Germany best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2018

Germany best selling cars

Germany best selling cars ranking in 2018 was dominated for the 43rd year by the Volkswagen Golf with a wide gap over Tiguan, Polo and Passat. The new entry Volkswagen T-Roc ranks 25th, while the Mini gains the 9th position.

In the 2018, the car passenger’s market is moderately negative. Indeed, according to data released by the V.D.A. and the V.D.I.K.  the market fell down 0.2%, closing the year with 3.433.843 units sold. The market has been largely affected by the deadline of September 1st for introduction of WLTP emission standard, moving up and down the registrations data in single Q3 months. In fact, the positive pre-WLTP period was followed huge falls in September and October.

As far as model ranking, the story to tell starts from second place as the throne is reserved, as in the previous 42 years, for the Volkswagen Golf. Sales in the 2018 had a wide gap over all other models, as Golf was sold in 211.512 units (-7.3%).

In second place the Volkswagen Tiguan with 74.749 sales (+4.6%) followed by the Volkswagen Polo with 70.488 (+14.8%).

In fourth place the Volkswagen Passat with 70.007 (-3.3%) ahead of the Mercedes C Class with 62.784 (-6.4%), the Skoda Octavia with 58.444 (-1.2%) and the Audi A4 with 53.340 (-10.3%).

In eight place the Mercedes E Class with 51.175 units (-2.6%) followed by the Mini with 50.494 (+9.3%) and in 10th place the Ford Focus with 49.279 (+8.6%).

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Rank 2018Rank 2017ModelSales 2018Sales 2017'+/- 2018
11Volkswagen Golf211.512228.227-7,3%
23Volkswagen Tiguan74.74971.4374,6%
35Volkswagen Polo70.48861.37814,8%
42Volkswagen Passat70.00772.430-3,3%
54Mercedes C Class62.78467.053-6,4%
67Skoda Octavia58.44459.147-1,2%
76Audi A453.34059.469-10,3%
89Mercedes E Class51.17552.542-2,6%
1016Ford Focus49.27945.3918,6%
1111Opel Corsa47.84851.349-6,8%
1219Ford Fiesta47.22441.75013,1%
138Opel Astra45.93256.327-18,5%
1413Audi A345.90149.820-7,9%
1512Skoda Fabia44.90049.917-10,1%
1615BMW 1 Series44.14345.699-3,4%
1717Seat Leon43.04544.946-4,2%
1810Volkswagen Touran42.62352.182-18,3%
1918BMW 5 Series42.35841.7651,4%
2022Ford Kuga42.27637.96211,4%
2120Mercedes GLC40.43839.3972,6%
2224BMW 2 Series38.19037.4641,9%
2321Audi A637.17038.856-4,3%
2425Volkswagen Up!35.40136.685-3,5%
25204volkswagen T-Roc35.2991.8511807,0%
2628Mercedes A Class35.25229.25720,5%
2723BMW 3 Series34.51437.769-8,6%
2827BMW X131.52135.016-10,0%
2930Smart Fortwo27.40525.8186,1%
3033Dacia Sandero25.10923.9934,7%
3131Mercedes B Class24.84825.315-1,8%
3232Opel Insignia24.75524.3341,7%
3337Hyundai Tucson24.05523.6451,7%
3450Toyota Yaris23.91420.73715,3%
3535Renault Captur23.83423.7000,6%
3638Renault Clio23.57523.3401,0%
3726Opel Mokka22.79035.631-36,0%
3864Dacia Duster22.66415.76543,8%
3943Hyundai i2022.55922.2091,6%
4040Opel Adam22.29722.817-2,3%
4189Opel Crossland X22.21711.71589,6%
4229Nissan Qashqai22.14326.682-17,0%
43239Seat Arona22.0538872386,2%
4442Hyundai i3022.04422.460-1,9%
4561Citroen C321.84416.36533,5%
4692Ford Ecosport21.68410.593104,7%
47184Skoda Karoq21.0542.332802,8%
4836Audi Q520.95823.663-11,4%
4971BMW X320.87713.56853,9%
5039Audi Q220.86523.147-9,9%
5152Mitsubishi Space Star20.74418.9639,4%
5255Renault Twingo20.40518.8228,4%
5353Seat Ateca20.32518.9367,3%
5441Skoda Superb20.15522.538-10,6%
5554Mazda CX-520.02518.9075,9%
5645Audi A519.82921.671-8,5%
5734Seat Ibiza19.36723.894-18,9%
5866Skoda Kodiaq19.36014.94229,6%
5944Hyundai i1019.23722.004-12,6%
6047Mercedes CLA19.20421.274-9,7%
6156Ford C-max18.86517.8215,9%
6246Audi A117.96521.458-16,3%
6362Mazda CX-316.68816.1233,5%
6448Renault Mégane16.64621.148-21,3%
65172Opel Grandland X16.4093.236407,1%
6678Skoda Citigo16.39812.85427,6%
6758Skoda Rapid16.10617.059-5,6%
6863Ford Mondeo15.93516.099-1,0%
6959Mercedes GLA15.33716.972-9,6%
7060Volvo XC6014.64316.820-12,9%
7180Toyota Aygo14.54412.39017,4%
7249Audi Q314.44221.020-31,3%
7376Peugeot 200814.20913.1338,2%
7472Renault Kadjar14.04313.4394,5%
7590Smart Forfour13.68710.90525,5%
7657BMW 4 Series13.66317.305-21,0%
7777Toyota C-HR13.57313.0534,0%
7867Kia Sportage13.36914.833-9,9%
79227Hyundai Kona13.0261.1411041,6%
8074Toyota Auris12.84413.409-4,2%
8188Peugeot 30812.53211.7216,9%
8270Renault Scénic12.27613.799-11,0%
8469Fiat 50011.71414.042-16,6%
8599Peugeot 300811.7109.34625,3%
8668Opel Zafira11.11514.048-20,9%
8775Ford S-max11.03213.323-17,2%
88101Kia Picanto10.8199.08719,1%
8995Kia Cee’d10.7649.8149,7%
90111Fiat 500x10.7437.67839,9%
9196Dacia Dokker10.7099.68610,6%
9251Peugeot 20810.11820.626-50,9%
9386Volkswagen Sharan9.73611.882-18,1%
94333Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross9.7252440420,8%
9585Seat Alhambra9.43111.918-20,9%
9679Mercedes GLE9.41012.686-25,8%
97286BMW X29.3782443743,4%
98112Porsche 9119.3327.52024,1%
99113Suzuki Ignis9.2777.41025,2%
10084Mitsubishi ASX9.24712.197-24,2%