Hungary Car Market kept growing in Q3 2014 with speed near 20%.

Hungary Car Market

Hungary Car Market kept growing in Q3 2014 with speed near 20% and achieving the 9th year over year growth in a string while Volkswagen has lost terrain and Opel was the fastest growing brand. All statistics inside.

In September 2014 according to data released by MGSZ – Magyar Gépjármű Szövetség, the Hungarian Associations of Car Manufacturers, total new Car Passengers sold in Hungary have been 5.482, up 17.2% compared with the correspondent month last year.

The entire Q3 2014 has been almost positive with July and August posting a y.o.y. performance respectively of +21.7% and +14.4%. So the last was the 9th consecutive growing month in a series.

Year-to-date September sales in Hungary have been 49.363, up 20.3% compared with the correspondent period last year.

Focus2move full year 2014 Car Market volume projection was increased at 66.000 representing a 17.6% up versus 2013.

Ford took the leadership with 797 sales in September and 6.553 year to date with share respectively at 14.5% and 13.3%, with sales volume up 81.1% compared with last year.

Immediately behind, Opel was growing with September sales at 751, up 34.6% and was continuing to maintain first ranking place on full year market share with 14.9% year-to-date.

Skoda with 506 registrations in September (+3.5%) has overtaken Volkswagen on third step of the podium that has lost two places in the ranking also terrain versus Suzuki (+6.5%)

In September great performances have been posted by Citroen (6th with 293 sales, + 285.7%), Kia (7th with 267 units, +55.2%) and Peugeot (13th with 172 sales, +244%).

Looking at the recently introduced report on Car Groups, the unrivalled leader was Volkswagen Group with 44.6% market share and triple volume respect second group that was Hyundai-Kia with 15.2% followed by Renault-Nissan at 8.1%.

As far as model ranking report, the Skoda Octavia was again on top with 247 sales (+14.7%) ahead of Suzuki Swift with 247 that has registered a fantastic +91.5 vs. 2013 and Ford Focus with 235 sales.

Among the fastest growing models there was the Ford Mondeo (6th with 163 units, +171.7%) with Skoda Rapid, Fiat 500 and Ford Fiesta.

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank SepRank YtdBrandSales SepYtd SepSep YoY VarShare I HalfShare AugShare SepShare Ytd

Rank SepRank YtdGroupSales SepSales YtdSep YoY Var.Share I HalfShare AugShare SepShare Ytd
22No Group1.0029.0339,9%15,2%18,8%15,5%15,4%

Rank SepRank YtdModelSales SepSales YtDSep YoY Var.Share I HalfShare AugShare SepShare YTD
11Skoda Octavia2972.94814,7%6,5%4,7%5,4%6,0%
27Suzuki Swift2471.31491,5%2,6%2,3%4,5%2,7%
33Ford Focus2351.79430,6%3,5%5,1%4,3%3,6%
45Dacia Duster1711.59928,2%3,2%3,1%3,1%3,2%
56Volkswagen Golf1661.41422,1%2,9%2,5%3,0%2,9%
611Ford Mondeo163922171,7%1,8%2,3%3,0%1,9%
78Opel Corsa1601.30841,6%2,5%2,7%2,9%2,7%
84Suzuki SX41581.775-32,5%3,8%3,8%2,9%3,6%
918Ford Kuga150713#DIV/0!1,3%1,5%2,7%1,4%
1013Fiat 50014588561,3%1,6%2,6%2,6%1,8%