Germany. Best selling cars ranking in the 2019

Germany best selling cars

Germany best selling cars ranking in 2019 is dominated for the 44th year by the Volkswagen Golf with a wide gap over Tiguan and the Mercedes C Class, while the Volkswagen Polo is losing terrain in favour of the new entrance, the Volkswagen T-Roc. The Ford Focus is recovering hotting the best share out of the last 8 years.


For the last 44 years the largest car market in Europe was dominated by a single model, the Volkswagen Golf. Today this glorious model is still on top while the next generation the eight has been just presented to the market. However, the growth of SUV segment reduced the space for hatch versions and the Golf market share actually is at 6.1%, down 2.8 points of share since the 2015.

The second brand is actually a SUV – the Volkswagen Tiguan – and is going to hit this year the new record share, with 2.6%.

In third the Mercedes C Class with a stable share near 2.0% followed by the Ford Focus, recovering after recent years decline and actually at the best share out of last 8 years.

In fifth place  the Volkswagen Polo with the lowest share, 1.8%, of this decade, 1.6 points less than in the 2010. It is followed by the new entrance,  the Volkswagen T-Roc with 1.7%, the Skoda Octavia with 1.7%,  the Volkswagen Passat, the Audi A4 and the Opel Corsa.

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Rank 2019Rank 2018 Sales YTD 2019Sales October'+/- YTD 2019'+/- October
11Volkswagen Golf169.13719.436-6,1%12,4%
22Volkswagen Tiguan73.0207.66210,5%40,8%
35Mercedes C Class54.8735.7426,0%8,7%
410Ford Focus51.2824.70524,4%24,0%
53Volkswagen Polo51.2364.298-12,8%-3,3%
625volkswagen T-Roc50.9974.15062,6%93,6%
76Skoda Octavia47.6403.839-5,4%-17,4%
84Volkswagen Passat47.4024.475-21,2%14,1%
97Audi A444.5043.010-8,4%820,5%
1011Opel Corsa44.3453.78710,2%-13,7%
128Mercedes E Class40.0525.775-7,0%36,3%
1323Audi A638.2123.34123,4%54,4%
1413Opel Astra37.9134.434-3,7%4,3%
1514Audi A337.5401.938-6,4%20,8%
1615Skoda Fabia37.3952.849-4,2%6,6%
1726Mercedes A Class37.3424.37037,4%-4,6%
1812Ford Fiesta36.6734.326-8,5%-9,7%
1920Ford Kuga34.9735.035-3,8%49,5%
2018Volkswagen Touran34.5642.844-8,7%185,8%
2117Seat Leon33.4702.601-9,4%-11,5%
2227BMW 3 Series33.0304.42617,2%47,9%
2321Mercedes GLC30.6954.895-9,4%28,9%
2428BMW X130.0272.93415,1%19,5%
2522BMW 2 Series28.4712.718-12,7%-11,0%
2631Mercedes B Class28.2243.14727,1%-1,4%
2719BMW 5 Series27.8103.159-18,5%-12,7%
2847Skoda Karoq26.1912.22346,1%-1,3%
2916BMW 1 Series25.1492.607-29,2%-39,7%
3029Smart Fortwo25.1162.3907,1%-21,3%
3124Volkswagen Up!24.4332.315-21,3%-9,1%
3238Dacia Duster24.1591.29221,0%24,4%
3353Seat Ateca23.7011.94138,0%53,2%
3435Renault Captur23.6032.80917,2%122,9%
3549BMW X323.6012.21349,7%-19,4%
3646Ford Ecosport22.4761.74524,1%-29,5%
3744Hyundai i3022.3392.74626,1%50,8%
3830Dacia Sandero21.5319651,0%-29,8%
3933Hyundai Tucson21.3551.828-0,7%48,1%
4072Audi Q321.2661.82656,8%1213,7%
4158Skoda Kodiaq20.2172.57230,5%279,4%
4243Seat Arona19.4671.8324,1%14,8%
4336Renault Clio19.1921.445-5,1%9,9%
4454Skoda Superb19.1581.86412,3%-6,1%
4579Hyundai Kona18.8962.04978,8%25,2%
4634Toyota Yaris18.5772.016-7,5%4,2%
4741Opel Crossland X18.1891.791-0,3%-1,2%
4889Kia Cee’d18.0032.000100,2%79,9%
4940Opel Adam17.99162,4%-99,8%
5048Audi Q517.9681.737-0,6%92,4%
5151Mitsubishi Space Star17.9381.973-2,7%-30,0%
5239Hyundai i2017.6951.533-6,9%35,7%
5357Seat Ibiza17.6631.7370,4%6,2%
5442Nissan Qashqai17.6151.424-10,5%38,3%
5550Audi Q217.3971.495-5,1%202,6%
56volkswagen T-Cross17.3593.582
5737Opel Mokka16.564433-19,9%-68,4%
5865Opel Grandland X16.4821.32125,2%-16,1%
5955Mazda CX-516.2521.316-3,1%-37,8%
6052Renault Twingo15.9411.768-1,0%30,5%
6184Fiat 50015.8351.30069,8%8,3%
6261Ford C-max15.8341.2542,0%-20,5%
6345Citroen C315.7051.155-16,6%-37,1%
6459Hyundai i1015.4991.605-3,8%-27,4%
6562Audi A115.468963-2,7%54,6%
6663Mazda CX-315.2722.4009,6%51,7%
6732Opel Insignia15.2271.347-29,7%-24,6%
6856Audi A514.831952-21,3%393,3%
6969Mercedes GLA14.5111.45518,3%-40,9%
7068Ford Mondeo13.9028798,8%-28,8%
7160Mercedes CLA13.8892.028-14,7%1,2%
7264Renault Mégane13.4401.183-9,5%99,2%
7375Smart Forfour13.3381.35915,3%-9,5%
7470Volvo XC6013.2881.58622,2%42,6%
7566Skoda Citigo12.742149-6,6%-84,3%
76Toyota Corolla12.4041.953
7787Ford S-max12.24083443,2%-45,3%
7874Renault Kadjar11.900890-0,4%95,2%
7971Toyota Aygo11.6131.125-6,5%-14,3%
80104BMW X511.3231.33357,8%283,0%
8181Peugeot 30811.2941.1244,9%-8,3%
82116Volvo XC4010.650873109,4%-14,2%
8377Toyota C-HR10.634803-8,4%-30,8%
84105Mitsubishi Outlander10.52683847,4%29,3%
8573Peugeot 200810.3561.325-14,1%-4,7%
86102Volkswagen Touareg10.32994562,7%14,8%
8797BMW X210.2091.47149,6%43,2%
8878Kia Sportage9.989918-10,8%-13,0%
8994Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross9.83592327,2%11,1%
9085Peugeot 30089.774942-1,8%-6,4%
9190Fiat 500x9.7684402,0%-12,7%
9291Dacia Dokker9.765289-0,4%-17,9%
93112Toyota RAV49.48560444,3%2,9%
9495Seat Alhambra9.23358519,8%189,6%
95Seat Tarraco8.797840
9676BMW 4 Series8.489551-28,6%-51,1%
98124Renault Zoe8.33045890,7%-24,8%
99138BMW i38.20686198,7%102,1%
10082Renault Scénic8.153620-27,7%19,7%