Ivory Coast Cars Sales in First Half 2016 moderately down.

Ivory Coast Cars Sales in First Half 2016 renault-duster

Ivory Coast Cars Sales in First Half 2016 moderately down. Renault boomed advancing in second place overtaking Hyundai, thanks to the outstanding performance on the compact SUV Duster.

Market Outlook

Cote d’Ivoire was Africa’s fastest-growing economy in 2015 thanks to solid growth in public investment. The government hopes to keep the momentum going with an ambitious infrastructure program and a series of sweeping reforms. In July 2016, the Ivorian Parliament approved holding a referendum to vote on a new constitution which would remove a controversial nationality clause in the current constitution that contributed to years of unrest and civil war, as well as abolishing other laws that risk generating political instability.

Meantime, the domestic cars market reported a declining trend during the first half of the 2016. In fact in the first trimester grew feeble  while the second quarter was almost negative.

During the first half of the 2016 the total cars passenger had been 4.099, down 1.4% compared  to the same period of the 2015.

Competitive Arena

In the first half of 2016 the market leader was Toyota with 829 units (-19.2%) and 24.6% of market share. Renault was second  with 512 sales, booming 77.8% followed by Hyundai with 507 (-26.4%) and Mitsubishi with 457 (-0.4%).

As far as the Car Groups performance, the leader was Toyota Group with 24.6% of market share, ahead of Renault-Nissan with 20.2%, Hyundai-Kia with 19.9% and Mitsubishi with 13.6%.

The best-selling model was the Toyota Hilux with only 392 units registered (-13.8%) ahead of the Renault Duster with 269 (+153.8%) and in third the Mitsubishi L200 with 230 (-0.4%).

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Rank JuneRank H1 2016BrandSales JuneSales H1 2016Var JuneVar H1 2016Share JuneShare H1 2016
99Great Wall181372,3%-10,2%3,5%4,1%

Rank JuneRank H1 2016GroupSales JuneSales H1 2016Var JuneVar H1 2016Share JuneShare H1 2016
77Great Wall Motors181370.022727272727273-0.102228047182180.0346820809248550.040676959619952

Rank JuneRank H1 2016ModelSales JuneSales H1 2016Var JuneVar H1 2016
11Toyota Hilux46392-37,0%-13,8%
12Renault Duster46269155,6%153,8%
23Mitsubishi L2004223027,3%-0,4%
34Mazda BT-503120655,0%21,2%
45Toyota RAV424147-40,0%-14,5%
46Peugeot 30124136500,0%466,7%
47Ford Ranger24125-14,3%-38,7%
58Hyundai Santa fe16102-27,3%-15,0%
79Great Wall Wingle119522,2%-6,9%
810Mitsubishi Pajero983-59,1%33,9%
611Kia Sportage157387,5%4,3%


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