Italy. The best selling cars ranking in the 2019

Italian best selling cars

Italian best-selling cars ranking in again dominated by the Fiat Panda, which in the 2019 is surprisingly recovering terrain, ahead of the last surviving Lancia, the model Ypsilon and the best imported model, the Renault Clio. Huge success found by the last generation of the Dacia Duster while the new entrance on top of the list is the Volkswagen T-Roc.

The best selling car ranking in Italy is dominated by small and medium cars due to the high use of the vehicles in the urban environment. The traditional narrow streets of the italian towns and the difficulties to find parking areas continue to be the first driver for people to prefer small cars. In the last decade,the increased average price and the reduced purchased power have further forced a large part of the population to choose a low-cost car, with the success of brands like Dacia, Kia, Hyundai.

Despite the national brand – Fiat – declines – the best-selling model keep to be the city-car Fiat Panda which has lost terrain in the last decade from a market share of 7.9% in the 2010 to a negative record of 6.0% in the 2018, before to show recovery in the 2019 (6.9%).

Italian best selling cars

In the second place there is the survived model of the glorious but dead italian brand Lancia, the Lancia Ypsilon, which keep to find large lovers among italian female and is almost stable at a market share near 3%.

In third place the Renault Clio, leader among the imported vehicles, with a market share which follows the model age, with a last decade record share of 3.5% in the 2014 and actually penalized by the run-out of the previous version before of the current launch of the last generation.

Launched in the 2014 and produced in the italian plant of Melfi, in Basilicata, the Jeep Renegade ranks in fourth place with a record share of 2.1% ahead of the Fiat 500x one of the few Fiat still produced in Italy, in Melfi on the same Renegade platform, and the Dacia Duster which benefit from the second generation success and is jumping up a record share of 2.1%.

The beautiful Citroen C3 stands in seven place stable with a share in the range of 2.0%, below the share obtained by the previous generation, due to the less space available in the market for hatch models, after the success of small SUVs.

The new entrance on top of the list is the made in Germany Volkswagen T-Roc that is by the Toyota Yaris, leader in the hybrid combustion segment and the Fiat 500, in decline.

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Rank 2019Rank 2018 Sales YTD 2019Sales November'+/- YTD 2019'+/- November
11Fiat Panda127.6081072411,2%-13,3%
24Lancia Ypsilon54.821432024,0%-3,2%
33Fiat 500x39.7623432-15,5%2,9%
421Dacia Duster39.710354058,5%36,8%
55Citroen C339.24932050,9%9,2%
62Renault Clio39.0272309-19,2%-37,8%
77Jeep Renegade38.93123551,1%-34,8%
823volkswagen T-Roc37.497247671,3%54,1%
911Toyota Yaris34.7912885-6,6%-21,7%
108Fiat 50033.8432409-11,6%-3,6%
1118Dacia Sandero32.711220921,9%-36,2%
1212Jeep Compass32.7082289-9,1%-26,0%
1310Volkswagen Polo32.3102419-14,5%4,5%
149Ford Fiesta29.3162902-22,5%27,5%
1515Peugeot 20829.1211350-7,3%-49,2%
1620Ford Ecosport28.75822797,5%2,3%
1719Renault Captur28.36030175,7%45,4%
1814Fiat 500L27.9011849-14,7%63,9%
1913Volkswagen Golf25.6391826-23,7%-38,9%
206Fiat Tipo25.0422322-35,4%41,8%
2117Nissan Qashqai24.2791837-12,2%5,3%
2222Peugeot 300823.32525701,2%23,8%
2316Volkswagen Tiguan22.4801742-21,7%-40,4%
2425Peugeot 200822.04516059,5%-17,0%
2524Opel Corsa21.58011892,9%-32,8%
2630Opel Karl21.39365022,0%-58,1%
27volkswagen T-Cross19.6202938
2835Smart Fortwo19.127429723,3%222,1%
2942Mercedes A Class17.602170334,4%25,7%
3039Opel Crossland X17.355143327,1%15,0%
3133Citroen C3 Aircross17.24412584,9%-18,3%
3231Volkswagen Up!16.62617420,6%-25,2%
3340Renault Kadjar16.251126623,0%16,4%
3443Toyota Aygo15.218193118,8%45,1%
3532Ford Kuga14.9781334-9,1%-5,1%
3644Ford Focus14.916112322,4%-16,9%
3729Toyota C-HR14.5801135-18,2%-32,9%
3836Peugeot 30813.9511192-3,3%12,2%
3948Ford Ka+12.851157825,2%75,3%
4041Audi A312.6321358-4,3%0,0%
4151Kia Picanto11.910113621,0%26,6%
4237Hyundai Tucson11.8991056-17,0%-25,6%
4327Hyundai Kona11.1021203-39,2%-39,6%
4466Audi Q310.944106245,3%254,0%
4446BMW X110.9441126-4,4%-1,7%
4528Opel Mokka10.749123-40,1%-90,9%
4639Kia Sportage10.669990-21,9%0,0%
4745Alfa Romeo Stelvio10.664636-11,6%0,0%
4847Hyundai i1010.3921202-4,0%17,7%
4961Kia Stonic10.00380027,5%0,0%
5056Mini Countryman9.881115915,3%25,7%