2013 Hungary car Market at highest in four years. Opel market leader.

December 2013 data have confirmed the recovery of the Hungarian car market that ended the year with the fourth annual increase in a string. Skoda ended the year as leader ahead of Suzuki and Nissan. Opel was the best performer of the year.

Accordingly with data released by the Association of the Hungarian Automotive Industry, in December 2013 the total car passenger’s sold in the country have been 5.026, down 0.4% and breaking a series of 9th year on year increase in a string. The full year sales were 56.118, up 5.8% from 2012, posting the fourth growing year in a row. However, current market volume is still quite below the level achieved ten years ago when market was booming following the entrance in E.C. . The all-time market record was posted in 2006 with 187.676 sales.

Looking at top brands performance:

Skoda was first despite declining share, selling 447 cars or 8.9% of total, down 1.1 points of share from the previous month. In the entire year Skoda ranked second with 5.958 sales and 10.6% of share, up 0.5 points from last year and 1.8 from 2011.

Suzuki soared in second with 438 sales and 8.7% of share, up 2.6 points from the previous month. In the year. Suzuki ranked 5th with 3.941 retails and 7.0% of share, up 0.8 points from 2012 and 4.2 from 2011.

Nissan jumped in third, up 8 spots, with 424 retails and 8.4% of share, up 3.5 points from November. Full Year Nissan was 11th with 4.3% of share, down 0.1 points from last year.

Opel fell in 4th with 385 sales and 7.7% of share, down 3.3 points from the previous month. However, Opel ended the year as market leader with 5.539 sales and 11.0% of share, down 2.5 points from last year.

Ford rolled back in 5th place with 320 retails and 6.4% of share, down 5.3 points from November. Full Year Ford was third with5.539 sales and 9.9% of share, up 0.1 points from last year.

In the table below, the Top 25 brands ordered for year-to-date position:

Rank DecRank 2013DecSales 2013Share 2011Share 2012Share H1Nov 2013Dec 2013Share 2013

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