Kuwait 2017. Auto sales at third consecutive decline

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Kuwaiti Vehicles Market in 2017 lost for the third year in a string suffering for low oil production and politically instability. The lost of 7.8% was marginally mitigated by year-end rush, before VAT introduction. Toyota is market leader ahead of Mitsubishi and Nissan.

Kuwait’s economy, which has suffered from weaker oil production this year, faces political instability as the year draws to a close. Economy remains in a fragile state, and the weak fiscal position will not be improved by the recent announcement that VAT will be implemented significantly behind schedule due to a lack of technical and logistical preparedness. Growth remains hampered by recently extended OPEC production cuts, although encouragingly the non-oil sector is in better shape; non-oil exports rose sharply year-on-year in Q3. The trade balance also improved in the quarter.

Kuwait vehicles market hit the all-time record in the 2014 with 162.719 sales ending a long positive path. Then, the sudden economic crisis generated by the fall of oil price hit the sector with sales declined for three consecutive years. according to data reported by the Kuwaiti Authority for Transportation in the 2017 light vehicles sales have been 106.913, down 7.8% from the previous year.

  Sales 2012 Sales 2013 Sales 2014 Sales 2015 Sales 2016 Sales 2017 Sales 2018 e
Car+LCV 126.290 154.635 162.719 162.402 115.986 106.913 113.866

  2012 Var 2013 Var 2014 Var 2015 Var 2016 Var 2017 Var 2018 var e
Car+LCV 20,0% 22,4% 5,2% -0,2% -28,6% -7,8% 6,5%

Brand-wise, the leader Toyota has lost 22.4% of volume while Mitsubishi advanced in second growing 19.9%, overtaking Nissan (-15.6%).

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