India new cars sales rose 5% in September scoring the 11th y.o.y growth.

India new cars sales

India new cars sales rose 5% in September scoring the 11th year-on-year growth in a string with two new models, the Hyundai Creta and the Ford Aspire landed immediately on the shoulders of top selling models.

Economic Outlook

India’s economy lost steam in the April to June quarter, slowing to a 7.0% expansion over the same period of the previous year. While the country is outperforming the majority of its regional peers, lackluster private consumption suggests that slack persists.

Moreover, recent data paint a cloudy picture of the economy’s momentum in the third quarter. The services PMI rose in August, but the trade deficit widened in the same month and industrial production lost steam in July. On the political front, the cabinet approved two measures from the budget in September: the sovereign gold bond scheme and the gold monetization scheme.

Both schemes are designed to reduce India’s massive import bill for gold by shifting investment demand away from physical gold. While it is still unclear if the plans are attractive enough to sway households—a gold monetarization plan launched in 1999 was unsuccessful—the schemes could help contain the country’s twin deficits.

Market Outlook

New radical government, elected in May 2014, was welcomed by the automotive sector starting a new positive trend that has anticipated the real economic recovery. Indeed the promised economic growth arrived this year sustaining the consumer’s demand in all sectors including the automotive, albeit reforms announced one years ago are far to be in place.

However, during the first half of the 2015 the market was almost positive albeit a shy +0.5% scored in June, with total sales up 6.3%.

The third quarter started further better, with July up 12.7%, August up 6.2% and September up 4.8% at 232.931 sales.

Consequently, as reported by SIAM, the Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers, and Manufacturers, the total new cars sold during the first nine months of the year had ben 2.042.937, up 6.8% from the correspondent period last year.

Competitive Arena

Maruti kept increasing market share and in September hits the 45.5% with 106.083 sales (+6.8%) followed by Hyundai with 42.505 units (+21.3%) and Honda with 18.50.955 (+23.3%).

After an almost negative first half of the year, Mahindra & Mahindra is now recovering and in September ranked in fourth place with 18.288 sales (-4.6%) ahead of Tata with 11.776 (-1.3%) and Toyota with 11.376 (-9.4%).

Launching the new Aspire, Ford ranked in 7th with 8.296 sales (+22.3%). Ford has kicked off production of the Figo Aspire at the all-new Sanand Vehicle Assembly and Engine Plant in India following a $1billion investment. The new facility doubles Ford’s annual installed capacity in India to 610,000 engines and 440,000 vehicles.

As far as the performance at group level, Maruti Suzuki led with 45.53% of market share ahead of Hyundai Group with 18.2%, Honda with 7.9% and Mahindra with 7.9%.

As far as the best-selling models, the leader was again Maruti Alto with 20.658 sales (+3.8%) followed by the Maruti Dzire with 19.682 (+8.2%) and the Maruti Swift with 18.278 (+5.9%).

The just launched Hyundai Creta was 8th with 7.320 with the Ford Aspire was 20th with 3.596 sales.

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank SepRank 2015BrandSales SepSales YtdVar SepVar YtdShare SepShare Ytd
1818Land Rover3803.39667,0%68,9%0,2%0,2%
Rank SepRank 2015GroupSales SepSales YtdVar SepVar YtdShare SepShare Ytd
44Mahindra Group18.472150.825-4,1%-5,1%7,9%7,4%
1010General Motors2.47828.790-42,0%-37,8%1,1%1,4%
Rank SepRank 2015ModelSales SepYTD SepVar SepVar YTDShare SepShare 2015
11Maruti Alto20.658204.6513,8%6,6%9,28%10,3%
22Maruti Dzire19.682175.9208,2%8,8%8,84%8,9%
33Maruti Swift18.278162.8485,9%4,7%8,21%8,2%
44Maruti Wagon R14.912127.034-4,7%6,7%6,70%6,4%
55Hyundai i2011.70298.61231,4%144,6%5,26%5,0%
66Hyundai i10 Grand11.24184.32854,3%16,3%5,05%4,3%
79Maruti Celerio8.90161.32239,5%17,7%4,00%3,1%
824Hyundai Creta7.32023.1813,29%1,2%
910Maruti Omni6.69459.4420,5%8,3%3,01%3,0%
1012Honda Amaze6.57749.82170,9%-6,9%2,96%2,5%
118Honda City5.70263.18224,0%7,2%2,56%3,2%
127Mahindra Bolero5.58566.285-34,6%-13,8%2,51%3,3%
1313Toyota Innova5.43046.900-7,6%6,3%2,44%2,4%
1414Maruti Eeco5.14244.090-1,2%20,8%2,31%2,2%
1525Honda Jazz4.76219.1782,14%1,0%
1611Hyundai Eon4.60751.624-29,0%-15,0%2,07%2,6%
1716Mahindra Scorpio4.32138.865-28,7%1,6%1,94%2,0%
1817Hyundai Xcent4.22837.395-5,6%-6,7%1,90%1,9%
1937Maruti S-Cross3.6039.7151,62%0,5%
2042Ford Aspire3.5968.7721,62%0,4%
2120Tata Indica/Vista3.34527.00610,8%-6,4%1,50%1,4%
2218Ford Ecosport3.14233.888-30,4%-13,8%1,41%1,7%
2319Mahindra XUV 5003.11027.8862,5%1,6%1,40%1,4%
2422Toyota Etios2.76323.79068,7%20,3%1,24%1,2%
2515Maruti Ertiga2.64142.743-53,4%-7,6%1,19%2,2%
2630Tata Nano2.41516.88941,8%24,5%1,09%0,9%
2727Tata Zest2.16318.877-35,1%214,5%0,97%1,0%
2821Hyundai i101.92526.928-30,3%-0,5%0,87%1,4%
2923Volkswagen Polo1.89623.700-20,6%17,5%0,85%1,2%
3040Ford Figo1.5479.027-6,9%-47,1%0,70%0,5%
3132Toyota Liva1.51516.088-36,8%5,7%0,68%0,8%
3226Tata Indigo/Manza1.47519.173-13,8%-12,6%0,66%1,0%
3328Hyundai Verna1.34118.584-44,0%-34,6%0,60%0,9%
3431Maruti Ritz1.19416.094-55,7%-39,3%0,54%0,8%
3535Volkswagen Vento1.0979.901-24,3%3,2%0,49%0,5%
3634Toyota Fortuner1.08912.972-37,6%2,3%0,49%0,7%
3729Renault Duster1.00918.447-70,4%-39,4%0,45%0,9%
3846Skoda Rapid9488.298-30,1%-6,0%0,43%0,4%
3936Chevrolet Beat8539.733-25,1%-38,5%0,38%0,5%
4044Chevrolet Tavera8418.460-26,8%-21,7%0,38%0,4%

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