Kuwait Vehicle Sales at highest level ever in First Half 2014.

kuwait vehicle sales

Kuwait Vehicle Sales at highest level ever in First Half 2014 with sales grew in double digit and projecting this year as the third annual record in a row. The market is sustained by strong economic factors and should keep this pace.

In June 2014 according to data released by focus2move Research Team and collected through local sources and Kuwait Authority for Transportation, the total new Light Passengers Vehicles sold have been 12.122, up 1.6% from year ago. In the First Half of the year sales have been 79.692, up 10.1% from year ago.

2014 Kuwait economy is growing fast thanks to oil and constructions sectors with the GDP projected at 5% (it was up 4.5% in 2013), low inflation rate, low unemployment and affordable interest rate.

The pro capita income is growing and the desire for a new vehicle is still strong among the new middle class. The result is the highest first half sales level ever achieved in the market and the projection of the new all-time record for the entire 2014 at 165.000 units, the third record in a row.

Following a relatively weak first quarter, in the second Toyota scored an amazing performance recovering the share lost and ending the first half above 35%, many points of share better than last year.

In second place, Nissan kept its wonderful momentum and enlarged the gap over the others with market share at 12.8%. Behind, there was Kia rushing with a great second quarter gaining the third place (from the 5th last year) few units ahead of Hyundai.

In the battle for premium segment leadership, Lexus kept a wide advantage over the second, the German BMW while the third was Land Rover. Mercedes and Audi are not performing in Kuwait as in the rest of Gulf area.

In the interactive tables below you can sort thru the Best-selling models ranking.

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Rank JuneRank I HalfModelJune 2014I Half 2014June Var YoYI Half Var.Share MayShare JuneShare Ytd
11Toyota Prado1.2649.371125,7%85,6%11,2%10,4%11,8%
22Toyota Hilux9225.746104,4%55,0%9,7%7,6%7,2%
34Toyota Camry6123.02087,7%43,8%5,8%5,1%3,8%
46Toyota Corolla4482.6465,7%20,1%2,7%3,7%3,3%
53Nissan Patrol3303.064166,1%43,0%2,7%2,7%3,9%
67Toyota Land Cruiser3292.41238,2%25,0%3,4%2,7%3,0%
716Kia Sportage209907207,4%81,4%1,2%1,7%1,1%
89Hyundai Santa fe2031.236101,0%113,1%0,8%1,7%1,6%
95Nissan D222002.952-54,3%-13,7%1,5%1,7%3,7%
108Chevrolet Tahoe1981.7652,1%41,5%2,9%1,6%2,2%
1115Honda Accord18493140,5%90,0%1,1%1,5%1,2%
1219Kia Cerato16180569,5%37,6%1,2%1,3%1,0%
1317Hyundai Accent15388384,3%-5,0%1,6%1,3%1,1%
1431BMW 5 Series15252065,2%-23,8%0,6%1,3%0,7%
1512Mitsubishi Pajero144996-25,0%-24,6%1,7%1,2%1,3%
1510Hyundai Tucson1441.206-16,8%10,1%1,5%1,2%1,5%
1533Ford Taurus144512-8,3%20,5%1,0%1,2%0,6%
1613Nissan Altima1349781118,2%-3,1%1,1%1,1%1,2%
1725Toyota Yaris12461117,0%91,5%0,7%1,0%0,8%
1814GMC Sierra123934-17,4%20,4%1,3%1,0%1,2%
1820Toyota Fortuner123744-39,4%-2,7%0,9%1,0%0,9%
1922Kia Sorento120667103,4%48,6%0,9%1,0%0,8%
2035Volkswagen Touareg115488-10,2%-17,7%0,9%0,9%0,6%
2138Hyundai Sonata10947060,3%-33,4%0,7%0,9%0,6%
2227Toyota Aurion108603-4,4%-2,7%0,8%0,9%0,8%
2340Fuso Canter1064610,8%0,9%0,6%
2318Dodge Charger106817-5,4%7,2%0,9%0,9%1,0%
2428GMC Yukon10559161,5%-9,2%0,8%0,9%0,7%
2526Kia Optima104606-37,7%-28,7%0,8%0,9%0,8%

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