France. Best selling cars ranking in the 2019

France best selling cars

France best selling cars ranking in the 2019 with on top the Renault Clio and Citroen C3. In third place, the former leader, the Renault Clio, with the fifth generation. The Peugeot 308 declined hitting the worst share out of the last seven years.

The new market leader was the Peugeot 208 with the recent launch of the second generation. After changing the name (number) for 30 years, Peugeot have decided to keep it for the new compact model, which held 4.9% of market share.

In second place place the Citroen C3 with 3.6% of share, the best out of last 9 years.

Launched in the 1990, in third place we find the Renault Clio ,just arrived at the fifth generation having spent almost all his commercial live on top of this market. The new generation starts from a leadership with a market share stable since the 2015 between the 5.5% and 5.8%, aiming to recover in the next year the 7.0% did in the 2013, when the fourth generation was launched. It will be hard because meantime, several new small SUVs have taken space, with 5 out of the top 10 models in their category.

In fifth fourth position, the Peugeot 3008 with 3.4% share, followed by the Dacia Sandero with share stable at the 3.2% record hit last year, ahead of  the Renault Captur with 3.2%, the Peugeot 2008 with 2.9%, the Peugeot 308 with 2.6%, the worst in the last 7 years.

In ninth place the Renault Twingo with 2.4% and in 10th the Renault Mégane with 2.3%.

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Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelSales 20192019 VarDecember SalesDecember var
12Peugeot 2081055893,1%973635,8%
24Citroen C3807573,6%61601,1%
31Renault Clio80079-35,2%2400-77,6%
43Peugeot 300873532-13,3%56740,1%
55Dacia Sandero69343-1,1%651628,6%
66Renault Captur685611,7%45770,0%
77Peugeot 200861738-6,9%40970,0%
818Renault Master61210109,6%414631,5%
98Peugeot 30856435-10,7%3539-17,9%
1010Renault Twingo507249,4%470618,9%
1111Renault Mégane489647,8%410941,1%
129Dacia Duster48957-4,7%425035,1%
1312Citroen C3 Aircross469467,2%3118-13,5%
1416Toyota Yaris4178914,2%393135,2%
1514Renault Kangoo Express39039-3,9%41030,0%
1615Volkswagen Polo389414,4%3899-4,9%
1713Renault Scénic36049-12,8%345520,4%
18200Citroen C5 Aircross346982318,0%36971003,6%
19108Renault Trafic car30885434,2%931263,7%
2023Renault Kadjar289826,6%291035,0%
2117Peugeot 500828669-7,9%269829,7%
2224Opel Corsa276983,8%863-57,8%
2320Fiat 50027155-5,4%234935,2%
2421Renault Clio Van24442-13,3%21100,0%
2528Fiat Ducato24275-3,5%1381-0,1%
2631Citroen Berlingo2420015,8%283081,5%
2727Ford Fiesta24082-4,5%1680-30,6%
2819Peugeot Partner23958-17,5%17550,0%
2925Renault Trafic22575-12,5%24100,0%
3022Volkswagen Golf22375-19,6%1581-30,0%
3138volkswagen T-Roc2232532,1%1991-15,3%
3226Volkswagen Tiguan21799-14,5%1493-24,3%
3332Peugeot 108215883,7%14186,0%
3430Peugeot Expert21102-10,2%21800,0%
3534Citroen C4 Cactus209053,7%1373-14,1%
3629Nissan Qashqai20053-15,5%2282143,5%
3741Mercedes A Class2004629,2%20930,0%
3837Renault Zoe1881710,4%2096-18,1%
3969Citroen C4 Spacetourer1835687,7%1377-27,1%
4033Toyota C-HR16986-15,9%670-58,4%
4143Mini Hatch1688014,3%3587125,0%
4236Citroen C116864-1,1%947-27,9%
4342Fiat 500x161837,5%140912,8%
4445Fiat Panda1587415,1%149023,0%
4540Iveco Daily15692-0,2%7740,0%
4698Peugeot 50815477126,7%134114,4%
4739Citroen Jumpy15450-8,2%870-0,6%
4851Toyota Aygo1530321,3%140417,6%
4944Peugeot 208 Van144202,9%8050,0%
5061DS 7 Crossback1409936,1%126519,9%