Europe. Best selling cars ranking in 2020

Europe best selling

Europe best selling cars ranking in 2020 within 44 markets in the continent, from Portugal to Russia. The Volkswagen Golf is still on top, despite losing in double-digits, ahead of the Renault Clio which overtakes the Polo. Outstanding performances scored by the Toyota Corolla and the Volkswagen T-Cross.

Economic Environment

Eurozone economy cooled markedly in the final quarter of 2019, while weak available data and the coronavirus outbreak bode ill for the first quarter of this year. A notable downturn in the industrial sector against the backdrop of global trade tensions, subdued demand from key trading partners and sustained political uncertainty weighed on the economy in the fourth quarter.

Turning to Q1 2020, still-weak consumer and business confidence in January−February suggest economic activity will remain feeble. Moreover, the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy and its spread to other Euro area countries look set to hit the manufacturing and tourism sectors.

The economy should grow only modestly this year. Trade uncertainty and weak global backdrop will restrain exports and hit investment and industrial activity. Moreover, cooling employment growth and higher savings are set to constrain household spending.


Best Selling Cars

As far as the best selling cars ranking within the entire continents (44 markets from Portugal to those in the East, like Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Moldova) is currently dominated – for the 45th year in a string – by the Volkswagen Golf.

Indeed, the best-selling models ranking sees in 2020 the Volkswagen Golf on top, despite continuing to decline in double-digits, falling 2.3% of market share. Year-to-date sales in February have been over 56.000 units.

The Reanult Clio – after keeping the market podium for the entire previous decade – manages to reach the 2nd position, outpacing the Volkswagen Polo by less than 3k units.

Indeed, thVolkswagen Polo falls at the edge of the podium with 46.701 units sold (-18.5%). With more than 14 million units sold, it is one of the world’s most successful compact cars ever and actually the best seller. The sixth generation was launched in late 2017, with new exterior design, noticeably more spacious interior that has also been redesigned down to the last detail, new cockpit layout structured for the digital world, efficient TSI (petrol), TGI (natural gas) and TDI (diesel) engines as well as an array of assistance systems which previously was only familiar in larger Volkswagen cars.

The Volkswagen Tiguan keeps the fourth position with 40.986 sales (-5.4%) followed by the Peugeot 208, which gained 3 positions from last year, and the Skoda Octavia.

We must highlight the outstanding performances scored by the Toyota Corolla and the Volkswagen T-Cross, currently reaching respectively the 17th and 24th position.

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Rank 2020Rank 2019ModelSales YTD 2020+/- YTD 2020February sales+/- February
11Volkswagen Golf56.011-22,0%27.927-21,2%
23Renault Clio49.261-4,4%26.528-2,5%
32Volkswagen Polo46.701-18,5%21.923-20,9%
44Volkswagen Tiguan40.986-5,4%19.006-14,6%
58Peugeot 20840.8136,2%20.3382,4%
65Skoda Octavia38.734-9,1%19.173-3,2%
77Ford Focus38.5900,1%17.791-7,3%
810Nissan Qashqai37.1615,3%18.0154,7%
912Opel Corsa37.0835,6%18.6414,2%
1014Fiat Panda34.8920,6%17.8339,7%
1113Dacia Sandero33.729-3,9%15.105-7,3%
126Citroen C332.537-16,9%16.958-17,1%
1311Ford Fiesta32.415-7,7%14.745-14,5%
149Toyota Yaris31.580-12,1%14.279-10,1%
1516Peugeot 300831.329-8,1%15.018-7,9%
1617volkswagen T-Roc27.465-19,0%13.137-21,2%
17113Toyota Corolla27.437292,8%12.703207,3%
1818Renault Captur26.331-12,7%13.192-17,9%
1933Volkswagen Passat26.03733,0%12.32936,1%
2020Mercedes A Class25.458-6,3%12.5871,3%
2128Fiat 50024.6718,8%12.3458,7%
2225Hyundai Tucson23.672-5,3%11.164-7,6%
2319Peugeot 200823.464-15,0%12.514-10,8%
24316volkswagen T-Cross22.9455970,1%10.7604558,0%
2542Toyota RAV422.89537,7%10.83024,0%
2665BMW 3 Series22.57172,5%10.91660,5%
2723Mercedes C Class22.556-14,8%10.242-15,2%
2815Dacia Duster22.386-34,3%11.358-32,8%
2922Peugeot 30821.643-18,5%10.983-17,1%
3032Kia Rio21.5565,7%12.02216,7%
3121Kia Sportage21.497-19,4%10.326-20,8%
3234Seat Leon20.2945,1%9.7212,2%
3326Toyota C-HR20.183-12,3%10.159-5,6%
3424Skoda Fabia19.954-21,4%9.989-27,6%
3540Opel Crossland X19.19014,4%8.7485,1%
3645Hyundai Kona18.79615,8%9.33720,9%
3735Lada Granta18.298-2,3%9.691-10,7%
3839BMW 1 Series18.1648,1%7.9396,4%
3944Kia Cee’d17.6888,0%9.0322,7%
4041Audi A417.4804,7%8.71811,1%
4138Mercedes GLC17.428-2,3%7.698-10,4%
4260Seat Arona17.08718,9%8.06717,3%
4330Renault Mégane17.004-16,9%8.834-21,7%
4443Lada Vesta16.9593,3%8.8451,4%
4595Audi Q316.63376,1%8.76562,2%
4627Opel Astra16.493-28,2%9.259-9,6%
4772Opel Grandland X16.46333,7%7.63322,3%
4829Audi A316.249-25,6%7.613-30,2%
4949Skoda Kodiaq16.0601,6%7.452-7,1%
5058Toyota Aygo15.6227,9%7.1666,4%