Europe best selling cars. The top 100

Europe best selling cars

Europe best selling cars ranking in July within 44 markets in the continent, from Portugal to Russia. The Volkswagen Golf is on top, followed by the Renault Clio and the Volkswagen Polo. The Citroen C3 gains 2 positions, while Dacia Sandero Jumps in 5th place.


Economic Environment

Eurozone economic growth is expected to have lost steam in the second quarter, after a healthy expansion at the start of the year. The latest data continues to point to a two-speed economy, with lingering weakness in the manufacturing sector contrasting relatively robust services sector activity.

The manufacturing PMI recorded its worst quarter since Q1 2013 in Q2, and a sharp downturn in industry confidence caused economic sentiment to fall to a near three-year low in June. However, the unemployment rate fell to a new over one-decade low in May and the services business activity index rose to a seven-month high in June.


Best Sellers

As far as the best selling cars ranking within the entire continents (44 markets from Portugal to those in the East, like Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Moldova) in February was dominated again – for the 44th year in a string – by the Volkswagen Golf.

Indeed, the Volkswagen Golf is the market leader with 282.415 (-15.9%) sales.

In second place the Renault Clio with 227.620 units (-3.6%). Launched in the 1990, actually is in the fourth generation, launched in 2012.

In third place the Volkswagen Polo with 175.140 (-13.4%). With more than 14 million units sold, it is one of the world’s most successful compact cars ever and actually the best seller. The sixth generation was launched in late 2017, with new exterior design, noticeably more spacious interior that has also been redesigned down to the last detail, new cockpit layout structured for the digital world, efficient TSI (petrol), TGI (natural gas) and TDI (diesel) engines as well as an array of assistance systems which previously was only familiar in larger Volkswagen cars.

In fourth place the Volkswagen Tiguan – up 1 spot – with 160.452 (-7.5%) followed by the Dacia Sandero with 150.154 (+7.1%), the Ford Focus with 149.357 (+7.5%) and the Citroen C3  with 149.344 (+2.5%).

In eight place the Peugeot 208 with 148.017 (-2.5%) followed by the Opel Corsa with 146.583 (+7%) and in 10th place Ford Fiesta with 146.445 (-19.5%).

The first Fiat vehicle in the ranking is the Panda, currently taking the 18th position.


Source of Data

Data are sourced by the Mobility Database, feed on daily basis aggregating data from all National Car Maker Associations or Dealers Associations, including, for the European Community, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

This report combined car passenger’s actual sales data for the 28 countries of European Community plus the 3 E.F.T.A. (Norway, Iceland and Switzerland) plus East and South European countries like Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Moldova, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, and Albania.



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Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelSales YTD July 2019Sales July 2019'+/- YTD 2019'+/-July 2019
11Volkswagen Golf282.41536.581-15,9%-14,0%
22Renault Clio227.62124.896-3,6%-17,5%
33Volkswagen Polo175.14021.573-13,4%-18,7%
45Volkswagen Tiguan160.45225.266-7,5%3,8%
510Dacia Sandero150.15422.7967,1%19,3%
615Ford Focus149.35817.5047,5%35,0%
79Citroen C3149.34416.2432,5%2,5%
87Peugeot 208148.01717.416-2,5%3,4%
911Opel Corsa146.58420.1437,0%27,9%
104Ford Fiesta146.44618.486-19,5%-18,2%
116Nissan Qashqai145.82920.607-13,4%-10,6%
128Skoda Octavia144.22219.981-4,2%6,6%
1316Dacia Duster139.88118.02015,2%8,4%
1412Renault Captur139.69917.061-2,0%-9,7%
1513Toyota Yaris134.22916.202-0,7%-12,2%
1630volkswagen T-Roc130.13216.90057,7%19,6%
1714Peugeot 3008129.49517.586-3,4%-4,3%
1821Fiat Panda121.63114.76815,0%19,7%
1933Mercedes A Class113.25914.70856,6%79,2%
2023Fiat 500108.40311.854-3,7%-1,7%
2119Peugeot 2008106.64913.568-5,6%-1,5%
2218Skoda Fabia105.59115.868-7,7%11,8%
2324Mercedes C Class96.23010.516-3,7%9,2%
2420Renault Mégane95.28012.832-17,1%-23,4%
2522Opel Astra95.21713.791-12,8%-4,0%
2626Peugeot 30892.13911.880-8,8%-2,4%
2727Seat Leon90.29514.875-8,7%-1,5%
2817Volkswagen Passat90.11314.495-27,2%-19,2%
2928Hyundai Tucson88.88612.966-4,0%-3,5%
3025Ford Kuga86.04713.919-17,1%14,1%
3129Audi A385.55112.408-10,2%-9,6%
3231Toyota C-HR79.51410.669-3,0%-8,9%
3343Ford Ecosport75.13911.23915,4%0,6%
3438Volkswagen Caddy73.46313.746-2,0%33,9%
3634Kia Sportage71.24410.048-12,2%6,6%
3739Audi A470.0789.705-21,1%-29,0%
3857Opel Crossland X69.3339.17221,1%18,8%
39139Toyota Corolla69.05813.259187,9%207,3%
4040BMW X168.9027.418-2,8%-2,9%
4150Fiat Ducato68.6358.506-8,2%0,4%
4249BMW 3 Series68.4618.0753,6%37,9%
4346Renault Kadjar68.4479.178-3,9%-5,8%
4435BMW 1 Series68.4137.778-6,0%-8,1%
4561Seat Arona65.38310.45625,3%9,7%
4642Citroen Berlingo64.7957.945-4,7%-6,3%
4736Mercedes E Class64.6498.196-14,7%-5,6%
4837Mercedes GLC64.0008.100-16,2%-19,5%
4956Citroen C3 Aircross63.9747.99510,9%-3,9%
5048Volkswagen Transporter63.6288.089-5,8%-18,1%
5167Skoda Karoq63.5309.39132,6%29,2%
5286Hyundai Kona63.3858.26062,6%20,5%
5347Seat Ibiza63.2069.112-15,3%-3,9%
5454Fiat 500x61.2908.880-10,0%-10,4%
5559Toyota Aygo61.2717.0074,3%7,2%
5641Opel Mokka59.3546.426-22,0%-6,6%
5752Hyundai i2057.6619.444-17,2%8,0%
5853Fiat Tipo57.5098.218-22,1%-27,8%
5963Ford Transit Custom56.8446.09315,4%8,8%
6044BMW 5 Series55.9656.701-16,3%-12,2%
6199Audi Q355.4889.04220,1%24,8%
6285Kia Cee’d55.3088.50120,9%26,8%
6355Volkswagen Up!54.7707.400-10,8%-12,9%
6451Peugeot Partner54.6367.385-14,7%-19,1%
6578Audi A653.6178.0919,8%7,1%
6682Opel Grandland X53.6077.10718,9%12,4%
6788Toyota RAV453.4467.52917,9%21,9%
6883Seat Ateca52.9057.97920,3%14,2%
6973Jeep Renegade52.0587.4549,8%19,8%
7058Renault Scénic51.9216.218-19,6%-17,5%
7160Volkswagen Touran51.5977.078-18,2%-14,8%
7277Audi A151.3415.963-1,4%-20,4%
7362Renault Twingo49.8435.049-7,2%-13,2%
7470Audi Q249.3846.530-4,1%-10,5%
7597Ford Transit49.3585.28529,3%4,7%
7681Suzuki Vitara49.0688.0814,2%37,2%
7775Mercedes Sprinter47.4275.60818,1%16,8%
7866Hyundai i3047.4068.003-4,4%13,6%
7971Kia Picanto47.0206.2413,1%-13,3%
8064Hyundai i1047.0106.635-8,1%8,9%
8195Skoda Kodiaq45.7857.5668,6%53,6%
82101BMW X345.6765.52545,5%-1,4%
8365Volvo XC6044.6726.123-10,7%-1,0%
8468Skoda Superb43.9306.288-13,3%-4,1%
8569Nissan Micra43.8615.352-18,0%-1,7%
8680Mercedes GLA43.6936.1997,3%20,7%
87102Mercedes B Class43.0306.95510,0%66,2%
8872Peugeot 500842.2097.220-13,9%3,5%
89134Volvo XC4041.7785.373127,8%13,5%
9079Jeep Compass41.4696.444-10,2%-10,4%
91100Mazda CX-340.9214.48920,4%5,3%
9276BMW 2 Series39.9405.725-11,1%1,1%
93118Lancia Ypsilon39.1004.31927,3%24,9%
94111Suzuki Swift38.5825.05419,2%-2,9%
9589Nissan Juke38.3994.446-14,9%-15,5%
9684Renault Master38.3494.858-9,7%-11,4%
97723Tesla Model 338.2262.387
9874Renault Kangoo Express37.4795.938-13,3%-16,6%
9990Audi Q537.3795.550-19,5%-21,2%
10096Smart Fortwo37.2605.368-2,2%-9,9%