Kuwait 2014. Vehicles sales hit the All-Time record

Kuwait Vehicle Market

Kuwait Vehicle Market at All-Time record in the 2014, posting the third high in a row albeit this time the growth was really marginal. Toyota gained terrain on top of the list, while Geely is growing fast.

In 2014 according to data released by focus2move Research Team and collected through local sources and Kuwait Authority for Transportation, the total new Light Passengers Vehicles sold have been 159.158, up 2.8% from the previous year.

Last year was the new All-Time record, the third in a row, albeit the marginal improvement on the 2013. Indeed, the slow pace was shown during the entire year giving the impression that the strong growing period has ended its energy and that in the next years market could be flat or down.

Indeed, in the last sixth month the primary source of national income, the export of crud oil, was heavy hit by the drastic reduction of international price and in 2015 Kuwait economy could slow down.

Looking at the competitive arena, the leader Toyota sold 54.777 vehicles, improving in double-digit with market share at 34.4%.

In the podium, second was Nissan with near 18.000 sales and third was Hyundai with over 12.000 units,. However, while Hyundai was flat on 2013, Nissan fell 9.1%.

The fastest growing brand was the Chinese Geely, that started from a low bass, improving over 60% from the previous year.

BMW with 4.463 sales kept leadership among the premium brands ahead of Lexus and Land Rover.

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Rank 2014Rank 2013ModelSales 2014Sales 20132014 Y.o.Y. Var.Share 2014Share 2013
11Toyota Prado15.12115.914-5,0%9,5%10,3%
22Toyota Hilux11.5557.54553,1%7,3%4,9%
35Toyota Camry6.7544.99035,3%4,2%3,2%
44Toyota Corolla6.1895.6599,4%3,9%3,7%
57Nissan Patrol5.3403.43755,4%3,4%2,2%
63Nissan D224.9895.810-14,1%3,1%3,8%
76Toyota Land Cruiser4.7874.01919,1%3,0%2,6%
811Chevrolet Tahoe3.4402.73026,0%2,2%1,8%
910Mitsubishi Lancer3.0592.73212,0%1,9%1,8%
1027Hyundai Santa fe2.6891.36097,7%1,7%0,9%
118Mitsubishi Pajero2.5692.863-10,3%1,6%1,9%
1213Hyundai Tucson2.5362.24712,9%1,6%1,5%
1316Hyundai Accent1.9942.098-5,0%1,3%1,4%
1415Nissan Altima1.9292.195-12,1%1,2%1,4%
1514Hyundai Elantra1.8122.243-19,2%1,1%1,5%
1625Honda Accord1.7381.45319,6%1,1%0,9%
1718GMC Sierra1.6841.962-14,2%1,1%1,3%
1822Toyota Fortuner1.6161.5633,4%1,0%1,0%
1917Dodge Charger1.6022.092-23,4%1,0%1,4%
2035Kia Sportage1.5861.09245,2%1,0%0,7%
2120Kia Optima1.5571.634-4,7%1,0%1,1%
2230Kia Cerato1.5191.29916,9%1,0%0,8%
2331Toyota Aurion1.4931.29415,4%0,9%0,8%
2441Kia Sorento1.42494351,0%0,9%0,6%
2521Lexus ES1.4191.630-12,9%0,9%1,1%