Europe best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2018

Europe best selling cars Ford-Fiesta-2017

Europe best selling cars ranking in January 2018 with no one Opel and Fiat within the top 10 after decades. Behind the Golf, the new Volkswagen Polo and Ford Fiesta on podium while the Volkswagen Tiguan is the best SUV.

A preliminary estimate of GDP revealed that European economy growth remained buoyant in the third quarter of 2017, on the back of solid activity in the region’s major players. Although a breakdown of components is not yet available, the region’s drivers are expected to have been largely unchanged, with tailwinds from high sentiment, accommodative monetary policy and a favorable external backdrop fueling both domestic demand and the external sector. Early data for the fourth quarter points to another period of strong growth.

European best car passenger’s ranking at the end of 2017 was almost in line with the full year 2016 ranking, with only two new nameplates entered within the Top 100, represented by the compact SUV made by Toyota, the C-HR (52nd) and the Audi Q2 (86th).

The start of the new year had been positive in the entire European continent, with sales growing almost in all countries from Portugal to Russia. Reading our reports you can check single market and discover same negative performance, like in Norway (-29%) or UK, but the overall trend unchanged and is still positive, with Russian recovery now as additional growing factor.

As far as top seller models among car passengers’, the 2018 is the 44th year on which this region will be dominated by the Volkswagen Golf. We can d this statement without risk, as the german icon ended the 2017 with over 180.000 units of gap over the second.

Indeed in January, Volkswagen Golf have been 45.093 (+16.1%) with an advantage of 18.000 units over the second, the Volkswagen Polo, up 1 spot from full year 2017, benefit from last generation launch with 27.268 sales (+4.9%).

In third place and up 2 spots,the Ford Fiesta thanks to the last generation launch with 26.727 sales (+3.9%) overtaking the Renault Clio, actually fourth with 25.507 units (-4.0%).

In fifth place the new leader in the SUV segment, the Volkswagen Tiguan, up 1 spot, with 23.958 sales (+1.6%) ahead of the Skoda Octavia with 22.159 (+6.8%) and the Nissan Qashqai with 21.708 (+2.3%).

In eight place the Peugeot 208 with 21.495 (+5.8%) followed by the Ford Focus with 19.435 (+7.5%), and in 10th place the Toyota Yaris with 18.812 units (+17.3%).

After decades there is not an Opel within the Top 10, first effect of new policy applied by P.S.A. after the take over of the brand. The first Opel ranks 14th and is the Corsa. However, Fiat is without this status ince time and the best Italian model in Europe is the Fiat Panda, only 19th.

Source of Data

Data are sourced by the Mobility Database, feed on daily basis aggregating data from all National Car Maker Associations or Dealers Associations, including, for the European Community, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Data combined the 28 countries of European Community plus the 3 E.F.T.A. (Norway, Iceland and Switzerland) plus East and South European countries like Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Moldova, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, and Albania.


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Rank JanRank FY 2017ModelSales JanVariation Jan
11Volkswagen Golf45.09316,1%
23Volkswagen Polo27.2684,9%
35Ford Fiesta26.7273,9%
42Renault Clio25.507-4,0%
56Volkswagen Tiguan23.9581,6%
67Skoda Octavia22.1596,8%
74Nissan Qashqai21.7082,3%
89Peugeot 20821.4955,8%
98Ford Focus19.4357,5%
1020Toyota Yaris18.81217,3%
1114Citroen C318.4397,7%
1216Volkswagen Passat17.1840,4%
1326Peugeot 300816.41129,5%
1411Opel Corsa16.164-19,0%
1513Dacia Sandero16.1461,9%
1610Opel Astra15.668-26,9%
1712Renault Captur15.08321,9%
1827Dacia Duster14.85631,7%
1917Fiat Panda14.822-17,3%
2018Mercedes C Class14.505-9,7%
2121Peugeot 200814.472-0,6%
2219Skoda Fabia14.2682,4%
2315Renault Mégane13.9184,1%
2428Kia Sportage13.701-4,9%
2523Fiat 50013.623-12,8%
2624Hyundai Tucson13.504-1,6%
2725Audi A313.390-6,5%
2830Peugeot 30813.1530,1%
2929Ford Kuga12.42326,0%
3054Toyota C-HR12.09350,6%
3135BMW 1 Series12.05326,8%
3232Opel Mokka11.994-8,0%
3322Kia Rio11.9483,6%
3433Audi A411.8558,6%
3531Seat Leon11.75515,9%
3636Mercedes E Class10.2717,3%
3746Toyota Auris10.2285,8%
3834Mercedes A Class10.22410,3%
3952Fiat 500x9.67240,6%
4053Volkswagen Up!9.56911,6%
4138Seat Ibiza9.5584,6%
4239Fiat Tipo9.5373,3%
4347Mercedes GLC9.37521,0%
4442BMW X19.243-20,6%
4541BMW 3 Series8.99515,1%
4651Toyota RAV48.91210,9%
4740Hyundai i208.9116,4%
4843Renault Kadjar8.8018,7%
5044BMW 5 Series8.19938,9%
5145Volkswagen Touran8.002-8,2%
5249Skoda Rapid7.9662,5%
5359Nissan Micra7.87942,3%
54volkswagen T-Roc7.869
5564Toyota Aygo7.847-3,1%
5662Kia Cee’d7.84222,1%
5770Mazda CX-57.76836,7%
5860Audi A67.41916,8%
5958Skoda Superb7.3010,6%
6061Nissan Juke7.044-20,7%
6155Nissan X-Trail6.98711,8%
62Opel Crossland X6.984
6357Hyundai i106.8088,7%
6472Lada Vesta6.76963,8%
6550Volvo XC606.3730,6%
6668Hyundai i306.3232,0%
6748Renault Scénic6.282-1,9%
6880Ford C-max6.246-6,1%
6965BMW 2 Series6.233-4,0%
7066Citroen C4 Picasso6.075-1,5%
7187Kia Picanto6.01611,3%
7269Audi Q35.968-11,0%
7371Renault Twingo5.94526,6%
7475Jeep Renegade5.8424,0%
75106Peugeot 50085.646278,7%
7677Audi Q55.625-21,8%
7767Suzuki Vitara5.591-4,0%
78Citroen C3 Aircross5.574
7988Ford Mondeo5.5114,7%
8094Peugeot 1085.5038,1%
8176Mercedes GLA5.47910,5%
8256Lada Granta5.38814,5%
8379Fiat 500L5.3730,9%
8463Audi A15.353-2,7%
8573Opel Insignia5.30435,1%
86214Jeep Compass5.253
8784BMW 4 Series5.206-4,5%
8874Audi Q25.13632,4%
8982Ford Ecosport5.076-16,3%
9085Mercedes CLA5.0157,2%
9196Citroen C14.9833,2%
9281Volvo V404.909-3,6%
9378Seat Ateca4.867-8,8%
94Opel Grandland X4.617
9589Smart Fortwo4.494-1,0%
9690Land Rover Range Rover Evoque4.397-7,9%
9798Audi A54.3780,6%
9891Citroen C4 Cactus4.365-17,0%
9986Mercedes B Class4.342-8,6%
10095Citroen C44.290-10,2%



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