Europe best selling cars. The top 100

Europe best selling cars

Europe best selling cars ranking in February within 44 markets in the continent, from Portugal to Russia. The Volkswagen Golf is again the best-selling car, followed by the Renault Clio and the Volkswagen Polo. The Nissan Qashqai falls at the edge of the Top 10.

Economic Environment

Eurozone economy remained stuck in a low gear in the fourth quarter. Growth was unchanged from Q3’s pace, which had marked the slowest expansion in over four years. While a detailed breakdown of the drivers is not yet available, soft domestic dynamics likely hobbled the economy amid a downturn in the industrial sector and deteriorating confidence.

Economic sentiment dropped to an over two-year low in January, and the manufacturing PMI fell into contractionary territory in February for the first time since June 2013. A high degree of uncertainty also continues to plague the growth environment.

Best Sellers

As far as the best selling cars ranking within the entire continents (44 markets from Portugal to those in the East, like Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Moldova) in February was dominated again – for the 44th year in a string – by the Volkswagen Golf.

Indeed, the Volkswagen Golf is the market leader with 73.225 (-17%) sales.

In second place the Renault Clio with 50.632 units (-3.7%). Launched in the 1990, actually is in the fourth generation, launched in 2012.

In third place the Volkswagen Polo with 48.626 (+9.1%). With more than 14 million units sold, it is one of the world’s most successful compact cars ever and actually the best seller. The sixth generation was launched in late 2017, with new exterior design, noticeably more spacious interior that has also been redesigned down to the last detail, new cockpit layout structured for the digital world, efficient TSI (petrol), TGI (natural gas) and TDI (diesel) engines as well as an array of assistance systems which previously was only familiar in larger Volkswagen cars.

In fourth place the Volkswagen Tiguan with 39.098 (-3.2%) followed by the Skoda Octavia with 38.878 (-7.9%), the Citroen C3 with 38.071 (-3.6%) and the Peugeot 208 with 38.036 (-7.5%).

In eight place the Ford Focus with 36.624 (+6.1%) followed by the Toyota Yaris with 36.387 (+2.4%) and in 10th place Nissan Qashqai with 36.214 (-13.3%).

Opel is at the end of the Top 10, first effect of new policy applied by P.S.A. after the brand acquisition. However, Fiat is without this status since time and the best Italian model in Europe is the Panda, despite being now very close to the Top 10, ranking 13th.

Source of Data

Data are sourced by the Mobility Database, feed on daily basis aggregating data from all National Car Maker Associations or Dealers Associations, including, for the European Community, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

This report combined car passenger’s actual sales data for the 28 countries of European Community plus the 3 E.F.T.A. (Norway, Iceland and Switzerland) plus East and South European countries like Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Moldova, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, and Albania.


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Rank 2018Rank 2017ModelSales 2018Sales 2017'+/- 2018
11Volkswagen Golf502.752551.282-8,8%
22Renault Clio365.508368.242-0,7%
33Volkswagen Polo313.449297.6905,3%
45Ford Fiesta274.455261.5514,9%
57Volkswagen Tiguan258.491246.6204,8%
64Nissan Qashqai252.705271.620-7,0%
78Skoda Octavia240.645242.958-1,0%
86Peugeot 208235.357248.237-5,2%
913Dacia Sandero225.261217.2463,7%
109Opel Corsa222.953241.595-7,7%
1115Citroen C3222.686212.0375,0%
1212Renault Captur215.786218.766-1,4%
1317Toyota Yaris214.499202.1246,1%
1423Peugeot 3008210.088175.86419,5%
1511Ford Focus210.083238.409-11,9%
1616Volkswagen Passat193.049210.866-8,4%
1725Dacia Duster192.194166.68315,3%
1821Peugeot 2008179.742182.554-1,5%
1919Skoda Fabia177.979184.902-3,7%
2014Renault Mégane176.276212.045-16,9%
2118Fiat Panda173.152190.306-9,0%
2210Opel Astra168.070241.468-30,4%
2322Fiat 500162.604176.184-7,7%
2428Ford Kuga160.020157.8171,4%
2520Mercedes C Class159.492184.557-13,6%
2626Peugeot 308158.292161.397-1,9%
2731Mercedes A Class155.891145.6297,0%
2824Audi A3150.185171.581-12,5%
2929Seat Leon149.319156.571-4,6%
3027Hyundai Tucson144.393161.237-10,4%
3133BMW 1 Series136.115141.157-3,6%
32265volkswagen T-Roc134.2695.1722496,1%
3344Toyota C-HR133.491115.35115,7%
3530Audi A4129.744151.075-14,1%
3634Kia Sportage126.782136.191-6,9%
3735Mercedes E Class121.460131.023-7,3%
3843Toyota Auris115.745119.165-2,9%
3947Mercedes GLC114.201106.0387,7%
4042BMW X1113.532121.284-6,4%
4138BMW 3 Series113.439124.439-8,8%
4241Renault Kadjar110.334121.537-9,2%
4339Seat Ibiza108.387123.515-12,2%
4440Hyundai i20106.271122.935-13,6%
4537Fiat Tipo106.270126.180-15,8%
4645BMW 5 Series105.803114.247-7,4%
4752Fiat 500x103.17694.0839,7%
4880Ford Ecosport101.92165.42555,8%
4949Volkswagen Up!98.867101.885-3,0%
50109Opel Crossland X95.86940.877134,5%
5148Renault Scénic94.675103.249-8,3%
52176Citroen C3 Aircross93.72816.909454,3%
5356Toyota Aygo90.03685.6105,2%
5446Volkswagen Touran89.516109.239-18,1%
5562Renault Twingo89.09779.58012,0%
5632Opel Mokka83.422143.402-41,8%
5753Nissan Micra83.32993.281-10,7%
5850Volvo XC6081.60498.517-17,2%
5955Skoda Superb81.37290.847-10,4%
6064Hyundai i3080.77078.1563,3%
61227Seat Arona80.6869.009795,6%
6254Hyundai i1077.80692.620-16,0%
6361Audi A677.30780.918-4,5%
6458BMW 2 Series77.29083.828-7,8%
6569Jeep Renegade77.10374.3383,7%
6660Audi Q276.61281.766-6,3%
6757Audi A176.06483.944-9,4%
6899Peugeot 500874.42149.49050,4%
6963Opel Insignia74.39078.521-5,3%
7083Kia Picanto74.33862.46019,0%
7167Seat Ateca74.04076.152-2,8%
7251Nissan Juke73.27395.311-23,1%
73179Jeep Compass73.13116.461344,3%
7466Suzuki Vitara72.97077.546-5,9%
7575Kia Cee’d72.42371.2651,6%
7672Toyota RAV471.70772.159-0,6%
77235Skoda Karoq71.5567.958799,2%
7888Honda Civic71.16660.09218,4%
79205Opel Grandland X70.74012.156481,9%
8068Mercedes GLA70.72675.226-6,0%
8174Audi Q569.31071.515-3,1%
8286Mazda CX-568.41560.32513,4%
8378Skoda Rapid67.81868.699-1,3%
8495Skoda Kodiaq64.52753.89219,7%
8565Audi Q363.42078.044-18,7%
8676Ford C-max63.40870.133-9,6%
8771Nissan X-Trail63.09973.758-14,5%
8882Mercedes B Class62.74564.038-2,0%
8979Mercedes CLA61.39565.983-7,0%
9073Fiat 500L61.29471.578-14,4%
9192Peugeot 10860.43956.4327,1%
9287Smart Fortwo59.88760.200-0,5%
93229Hyundai Kona59.1988.727578,3%
94106BMW X359.11842.46939,2%
9590Citroen C4 Cactus58.37458.3610,0%
9659Citroen C4 Picasso56.85883.143-31,6%
9777Volvo V4056.76468.823-17,5%
9891Ford Mondeo56.06757.303-2,2%
9994Mazda CX-355.72954.3762,5%
10096Citroen C154.45653.8341,2%