, up 19.3%, but even Dacia and Toyota fast run the year

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Slovakia Vehicles Market

Slovakia 2017. Vehicles sales up 100.000, fourth record in a row

Slovakia Vehicles Market kept booming in the 2017, when for the first time hit the 100.000 units, up 8% at the fourth all time record in a string. The country is now a manufacturing hub for the sector with benefit for the domestic market. Skoda dominates.

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Slovakia New Cars Sales in 2016

Slovakia 2016. New record, the third in a row.

Slovakia Auto Sales in 2016 hit the new all time record, reporting the third consecutive annual growth. Moreover the country was in 12th place in the international ranking as cars exporters.

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Slovakia Cars Market in 2015

Slovakia 2015: New record hitting the 2009 level

Slovakia Cars Market in 2015 hit the new all time record outpacing the 2009 level. Fueled by strong domestic consumer’s demand and fast growing GDP the market is one of the best in Europe. Skoda is market leader.

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Slovakia Light Vehicle Sales

Slovakia Light Vehicle Sales negative in first quarter 2015. Hyundai shines.

Slovakia Light Vehicle Sales negative in first quarter 2015 albeit strong Hyundai sales. The Korean reduced the gap over Volkswagen and is now challenging the second place. Skoda led with over 21% of market share.

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Car Market in Slovakia

Slovakia 2014. Car Market up 9%

In 2014 Car Market in Slovakia rose 9% at 72.249 units with Skoda leader with three models on top of the ranking. Winners of the year had been Volkswagen, Mazda, Seat and Fiat.

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Slovakia Vehicle Sales

First Half 2014 Slovakia Vehicle Sales soared 12 percent.

First Half 2014 Slovakia Vehicle Sales soared 12 percent with June posting the 9th year on year winning performance in series. The market momentum is driven by strong performance of Skoda able to put three models in the podium.

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slovakia car market

Q1 2014 Slovakia car market boomed. Volkswagen Golf is the new king.

Q1 2014 Slovakia car market boomed pushed by a positive economic environment and is the only country in Europe running towards the all-time record. Volkswagen Golf jumped in first position outpacing a list of local made Skoda’s.

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Slovakia: Car Industry 2014 Outlook.

In the 2013, the Slovakian car market have lost 4.4% as economy was stagnating and demand for new vehicles had not recovered after the 2009 drop. Skoda was obviously market leader, but Hyundai scored a sharp increase surging in third place. The best-selling model was again the Octavia.

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Slovakia Car Market Outlook.

Slovakia Car Market is one of the strongest in Europe, based on a solid local production and a growing pro capita income as the country has been one of the most advantaged by the join of the European Union.

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