Israel new cars sales up 5% after 9 months. Kia up, Hyundai down.

Israel new cars sales

Israel new cars sales up 5% after 9 months 2015 running towards the new record volume. Kia gained terrain over Toyota and Hyundai while Kia Picanto, Toyota Corolla and Kia Sportage are fighting for the leadership.

Economic Environment

The Israeli economy barely grew in the second quarter as weak global growth and an overvalued currency weighed on the country’s exports.

Moreover, recent data show that the recovery remains fragile. In September, both consumers and businesses were less confident.

Adding to that, in the same month, exports contracted at a double-digit rate and the state of the economy index recorded the smallest gain in over a year. Meanwhile, earlier this month, the government announced that it is seeking a deal to create a free trade zone with the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).

The agreement, which would boost Israel’s trade significantly, is expected to be reached within two years.

Market Outlook

The market runs at the best level ever and in the first half it hit the new record volume for the period with 143.921 units (+5.2% over the previous record scored last year). During the third quarter sales had been very strong in July/August and relly weak in September.

Indeed as released by the Israeli Department of Transportation System, in July figures were 23.486 (+26.7%), in August 21.240 (+15.0%) and in September 14.967 (-20.4%).

During the first nine months of the year, total cars sales had been 203.574, up 5.7% keeping the pace at the record level.

Competitive Arena

Kia is reinforcing the leadership with year-to-date sales at 26.608 (+27.6%) gaining terrain over Hyundai, second with 25.125 (-2.5%) and very weak in September losing over55% from the previous year. Third was Toyota with cumulated sales at 23.561 (+8.9%).

Strong performance are scored by Subaru (11th with 5.890 units, +82.6%) and Peugeot (14th with 4.813, +48.3%)

As far as the groups performance, the dominator is the Hyundai Group that in September scored a share of 22.3%, followed by Toyota  with 14.5% and by Volkswagen with 13.0%.

The best-selling models in September was the Kia Picanto with 888 units (+12.0%) fighting with Toyota Corolla (763, -15.3%) and Kia Sportage (723, +100.3%). Behind the Mitsubishi Outlander with 596 units (+74.8%), the Nissan Micra with 507 (-21.3%), the Hyundai ix35 with 475 (+28.4%) and the Mazda3 with 411 (+2.5%).

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Rank SepRank 2015ModelSales SepYTD SepVar SepVar YTDShare SepShare 2015
12Kia Picanto8889.93612,0%17,0%6,01%4,9%
21Toyota Corolla7639.951-15,3%-12,4%5,16%4,9%
33Kia Sportage7238.731100,3%205,9%4,89%4,3%
410Mitsubishi Outlander5964.07574,8%25,7%4,03%2,0%
512Nissan Micra5073.857-21,3%5,9%3,43%1,9%
65Hyundai i354756.05128,4%45,0%3,21%3,0%
813Suzuki SX43353.706-54,5%-44,2%2,27%1,8%
916Toyota Auris3233.00930,2%57,5%2,18%1,5%
1011Toyota Yaris3084.03418,0%64,5%2,08%2,0%
1122Renault Fluence2982.460-44,3%-22,9%2,02%1,2%
1224Skoda Rapid2752.271103,7%8,8%1,86%1,1%
1323Mitsubishi Space Star2662.40220,4%-22,4%1,80%1,2%
149Hyundai i252574.446-19,7%17,0%1,74%2,2%
157Skoda Octavia2455.824-58,2%9,1%1,66%2,9%
168Mitsubishi Attrage2444.722-23,8%76,7%1,65%2,3%
1731Skoda Fabia2041.81571,4%76,0%1,38%0,9%
1818Subaru Impreza2032.76713,4%15,9%1,37%1,4%
1925Kia Cee’d2002.16041,8%43,5%1,35%1,1%
2022Mazda CX-51982.460-13,5%-22,3%1,34%1,2%
2173Volkswagen Passat1805991025,0%145,5%1,22%0,3%
2221Kia Rio1772.515-49,1%-35,3%1,20%1,2%
2338Toyota RAV41721.40584,9%26,9%1,16%0,7%
246Hyundai i101696.006-76,7%31,4%1,14%3,0%
2537Volkswagen Golf1681.4129,1%5,3%1,14%0,7%
2629Toyota Verso1661.971-12,6%73,7%1,12%1,0%
2727Seat Leon1652.01938,7%79,3%1,12%1,0%
2841Chevrolet Cruze1501.27513,6%-39,6%1,01%0,6%
2929Nissan Qashqai1481.9719,6%27,7%1,00%1,0%
3040Mitsubishi Lancer1461.360217,4%207,0%0,99%0,7%
Rank SepRank 2015GroupSales SepSales YtdVar SepVar YtdShare SepShare Ytd
87General Motors61910.032-50,0%-27,4%4,1%4,9%
1010Fuji Heavy Industries4205.89064,1%82,6%2,8%2,9%
Rank SepRank 2015ModelSales SepYTD SepVar SepShare SepShare 2015
12Kia Picanto8889.93612,0%6,01%4,9%
21Toyota Corolla7639.951-15,3%5,16%4,9%
33Kia Sportage7238.731100,3%4,89%4,3%
410Mitsubishi Outlander5964.07574,8%4,03%2,0%
512Nissan Micra5073.857-21,3%3,43%1,9%
65Hyundai i354756.05128,4%3,21%3,0%
813Suzuki SX43353.706-54,5%2,27%1,8%
916Toyota Auris3233.00930,2%2,18%1,5%
1011Toyota Yaris3084.03418,0%2,08%2,0%
1122Renault Fluence2982.460-44,3%2,02%1,2%
1224Skoda Rapid2752.271103,7%1,86%1,1%
1323Mitsubishi Space Star2662.40220,4%1,80%1,2%
149Hyundai i252574.446-19,7%1,74%2,2%
157Skoda Octavia2455.824-58,2%1,66%2,9%
168Mitsubishi Attrage2444.722-23,8%1,65%2,3%
1731Skoda Fabia2041.81571,4%1,38%0,9%
1818Subaru Impreza2032.76713,4%1,37%1,4%
1925Kia Cee’d2002.16041,8%1,35%1,1%
2022Mazda CX-51982.460-13,5%1,34%1,2%
2173Volkswagen Passat1805991025,0%1,22%0,3%
2221Kia Rio1772.515-49,1%1,20%1,2%
2338Toyota RAV41721.40584,9%1,16%0,7%
246Hyundai i101696.006-76,7%1,14%3,0%
2537Volkswagen Golf1681.4129,1%1,14%0,7%
2629Toyota Verso1661.971-12,6%1,12%1,0%
2727Seat Leon1652.01938,7%1,12%1,0%
2841Chevrolet Cruze1501.27513,6%1,01%0,6%
2929Nissan Qashqai1481.9719,6%1,00%1,0%
3040Mitsubishi Lancer1461.360217,4%0,99%0,7%
3142Peugeot 3011451.247302,8%0,98%0,6%
3336Nissan Juke1371.450-27,9%0,93%0,7%
3519Honda Civic1272.651-47,5%0,86%1,3%
3633Citroen Berlingo1171.67877,3%0,79%0,8%
3726Kia Forte1112.047-70,9%0,75%1,0%
3820Hyundai i201102.593-71,6%0,74%1,3%
3851Toyota Land Cruiser1101.0336,8%0,74%0,5%
3956Volkswagen Polo104861-14,0%0,70%0,4%
4034Subaru XV1011.6110,68%0,8%