Czech Republic new vehicles sales kept momentum in Q3

Czech Republic new vehicles sales

Czech Republic new vehicles sales kept momentum in Q3 2016 reflecting substantial stability in business sentiment and a significant advance in consumer confidence.

Market Outlook

High-frequency data for Q3 paint a mixed picture. Industrial production plunged in July, although the data were distorted by company-wide holidays. In September, the Manufacturing PMI moved further into positive territory, but it nevertheless remains at historically low levels after showing significant volatility in the past few months.

In more positive news, economic sentiment improved in September and hit a seven-month high, reflecting substantial stability in business sentiment and a significant advance in consumer confidence.

During the Q3, the cars market reported the first sharp declined of the year scored in Jyly. Fortunately, this slowdown in double-digit was followed by two discreet growths.

According to data released by the S.D.A., the Czech Republic Car Importers Association, in July cars passenger sales had been 18.739 (-12.5%) followed by an amazing August with 21.251 (+16.3%) and 19.946 units (+10.5%) in September.

Year to date September 2016 new cars sales improved by 12.7%, up 192.714 units.

Competitive Arena

Year to date September, Skoda led the ranking with 61.093 (+10.3%) with market share at 32.6%, followed by Volkswagen with 19.450 units (+7.3%), Hyundai with 15.391 sales (+6.6%), Ford with 11.168 (-2.5%) and Dacia with 9.290 (+21.4%).

Great score were posted by Kia with 6.938 (+21.1%), Renault with 6.923 (+26.0%) and Opel with 5.781 units (-10.0%).

Volkswagen dominated the performance by group with market share at 48.3%, followed by Hyundai-Kia with 11.9%, Renault-Nissan with 10.7%, Ford with 6.0% and PSA with 4.5%.

As far as the best-selling models performance, the Skoda Octavia was the best-selling model with 21.094 sales (+18.8%) followed by the Skoda Fabia with 16.095 (+8.1%), the Skoda Rapid with 8.597 (-5.6%), the Skoda Superb with 8.435 (+112.6%) and the Hyundai i30 with 5.743 (+17.7%).

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank SeptRank 2016BrandSales SeptSales 2016Var SeptVar 2016Share SeptShare 2016
Rank SeptRank 2016GroupSales SeptSales 2016Var SeptVar 2016Share SeptShare 2016
67General Motors8165.79327,7%-10,4%4,2%3,1%
78Mercedes Daimler5575.33427,2%53,0%2,8%2,8%
Rank SeptRank 2016ModelSales SeptSales 2016Var SeptVar 2016Share SeptShare 2016
11Skoda Octavia2.02221.0943,30%18,80%10,60%11,50%
22Skoda Fabia1.58916.095-23,70%8,10%8,30%8,80%
33Skoda Rapid1.0028.59718,20%-5,60%5,20%4,70%
44Skoda Superb9228.43569,20%112,60%4,80%4,60%
58Ford Fiesta5913.9778,40%1,00%3,10%2,20%
65Hyundai i305855.743-7,90%17,70%3,10%3,10%
76Volkswagen Golf5784.625-9,30%-11,20%3,00%2,50%
87Skoda Yeti4084.3180,50%-2,40%2,10%2,40%
913Volkswagen Polo3992.74764,90%9,00%2,10%1,50%
109Volkswagen Passat3773.81743,30%51,50%2,00%2,10%
1110Hyundai ix203763.3199,30%-8,90%2,00%1,80%
1218Opel Astra3522.29160,00%24,60%1,80%1,20%
1320Nissan Qashqai3322.122-3,80%13,80%1,70%1,20%
1417Skoda Citigo3242.3242,50%-16,10%1,70%1,30%
1514Kia Cee’d2682.65251,40%7,80%1,40%1,40%
1611Dacia Duster2533.1331,20%15,90%1,30%1,70%
1715Hyundai Tucson2502.39265,60%587,40%1,30%1,30%
1816Ford Focus2482.3639,30%-17,80%1,30%1,30%
1919Dacia Sandero2222.129-4,30%26,70%1,20%1,20%
2067Volkswagen Sharan216524463,50%51,90%1,10%0,30%
2126Dacia Dokker2121.68237,70%37,80%1,10%0,90%
2230Renault Captur2081.468181,10%53,40%1,10%0,80%
2321Kia Sportage2002.09038,90%45,10%1,00%1,10%
2412Seat Leon1853.011-39,70%3,20%1,00%1,60%
2532Mitsubishi ASX1771.42212,70%5,30%0,90%0,80%
2631Opel Meriva1581.44326,40%3,90%0,80%0,80%
2728volkswagen Golf Sportsvan1531.556-14,60%-3,50%0,80%0,80%
2922Seat Ibiza1492.059-28,70%19,40%0,80%1,10%
3037Suzuki Vitara1471.224129,10%111,90%0,80%0,70%
3124Hyundai i201401.736-34,60%14,20%0,70%0,90%
3123Renault Clio1401.9248,50%37,40%0,70%1,00%
3139Hyundai i101401.133536,40%59,60%0,70%0,60%
3253Opel Mokka12870324,30%-13,30%0,70%0,40%
3329Peugeot 20081261.47344,80%52,80%0,70%0,80%
3436Toyota Yaris1251.23434,40%43,00%0,70%0,70%
3540Ford Mondeo1241.12751,20%2,50%0,60%0,60%
3684Volkswagen Touareg122409238,90%26,20%0,60%0,20%
3744Kia Rio11287990,90%66,50%0,60%0,50%
3735Peugeot 2081121.244-8,90%11,50%0,60%0,70%
3833Renault Mégane1101.32935,80%1,10%0,60%0,70%
38100Toyota Corolla110324409,70%66,80%0,60%0,20%
3942Toyota Auris1061.033-1,90%23,70%0,60%0,60%
4027Volkswagen Touran1041.658108,00%82,40%0,50%0,90%