China best selling cars in 2016. The final count!

China best selling cars

China best selling cars in 2016 led by the Wuling Hongguang in a really sparkling environment. The Haval H6 conquered the podium with a speed projecting the leadership in the 2017.

The Chinese light vehicles market in the 2016 is booming running toward a superb new all time record mainly thanks to a strong acceleration reported since July.

Any month new models are launched in market and the list of model on sales is now over the 600, with several new entrance in the top 100 hot list.

In this dynamic environment, the best-selling model is the Chinese Wuling Hongguang that in the year reported sales for 650.000 units (-0.8%) ahead of the fast growing  Haval H6 with 580.000 (+55.6%) and the Volkswagen Lavida with 548.000 units (+16.0%).

In fourth place the Hyundai Elantra with 410.000 sales (+27.2%) followed by the Buick Excelle GT, up 3 spots, with 370.000 (+27.8%), the Baojun 730 with 370.000 (+15.3%) and the Nissan Silphy with 367.000 (+10.1%).

In eight place the Toyota Corolla with 354.000 (+8.6%) followed by the Volkswagen Jetta, up 3 spots, with 348.000 (+26.7%) and in 10th place the Volkswagen Sagitar with 341.000 (+22.0%).

Looking down through our top 100 list, you could see the great performances scored by the Buick Verano, the Hyundai Tucson and the Jeep Cherokee.

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated

Rank 2016Rank 2015ModelSales 2016Sales 2015Variation
11Wuling Hongguang650.018655.531-0,8%
23Haval H6580.683373.22955,6%
32Volkswagen Lavida548.321472.84116,0%
46Hyundai Elantra410.997323.19827,2%
58Buick Excelle GT370.375290.21327,6%
67Baojun 730370.169321.06915,3%
74Nissan Sylphy367.979334.08710,1%
85Toyota Corolla354.702326.6588,6%
911Volkswagen Jetta348.437274.93226,7%
109Volkswagen Sagitar341.331279.88722,0%
1157GAC Trumpchi GS4326.906131.016149,5%
1252Baojun 560321.555145.007121,8%
1310Volkswagen Santana318.340276.20915,3%
1420Ford Escort296.867214.36238,5%
1524Other China LCV284.733201.01341,6%
1639Buick Envision275.383162.94169,0%
1715Wuling Mini-truck251.981242.3994,0%
1816Foton Light Truck246.142242.3071,6%
1912Volkswagen Tiguan242.160255.751-5,3%
2022Geely EC7240.962206.22616,8%
2114Ford Focus225.924246.085-8,2%
2223Volkswagen Bora222.279204.2808,8%
2332Honda CR-V216.805173.29825,1%
2428Changan CS75209.353186.62312,2%
2525JAC Refine S3197.947196.7790,6%
2627Wuling Hongguang V197.184194.1411,6%
2735Haval H2196.926168.51716,9%
2843Kia K3193.408156.03324,0%
2913Chevrolet Cruze189.106246.088-23,2%
3017Volkswagen Passat188.214230.574-18,4%
3136Nissan X-Trail180.202166.3858,3%
3230Volkswagen Polo180.138178.8670,7%
3326Volkswagen Golf178.791195.420-8,5%
34149Buick Verano177.20249.336259,2%
35137Hyundai Tucson176.69853.592229,7%
3633Changan CS35172.712169.3322,0%
3744Volkswagen Magotan171.286155.50710,1%
3842Jac Light Truck170.906157.1428,8%
3940Dongfeng Fengguang 330/370168.673160.4395,1%
4060Honda Vezel164.076126.83829,4%
4168Honda XR-V161.711118.74936,2%
4263Toyota Levin159.071125.69926,5%
4329Changan Eado156.372182.332-14,2%
4448Skoda Octavia155.098150.0283,4%
4538Kia K2154.130164.114-6,1%
4654Chana Honor152.607142.2637,3%
4745Hyundai Mistra148.254154.603-4,1%
4841BMW 5 Series L143.779157.175-8,5%
4980Volkswagen Lamando143.145104.21437,4%
5019Chevrolet Sail140.283216.627-35,2%
51128Nissan Qashqai139.68460.072132,5%
5221Hyundai Verna137.822213.678-35,5%
5364Geely Vision137.687121.96912,9%
5558Honda Accord136.245128.1266,3%
5649Audi A6L135.730147.977-8,3%
5718Wuling Sunshine135.496227.996-40,6%
58107Isuzu N-Series134.40068.60095,9%
5953BYD F3130.114143.453-9,3%
6062Audi Q5L129.453125.9182,8%
61Chery Arrizo 5128.875
62105Ford Edge123.69073.53268,2%
6350BAIC Weiwang M30121.153146.996-17,6%
6466Chery Tiggo 3118.414120.357-1,6%
65406Chana Oushang118.1855.3432112,0%
6673Toyota Vios117.041114.4672,2%
6770Toyota RAV4116.389116.731-0,3%
6856Ford Kuga115.083135.202-14,9%
6986Honda Fit113.59795.96318,4%
7082Hyundai ix25113.468102.75510,4%
7134Wuling Rongguang113.323168.801-32,9%
7261Zotye T600112.691126.121-10,6%
73Geely Boyue109.209
74281Jeep Cherokee108.31415.077618,4%
7565JMC Light Truck107.870121.349-11,1%
76257BAIC Huansu H3106.63417.537508,1%
7791Mercedes C Class L105.40085.08023,9%
7831Buick Excelle105.033177.406-40,8%
79101Brilliance V3103.34275.29337,3%
8067Ford Mondeo103.274120.202-14,1%
81115Haima S5102.60765.22657,3%
82112Isuzu D-Max102.00067.59650,9%
8359Toyota Camry100.611128.046-21,4%
8478Peugeot 408100.156107.088-6,5%
85294BYD Song100.04213.769626,6%
8637BAIC Huansu S398.377164.436-40,2%
8772Audi A4L97.421115.149-15,4%
8884BMW 3 Series L96.92198.600-1,7%
89102Toyota Highlander92.00075.20522,3%
9071Dongfeng Future90.700115.936-21,8%
9174Nissan Teana90.279111.774-19,2%
92222Zotye Damai X590.03923.921276,4%
93Roewe RX590.033
94184Honda Civic90.01432.686175,4%
95108Audi Q3L88.90168.51929,7%
9675Kia Sportage87.478110.983-21,2%
9769Honda Crider87.399116.759-25,1%
98123Mercedes GLK L87.30062.34540,0%
9987Citroen C-Elysée87.13293.655-7,0%
100Dongfeng Fengguang 58086.658