2013 Chile Car Market hit new all-time record. Peugeot Brand of the Year.

Accordingly with data released by A.N.A.C., the local association of Automotive Manufacturers, in December Chilean car market was again up, posting a robust double digit increase of 16.7% with 37.935 sales. Running fast toward a new record, year-to-date sales were 378.150, up 11.6% from last year and new all-time record, the fourth in a row, confirming the Chilean as one of most interesting car markets worldwide.

Brand of Year was Peugeot in 8th with 3.3% of share, up 0.8 points from 2012. Second was Mazda ranked 9th with share at 3.1%, up 0.8 points from 2012. Third was Fiat in 16th with share at 1.7%, up 0.6 points from 2012.

Looking at the best brand performance:

Chevrolet sold 5.337 vehicles with share at 14.1%, down 0.5 points from November, closing the year at 56.596 sales and 15.0% of share. This year the American leader has shown difficulties on counteract the aggressive sales strategy applied by Koreans and the very aggressive price offered by many Chinese players. Although the gap over the second was still high, final year share was over 2 points below the 2012.

Hyundai was second with 3.690 sales and share at 9.7%, up 1.8 points from the previous month. Full Year sales have been 34.967 with share at 9.2%, down 1.3 points from last year.

Toyota advanced in third place selling 3.541 vehicles with a share of 9.3%, up 2.2 points from the previous month. Full Year Toyota was 5th with 28.072 sales and a share of 7.4%, down 0.1 points from last year.

Kia was fourth selling 3.295 vehicles with a share of 8.7%, up 0.8 points from the previous month. Full Year Kia was third with 31.899 sales and 8.4% of share, down 0.2 points from last year.

Suzuki was 5th with 2.168 sales and 5.7% of share, up 0.1 points from November. Full Year sales were 21.943 with share at 5.8%, up 0.8 points from 2012.

Nissan was 6th selling 1.961 units with share fell at 5.1%, down 2.7 points of share from November. Full Year Nissan was fourth selling 30.002 units with a share of 7.9%, down 2.3 points from 2012.

Ford was 7th with 1.748 sales and 4.6% of share, up 0.5 points from the previous month. In the year, Ford was 7th as well with 14.737 sales and 3.9% of share, up 0.6 points from 2012.

In the interactive tables below you can sort thru the Best Brands ranking:

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