Italian Best Selling Cars. The top 50 in the 2019

Italian best selling cars

Italian best selling cars in May shows on top the Fiat Panda, keeping the large gap over the followers, ahead of the Lancia Ypsilon growing double-digit. The Fiat  500 and the Dacia Duster both signed astonishing performances.


Data released by the Italian Minister of Transportation reported that the market has ended with 1918.526 sales. The steady growth of past years has stopped, with a decline of 2.6% in 2018.

The 2019 was no improving, with  the start of the year moderately negative with with January’s sales at 165.536 (-7.8%) and still declining 5.4% in February with 177.847 sales. In March the market kept falling (-9.5%), reaching in the first quarter sales down 6.9% with registrations at 537.821.

April signed the first month of gain during this year. Sales went up 1.6% with 174.904 registrations. In March, the market is slightly down (-1.1%) with 197.876 units, leading to year-to-date registrations a 910.637 (-4.2%).


As far as the best selling car ranking, the 2019 year-to-date market leader is the city-car Fiat Panda with sales at 68.560 (+20.7%) followed by the Lancia Ypsilon with 30.328 (+30.9%) and the Renault Clio – up one spot – with 23.065 (-3.8%).

In fourth place the Citroen C3 with 21.131 (-2.6%) ahead of the Fiat 500X with 21.096 (-17.9%), the Dacia Duster with 20.594 (+56.5%) and the Volkswagen T-Roc with 20.357 (+113.2%).

In eight place  the Fiat 500 with 19.695 (-18.2%) followed by the Volkswagen Polo with 19.350 units (-6.7%) and in 10th place by the Jeep Renegade with 19.123 (-6.3%).


Market Outlook

Having recovered the 1.8-1.9 million level, the mature Italian market has now at the highest level, still far from the record of 2.4 million hit over a decade ago, which looks not been achievable in the next future. Moreover, since March 2019 a new tax system in in place penalizing high emission models and provide little incentive to low emission models (mainly EVs and few Hybrid models) with projected negative impact on the market.

During the 2019-2025 the market will mirror the difficulties of the country, which has lost steam in terms of development, growth, expectations, hope in the future and will marginally benefit from the evolution of technology and environmental rules.

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2019 YTD
May 19
2019 Var
May 19
11Fiat Panda68.56013.73620,7%3,2%
24Lancia Ypsilon30.3286.09030,9%20,2%
32Renault Clio23.0656.421-3,8%9,0%
46Citroen C321.1314.083-2,6%6,7%
53Fiat 500x21.0965.503-17,9%26,3%
621Dacia Duster20.5944.44256,5%83,6%
723volkswagen T-Roc20.3574.021113,2%54,8%
89Fiat 50019.6956.361-18,2%57,8%
97Volkswagen Polo19.3503.085-6,7%-31,8%
105Jeep Renegade19.1235.268-6,3%3,3%
1111Toyota Yaris18.6943.3198,2%7,4%
1212Jeep Compass17.8692.968-4,2%-33,9%
1319Dacia Sandero16.6023.86824,9%11,7%
1414Fiat 500L16.4974.461-22,0%-6,3%
1515Peugeot 20815.7792.882-9,4%-7,7%
1610Ford Fiesta15.0272.843-32,8%-24,0%
178Fiat Tipo14.3222.816-41,5%-36,2%
1813Volkswagen Golf14.1843.541-31,6%-18,3%
1920Ford Ecosport13.8533.07015,6%23,7%
2017Renault Captur13.0452.687-5,1%-19,6%
2118Nissan Qashqai12.8112.395-15,9%-21,5%
2224Opel Corsa12.6452.3938,5%-10,5%
2322Peugeot 300812.3092.11612,1%-15,7%
2425Peugeot 200810.9112.2665,8%32,7%
2516Volkswagen Tiguan10.8452.690-28,8%-15,5%
2629Opel Karl9.9912.70636,1%59,3%
2731Citroen C3 Aircross9.9611.73216,3%-16,9%
2837Opel Crossland X9.5711.91832,9%16,0%
2940Mercedes A Class8.6561.82822,6%40,2%
3044Ford Focus8.3781.96919,9%-7,2%
3127Toyota C-HR8.1441.524-8,2%-30,3%
3236Peugeot 3088.0101.398-4,6%-18,2%
3330Volkswagen Up!7.8511.67410,6%5,5%
3439Renault Kadjar7.7352.02713,1%22,6%
3528Opel Mokka7.5171.691-21,0%-0,1%
3632Ford Kuga7.4271.457-8,2%-11,5%
3734Smart Fortwo6.9041.466-12,3%-11,5%
3853BMW 1 Series6.8871.42438,0%97,2%
3933Alfa Romeo Giulietta6.6422.314-31,9%0,0%
4043Toyota Aygo6.4761.415-3,0%-9,6%
4149Ford Ka+6.2321.1873,8%13,4%
4242Audi A36.0991.303-14,6%-9,3%
4335Hyundai Tucson5.9351.174-17,9%-24,6%
4438Kia Sportage5.6401.358-21,2%0,0%
4568Audi Q35.5501.31932,3%20,0%
4652Hyundai Kona5.5441.20553,7%96,3%
4750Kia Picanto5.4601.14222,3%52,3%
4846BMW X15.3801.086-9,9%0,0%
4945Alfa Romeo Stelvio5.2371.096-20,1%-17,4%