Latin America best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2019

Latin America best selling cars

Latin America best selling cars in 2019 is dominated by the Chevrolet Onix singing the only double-digit growth within the Top10, together with the Renault Kwid. The Toyota Hilux conquered the third place, outpacing the Nissan Versa which dropped down in 5th position.

Economic Environment

Latin American’s economic growth prospects were chopped for a fifth consecutive month in September, chiefly on deteriorating expectations for Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Peru. Headwinds from global trade tensions, slowing activity in China, downbeat confidence, subdued commodities prices and Argentina’s crisis will limit momentum this year.

Best Selling Cars

As far as the best selling cars ranking, while our report assembly data for 41 countries, this ranking is heavy conditioned by the trend in the top markets (Brazil, Mexico and Argentina), which counts near the half of the regional sales.

The ranking, updated at year-to-date 2019, reports that regional leadership unchanged from the previous with the Chevrolet Onix leader for the fourth year in a string with 182.239 sales (+14%) with a wide gap over all the followers.

The Chevrolet Onix is sold only in this region and in the 2017 ranked as 79th in the focus2move Global Best Selling Cars Ranking. It is a subcompact car launched in the 2012 to succeed Chevrolet Corsa and some versions of Chevrolet Celta. Made in Brazilian plan at Gravataí, is only available with five-door hatchback, two flex-fuel engines (999 cm³ and 78/80 cv, 1,389 cm³ and 98/106 cv), five-speed manual transmission, front-wheel drive. It’s sedan derivative is sold under the name Prisma and distributed in selected markets.

The Ford Ka holds the second place with 113.245 units (-5.8%). The third generation of this city car, produced in Brazil, is available as a five-door hatchback and as a four-door sedan. Launched in the fall of 2014, it was initially only available in Brazil and South America, later being introduced in India, Mexico, South Africa (where it is marketed as the Ford Figo) and in Europe (marketed as Ford Ka+).

In the third place, the Toyota Hilux with 84.711 (-3.1%) ahead of the Volkswagen Gol – up one spot – with 79.418 (-5.5%) and the Nissan Versa with 78.774 sales (-11.5%).

The Renault Kwid ranks 6th with 75.264 units (+26.2%) followed by the Hyundai HB20 with 71.652 sales, the Chevrolet Prisma with 67.736 (-2.4%), the Nissan Kicks with 59.491 (+3.6%) and in the 10th place the Volkswagen Polo with 57.723 (-15.6%).

You can see the previous years ranking here

Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelSales Aug YTD 2019Sales Aug 2019'+/- YTD 2019'+/- Aug 2019
11Chevrolet Onix1822392553314,0%0,7%
22Ford KA11324515122-5,8%-13,9%
34Toyota Hilux8471211397-3,1%-0,2%
45Volkswagen Gol7941811085-5,5%1,0%
53Nissan Versa7877411083-11,5%-9,1%
611Renault Kwid752641017926,2%16,6%
76Hyundai HB207165283310,0%-23,0%
88Chevrolet Prisma677368637-2,4%-1,7%
913Nissan Kicks5949173553,6%-9,8%
109Volkswagen Polo577238404-15,6%-9,6%
1110Toyota Corolla571387552-9,4%-5,5%
127Renault Sandero561127696-19,4%-4,1%
1312Fiat Argo558597387-3,2%-12,4%
1432Toyota Yaris53813644657,6%-10,6%
1518Fiat Strada5364371905,8%5,3%
1625Jeep Renegade53354632024,1%9,2%
1722Chevrolet Beat52524591119,2%23,4%
1815Chevrolet Aveo503465947-8,3%-25,4%
1917Honda HR-V486465802-7,1%-21,7%
2014Nissan March484656278-12,9%-16,2%
2116Nissan NP300476276345-9,6%1,7%
2228Hyundai Creta45466801615,4%26,2%
2320Jeep Compass450586450-0,5%-12,4%
2423Kia Rio4468670081,5%6,7%
2524Fiat Toro4431059022,1%-9,8%
2619Fiat Mobi441356323-9,8%2,6%
2721Ford Ecosport383785091-14,2%-8,5%
2827Renault Duster374043577-6,4%-41,9%
2926Volkswagen Saveiro366265402-11,4%-1,1%
3038Volkswagen Virtus34009487914,8%-9,6%
3129Volkswagen Vento326543645-12,3%-20,7%
3233Ford Ranger321444702-4,6%2,2%
3331Kia Sportage313644047-9,1%-1,7%
3430Renault Logan293283856-20,1%-23,5%
3541Volkswagen Jetta281733525-3,4%-3,5%
3643Renault Captur277083217-0,6%-29,4%
3750Volkswagen Fox/CrossFox2709729795,2%-23,5%
3836Volkswagen Amarok269763445-11,4%-7,8%
3945Honda Civic267532631-1,3%-22,2%
4096Toyota Yaris sedan265512993166,4%4,0%
4137Chevrolet S10259873759-13,9%2,0%
4247Volkswagen Voyage248123473-7,3%6,0%
4339Chevrolet Spark247832138-15,6%-36,6%
4457Toyota RAV424544370715,1%16,0%
4556Hyundai HB20S2277135365,8%10,9%
4644Chevrolet Sail224852786-18,2%5,7%
4751Hyundai Accent223073912-7,7%-6,5%
4849Fiat Cronos222402522-16,9%-51,9%
4976Volkswagen Tiguan21842338249,3%39,2%
5035Nissan Sentra218351991-28,6%-49,2%
5258Suzuki Swift2164930462,7%1,3%
5355Honda Fit211562436-3,1%-11,0%
5434Chevrolet Tracker204452459-38,3%-33,3%
5553Hyundai Tucson202302438-10,0%-19,4%
5659Renault Oroch201862499-2,9%-22,4%
5762Chevrolet Spin2011630267,3%24,0%
5881Fiat Uno19928306746,6%-12,5%
5961Mitsubishi L200193862253-0,3%-15,4%
6060Honda CR-V183542316-11,4%-3,3%
6164Honda City180372111-0,2%-5,7%
6269Hyundai Grand i101704718584,3%-9,1%
63606volkswagen T-Cross167695016
6473Mazda CX-51662321788,8%3,6%
6546Peugeot 208163111875-39,4%-39,3%
6640Volkswagen Up!160482050-45,2%-47,0%
6777Fiat Fiorino1543320607,4%-10,7%
6866Nissan X-Trail153572003-11,4%-16,2%
6963Kia Picanto144691609-20,8%-23,7%
7078Kia Forte142382488-0,5%-22,4%
71201Citroen C4 Cactus141121538500,3%718,1%
7283Nissan Frontier1358121009,4%16,5%
7348Toyota Etios134231878-49,9%-21,6%
7552Toyota Etios Hatch121841359-46,4%-6,0%
7685Ford F-Series121781630-0,6%18,7%
7682Chevrolet Cruze Sedan121781511-7,7%-14,6%
7772Fiat Siena12127949-21,6%-45,5%
7874Ford Figo114681383-24,8%-35,4%
7967Peugeot Partner112381396-33,2%-34,6%
8075Chevrolet Cobalt110341578-25,5%-34,9%
8197Kia Soul10860172910,3%6,6%
8271Peugeot 2008108391420-31,7%-34,2%
8384Mazda CX-3106871303-13,6%-21,6%
8442Ford Fiesta10036804-64,3%-55,5%
8587Hyundai Elantra98311278-13,3%12,4%
8699Suzuki Vitara965012870,9%-2,0%
8791Honda WR-V94401155-10,8%-20,0%
8893Chevrolet Trax91021259-13,3%-32,2%
8988Chevrolet Cavalier9060926-18,4%-12,1%
90606Toyota Hilux SW490001142
91105Chevrolet Montana899512968,8%-8,9%
9295Kia Cerato87331346-12,7%3,7%
9365Toyota Etios Sedan8296987-52,5%-21,7%
9479Ford Focus8281897-41,5%-33,6%
95100Seat Ibiza80611075-12,8%-9,9%
9689Dodge Attitude79861013-26,4%-26,9%
9770Renault Kangoo7874826-51,4%-52,1%
98129Mercedes Sprinter784582240,9%42,5%
99109Toyota Tacoma777424936,5%10,4%
100101Toyota Hiace7663539-15,1%-43,3%