Iran 2016. Peugeot boosted the market

Iran Cars Market 2016 Peugeot-5008-2017

Iran Cars Market 2016 grew fast gaining the 15th place in the World ranking with over 1.3 million sales. For Peugeot Iran is the second biggest market aiming to be the first in the 2017. Renault shining.

Iran’s economy expanded at a considerable pace during the first half of SH 2016, which began on 20 March, powered by rising oil production and exports due to the lifting of economic sanctions. However, analysts warned that growth was failing to trickle down to ordinary people, with unemployment rising over the period.

A large fiscal deficit continues to weigh on the state’s ability to support growth, while measures to offset the drop in oil revenues—including higher utility fees and a lower public wage bill—are weighing on household spending.

The automotive sector boomed in the 2016 both in terms of local production and import while the optimistic plans to export local made vehicles failed so far, waiting for the start of Peugeot last models exports.

According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, domestic sales rebounded after years of constraints and in the year hit the 1.3 million, up a huge 27%, lifted by a fourth quarter over and above any observers expectations. Iran now is 15th in the global ranking.

Fully boosting the availability of local facilities Peugeot reinforced the leadership with sales volume up 15.3%, very close to the 0.4 million units, becoming the second market worldwide, not far from the level of France and better than China.

The second was Kia, up 25%, with over 250.000 sales. For the Korean brand this market was the fourth globally in the 2016, just behind China, USA and Korea.

The top local producer followed with Iran Kodro in third, up 5% and Saipa in fourth, up 25%. Renault was 5th jumping up 155%, the best score of the year.

At model wise, albeit the presence of several imported models, just local made, old fashion, models are on top. The leader was again the Kia Pride with 247.000 sales (+21.9%) ahead of the Peugeot 405 with 136.000 (+18.6%) and the Peugeot Pars , best commercial vehicle, with 126.000 (+4.0%).

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Rank 2016 Rank 2015 Model Sales 2016 Sales 2015 2016 Variation
1 1 Kia Pride 247.570 203.046 21,9%
2 3 PEUGEOT 405 136.850 115.355 18,6%
3 2 Peugeot Pars 126.560 121.724 4,0%
4 6 Peugeot 206 sedan 98.864 70.892 39,5%
5 4 Iran Khodro Samand 97.942 84.808 15,5%
6 5 SAIPA TIBA 91.762 74.172 23,7%
7 7 Renault Tondar 72.907 37.274 95,6%
8 8 Peugeot 206 33.026 34.823 -5,2%
9 13 IRAN KHODRO RUNNA 23.845 15.828 50,7%
10 127 ZHONGXING Capra 22.968


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