Germany best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2017

Germany best selling cars

Germany best selling cars 2017 ranking was dominated for the 42nd year in a row by the Volkswagen Golf, despite losing in double-digit. The last generation Tiguan advanced in second place while Audi Q2 was the best new entrance.

German vehicles market volume record was established in the 2009, but in the recent years the market has steady growth, reporting an increase from the 2.95 million cars sold in the 2013 to the 3.43 million in the 2017 (+2.7% from the previous year), with further expected growth in the current and next year.

As far as model ranking, as for the last 42 years, the best-selling model in Germany was the Volkswagen Golf despite losing, as in the rest of Europe, suffering for the decline of the hatchback segment and the growth of compact SUVs. However, the Queen of German vehicles has been sold in 222.967 units, down 4.6%.

In second place the recently renovated Volkswagen Tiguan, up 5 spots, with 71.437 sales (+11.7%) able to overtake since October two rivals,  the Volkswagen Passat, actually third with 70.176 units (-11.9%) and the Mercedes C Class, actually fourth with 67.053 sales (+1.2%).

In fifth place the Volkswagen Polo with 61.376 sales (-14.8%) followed by the Skoda Octavia with 59.147 units (+0.8%) and the Audi A4 with 56.721 (-7.8%).

In eight place the Opel Astra with 56.327 (-13.6%) followed by the Mercedes E Class, new entry in top 10, up 11 spots, with 52.542 units (+27.1%) and in 10th place by the Volkswagen Touran, the 5th Volkswagen out of top 10, with 52.182 (-0.6%)

In an almost stable ranking, the first new entrance was the Audi Q2, landed in 38th place, while the Seat Ateca ranked 52nd and the Skoda Kodiaq was 65th.

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Rank 2017Rank 2016ModelSales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Volkswagen Golf222.967233.760-4,6%
26Volkswagen Tiguan71.43763.97911,7%
32Volkswagen Passat70.19679.644-11,9%
44Mercedes C Class67.05366.2271,2%
53Volkswagen Polo61.37872.017-14,8%
68Skoda Octavia59.14758.6830,8%
77Audi A456.72161.507-7,8%
85Opel Astra56.32765.173-13,6%
920Mercedes E Class52.54241.34427,1%
1011Volkswagen Touran52.18252.560-0,7%
1110Opel Corsa51.34955.191-7,0%
1212Skoda Fabia49.91749.947-0,1%
1415BMW 1 Series45.69946.632-2,0%
1514Ford Focus45.39147.990-5,4%
169Audi A345.36655.561-18,3%
1716Seat Leon44.94646.010-2,3%
1827BMW 5 Series41.76530.05539,0%
1918Ford Fiesta41.75043.887-4,9%
2021Audi A638.85641.341-6,0%
2123Ford Kuga37.96234.6769,5%
2219BMW 3 Series37.76943.600-13,4%
2313BMW 2 Series37.46449.477-24,3%
2432Mercedes GLC37.23525.95943,4%
2525Opel Mokka35.63132.05211,2%
2622Volkswagen Up!35.60736.000-1,1%
2729BMW X135.01628.40023,3%
2824Mercedes A Class29.25734.270-14,6%
2928Nissan Qashqai26.68228.496-6,4%
3026Mercedes B Class25.31530.350-16,6%
3150Opel Insignia24.33419.65823,8%
3256Dacia Sandero23.99317.72135,4%
3341Seat Ibiza23.89421.53211,0%
3443Renault Captur23.70021.19411,8%
3531Audi Q523.66326.727-11,5%
3634Hyundai Tucson23.64525.494-7,3%
3736Renault Clio23.34024.695-5,5%
38177Audi Q223.1472.205949,8%
3933Smart Fortwo22.83125.768-11,4%
4038Opel Adam22.81723.261-1,9%
4137Skoda Superb22.53824.145-6,7%
4242Hyundai i3022.46021.4714,6%
4346Hyundai i2022.20920.3958,9%
4440Hyundai i1022.00422.0100,0%
4535Audi A121.45825.112-14,6%
4639Mercedes CLA21.27423.088-7,9%
4748Renault Mégane21.14819.8726,4%
4830Audi Q321.02027.169-22,6%
4976Peugeot 20820.62613.39654,0%
5044Audi A519.74320.576-4,0%
5161Mitsubishi Space Star18.96316.23116,8%
52110Seat Ateca18.9366.901174,4%
5360Mazda CX-518.90717.10410,5%
5449Renault Twingo18.82219.853-5,2%
5547Ford C-Max17.40020.369-14,6%
5653BMW 4 Series17.30517.971-3,7%
5751Skoda Rapid17.05918.537-8,0%
5859Mercedes GLA16.97217.308-1,9%
5972Volvo XC6016.41614.24315,3%
6096Citroen C316.3658.44693,8%
6170Mazda CX-316.12314.30512,7%
6255Ford Mondeo16.09917.825-9,7%
6364Dacia Duster15.76515.1933,8%
6445Skoda Yeti15.38520.495-24,9%
65Skoda Kodiaq14.942
6652Kia Sportage14.83618.142-18,2%
6762Opel Zafira14.04815.431-9,0%
6858Fiat 50014.04217.333-19,0%
6989Renault Scénic13.7999.66642,8%
7073BMW X313.56813.756-1,4%
7174Renault Kadjar13.43913.529-0,7%
7279Nissan Micra13.42712.05011,4%
7363Ford S-Max13.32315.337-13,1%
7469Peugeot 200813.13314.455-9,1%
7571Skoda Citigo12.85414.269-9,9%
7682Toyota Aygo12.39011.6226,6%
7768volkswagen Beetle12.36714.678-15,7%
7865Mercedes GLE12.36614.812-16,5%
80Toyota Yaris Hybrid12.243
8186Mitsubishi ASX12.19710.46816,5%
8277Seat Alhambra11.91813.110-9,1%
8375Volkswagen Sharan11.88213.433-11,5%
84120Fiat Tipo11.8046.33086,5%
8566Peugeot 30811.72114.775-20,7%
86Opel Crossland X11.715
8790Ford B-Max10.6089.46212,1%
8888Ford Ecosport10.5939.7278,9%
8983Smart Forfour10.14711.530-12,0%
90104Nissan X-Trail9.8797.42533,1%
9180Kia Cee’d9.81411.907-17,6%
92124Dacia Dokker9.6865.94662,9%
93Toyota C-HR Hybrid9.609
9484Audi Q79.53211.018-13,5%
95173Peugeot 30089.3462.319303,0%
96102Kia Picanto9.0877.59719,6%
9898Porsche Macan8.9218.3486,9%
9987Suzuki Vitara8.7539.736-10,1%
10054Toyota Yaris8.49417.834-52,4%