Turkmenistan Vehicles Market

Turkmenistan 2017. Black Cars banned from the all-white capital!

Turkmenistan Vehicles Market doubled volumes in the 2017. However, the main facts are the ban to coloured cars from the capital, Ashgabat, the all-white city, decided by the Government. In addition, women are banned to drive causing too car accident!

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Turkmenistan automotive industry

Turkmenistan 2016. Low oil price and political isolation penalized the market

Turkmenistan automotive industry is still one of the smaller worldwide despite the 5 million people living in the country. In the 2016 the country suffered for low oil price and from political poor relations with Russia and others CIS.

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Turkmenistan cars market

Turkmenistan 2015. Market up 18%

Turkmenistan cars market is one of the smallest in the World despite the middle Asian country has a population near 6 million people with GDP in rapid increase. In the 2015 the market grew 18% with Hyundai as leader.

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