Zambian Vehicles sales

Zambia 2017. New vehicles sales up 19%, still far from the record

Zambian vehicles market up 19% in the 2017 following the modest economic recovery, mainly driven by double-digit export growth. The market is still far from the 2013 record and low competitive towards the segment of imported pre-owned.

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Zambia Vehicles sales

Zambia 2016. Toyota dominates the competitive landscape

Zambia Vehicles sales in the 2016 recovered moderately after the previous year decline, mainly thanks to the demand on Heavy Trucks while car passenger’s and light commercial segment were stable. Toyota dominates the competitive landscape.

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Zambia car market

Zambia 2015. Car market outlook & figures

Zambia car market is one of the smaller in the World despite the country is populated by over 15 million people: In recent years, the circulating park was developed through the import of obsolete Japanese models. The new vehicles market is led by Toyota and the best-selling model is the Toyota Hilux.

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