Germany. Best selling cars ranking in 2020

Germany best selling cars

Germany best selling cars ranking in 2020 is led for the 45th year in a row by the Volkswagen Golf, despite registering a worrying trend (-19.2%). The best performances are scored by the Volkswagen Passat and the BMW 3 Series, landing respectively in 3rd and 7th place.

The largest European car market dominator, the Volkswagen Golf is signing the 45th consecutive year on top, while the eight generation has been just presented. However, the growth of SUV segment reduced the space for hatch versions and the Golf market share is crumbling at 5.1%.

Despite declining 2.6% from the previous year, the Volkswagen Tiguan is currently managing to keep the second spot, ahead of the fast-growing Volkswagen Passat, which has aggressively reached the podium at 2.5%.

The Ford Focus takes the 4th place, surging 16.8%, followed by a disappointing (-30.1%) Volkswagen Polo and the Audi A4.

However, the best performing Top 10 model is the BMW 3 Series, booming 87.9% and landing in 7th position.

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Rank 2020Rank 2019ModelSales YTD 2020+/- YTD 2020February sales+/- February
11Volkswagen Golf24.610-19,2%12.409-22,8%
22Volkswagen Tiguan12.113-5,6%4.990-21,4%
317Volkswagen Passat11.81178,5%5.28287,2%
46Ford Focus10.91616,8%5.412-1,0%
53Volkswagen Polo8.790-30,1%4.365-24,1%
612Audi A48.71315,2%4.0612,8%
726BMW 3 Series8.70887,9%4.36483,8%
810Opel Corsa7.456-3,8%4.228-9,9%
94Mercedes C Class7.266-33,9%3.723-22,0%
108Skoda Octavia7.097-21,0%3.693-14,0%
1118Mercedes GLC6.9025,7%2.864-11,0%
125volkswagen T-Roc6.828-28,3%3.043-37,6%
1316Ford Fiesta6.679-4,8%3.007-23,3%
1420Mercedes A Class6.3267,0%3.55938,2%
1533Seat Leon6.31849,0%3.00836,2%
1614Opel Astra6.063-15,7%3.2638,3%
1713Mercedes E Class6.036-18,3%2.709-29,5%
1945Renault Clio5.43463,1%2.899106,5%
2023BMW 5 Series5.3495,7%2.5511,6%
219Audi A65.266-35,4%2.377-34,7%
2263Mercedes CLA5.16991,4%2.47889,0%
2381Audi Q34.972150,6%2.53272,5%
2422BMW 1 Series4.876-7,0%2.205-9,1%
25220volkswagen T-Cross4.7525557,1%2.1862502,4%
2635Seat Ateca4.66113,1%2.59118,7%
2711Volkswagen Touran4.631-39,7%2.239-36,4%
287Audi A34.564-49,3%2.161-58,3%
2941Opel Grandland X4.54526,4%2.2091,7%
3019Skoda Fabia4.348-31,5%2.126-44,7%
3146Mercedes B Class4.14725,0%1.932-23,1%
3240Skoda Kodiaq3.9538,4%1.9743,7%
3332BMW X13.950-8,2%1.797-11,0%
3449Seat Arona3.94522,9%2.03046,7%
3559Kia Cee’d3.90538,4%2.13956,7%
3628Audi Q53.787-16,2%1.319-34,8%
37262Skoda Kamiq3.7391.978
3838Audi Q23.726-6,7%1.610-12,1%
3927Volkswagen Up!3.714-18,0%1.848-19,7%
4025Skoda Karoq3.666-21,1%2.056-19,8%
4124BMW X33.653-22,0%1.295-33,6%
4250Mitsubishi Space Star3.57211,9%1.855-7,3%
4354Hyundai Kona3.44411,3%1.781-1,0%
4469Seat Ibiza3.38435,3%1.74643,2%
4538Hyundai i303.373-15,5%1.8518,9%
4630BMW 2 Series3.320-23,7%1.755-20,5%
4739Renault Twingo3.237-11,4%1.472-3,0%
4855Renault Captur3.1965,2%1.488-8,0%
4993Renault Zoe3.15099,2%1.35272,9%
5031Ford Ecosport3.116-27,7%1.508-19,4%