Ghana 2017. Vehicles sales boomed 33%

Ghanaian vehicles market Nissan-Navara_EnGuard_Concept-2016

Ghanaian vehicles market in the 2017 benefit both from the economic recovery and by the introduction of a recent law limiting the import of used vehicles. Market boomed 33% from the previous year. Nissan was market leader again.

Ghana economy is expected to have kicked into a higher gear in 2017 following a sluggish performance in the previous year. The acceleration was likely driven by increased prices for key commodity exports. In addition, domestic demand is expected to have surged amid a strong rebound in investment and easing inflationary pressures.

Ghanaian vehicles market was changed by the introduction of more severe restriction on used vehicles import boosting the demand for the new vehicles. Indeed the market hit the all time record in the 2013 with 11.788 units before to drop down at only 5.347 two years after, when the market was hit by the effects of economic recession. A recovery is in place, since new vehicles import law (mid 2016) and in the 2017 sales have been 9.150, up a huge 33% from the previous year.

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Brand-wise, the market leader was Nissan with 2.138 sales (+29.7%) followed by Toyota with 1.745 (+82.3%) and Mitsubishi with 969 (+57.6%).

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