Israel Car Market rose 6% in April 2014. Toyota outpaced Hyundai.

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Israel Car Market rose 6% in April 2014 following the robust 22% increase score in the first quarter. This market is the World’s 37 and in 2014 is one of the most dynamics with a tough battle for leadership between Hyundai & Toyota.

In April 2014 accordingly with data released by the Israeli Department of Transportation System new light passengers cars sold have been 18.332, up 6.1% from year ago. Year to date April sales have been 90.721, up 20.9% from year ago.  

In April, Toyota outpaced Hyundai taking the leadership with 2.406 sales and 13.1% of share, up 1.8 points from March. Year to date Toyota was second with 10.480 sales and 11.6% of share, up 0.9 points from last year. Corolla keeps gaining terrain over the followers leading the models ranking.

This month Hyundai was second selling 2.054 vehicles with share at 11.2%, down 4.9 points from the previous month with cumulate sales at 11.311 and share at 12.5%, down 2.6 points from last year. Hyundai still is leader in the cumulate ranking but leadership is seriously at risk.

Kia was third with 1.862 sales and 10.2% of share, flat from March. Year to date sales were 8.913 with share at 9.8%, down 0.1 points from year ago. Kia Picanto is not more the leader and ranks second.

Chevrolet posted a great April advancing in fourth place with 1.100 retails and 6.0% of share, up 1.3 points from the previous month. Year to date it was 7th (from 13th last year) with 5.020 sales and 5.5% of share.

Mazda was fifth with 1.071 sales and share at 5.8%, down 0.8 points from the previous month with cumulate figures at 7.043 or 7.8% of share, up 2.8 points from last year.

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