Greek Car Market rose 2% in April 2014. Toyota Aygo shines

greek car market

Greek Car Market rose 2% in April 2014 following the robust 17% increase scored in first quarter. This market actually is the World’s 62nd after the vertical drop from over 300.000 annual sales to 60.000 reached in the last two years.

In April 2014 accordingly with data released by the Greek Association of Motor Vehicle Importers Representativestotal new passengers cars soldhave been 5.444, up 2.1% from year ago. Year to date April sales have been 22.051, up 13.2% from year ago.  

Toyota advanced from third place taking the leadership with 770 sales and 14.1% of share, up 4.1 points from March. Year to date Toyota was back the first with 2.628 sales and 11.9% of share, up 0.8 points from last year. Yaris, second in April, is the best-selling model year to date.

Volkswagen was second selling 610 vehicles with share at 11.2%, up 0.1 points from the previous month with cumulate sales at 2.142 and share at 9.7%, down 1.1 points from last year. Polo was third but this month strong sales were on Up! model.

Opel was third with 537 sales and 9.9% of share, up 1.4 from March. Year to date sales were 2.132 with share at 9.7%, up 0.2 points from year ago. The Corsa was the first model sold in the month with 367 retails.

Suzuki posted a great April advancing in fourth place with 354 retails and 6.5% of share, up 1.3 points from the previous month. Year to date it was 8th (from 10th last year) with 1.158 sales and 5.3% of share, up 1.5 points from 2013.

Fiat was fifth with 330 sales and share at 6.1%, up 0.7 points from the previous month with cumulate figures at 1.203 or 5.5% of share, down 0.6 points from last year.

Looking at the best-selling models, Corsa leaded with 367 units ahead of Yaris (300) and Polo (294). Below the podium, Ford Fiesta with 220 units and the star of the month, the Toyota Aygo, advanced in 5th from 29th with 184 units.

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