1 Year today!

On March 12, 2012, our adventure started and published its first report over a car market. It was a report on Turkey.

In these 365 days, we have published a total of 466 reports covering 70 different car markets and thanks to our correspondents we are actually able to publish 2 reports per day.

Starting from the 59 visits in the first day, we grew up to 1.315 visitors welcomed yesterday, in the 365th day of broadcasting, with a steady increase on traffic and visitors. People have read our reports connecting from 173 different countries, from Samoa Island, to Mauritius or Aruba. Main group of guests arrived from the most developed automotive countries: U.K., Germany, U.S., Italy, and India are the top 5 countries of origin.

Our exclusive reports started to be featured by main automotive media, with Automotive News which in February started publishing our World’s Top 25 Ranking in the Global Monthly magazine.

Today is the world’s leader on providing professional free insights on car markets.

However, not everything is free and we are fast developing our activity providing consultancies and dedicated researches on the automotive sector worldwide.

The first request for researches regarded Europe, while as the demand for our services surged, there was a strong attention also at Middle East, Asean and South American regions.

We have wide space to improve everything and that’s our target in any of the next 365 days.

Thanks for following us!


Carlo Simongini

Founder & Managing Director



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