Latin America. Best selling cars ranking in 2020

Latin America best selling cars

Latin America best selling cars ranking in 2020 sees again the Chevrolet Onix on top – holding 5% of market share – while the fast-growing Nissan Versa threatens the Ford KA for the second spot. The Chevrolet Onix Plus flies directly in 6th position.


Economic Environment

Regional inflation slipped to 7.8% in February (January: 8.0%). Economic slack has largely kept price pressures contained in most countries of the region. The stark exceptions remain Venezuela and Argentina; notably, inflation in Argentina slowed to an over one-year low in February.

In March, Argentina’s monetary authority lowered the rate floor yet again to stimulate the economic recovery, while Peru’s Central Bank stood pat. Meanwhile, the recent global asset market turmoil and collapse of currencies across the region prompted the central banks of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay to intervene in the FX market.

Major regional currencies plummeted against the U.S. dollar recently amid the plunge in international crude prices and market panic over the spread of Covid-19 globally and its impact on economic activity, with the Brazilian real, Colombian peso and Mexican peso being the worst hit. Currencies are seen losing ground this year compared to 2019.


Best Selling Cars

As far as the best selling cars ranking, while our report assembly data for 41 countries, this ranking is heavy conditioned by the trend in the top markets (Brazil, Mexico and Argentina), which counts near the half of the regional sales.

The 2020 sees the Chevrolet Onix top of the list for the fifth year in a row with 43.341 year-to-date sales in February (+0.8%).

The Chevrolet Onix is sold only in this region and in the 2017 ranked as 79th in the focus2move Global Best Selling Cars Ranking. It is a subcompact car launched in the 2012 to succeed Chevrolet Corsa and some versions of Chevrolet Celta. Made in Brazilian plan at Gravataí, is only available with five-door hatchback, two flex-fuel engines (999 cm³ and 78/80 cv, 1,389 cm³ and 98/106 cv), five-speed manual transmission, front-wheel drive. It’s sedan derivative is sold under the name Prisma and distributed in selected markets.

The Ford KA manages to temporarily hold the second place, despite registering a negative trend (-5.1%). The third generation of this city car, produced in Brazil, is available as a five-door hatchback and as a four-door sedan. Launched in the fall of 2014, it was initially only available in Brazil and South America, later being introduced in India, Mexico, South Africa (where it is marketed as the Ford Figo) and in Europe (marketed as Ford Ka+).

However, the Nissan Versa threatens the Ford KA to gain the 2nd spot. Indeed, the former is growing in double-digits, less than 1.000 units behind the latter. Behind, we find the Toyota Hilux reporting a robust loss (-7.7%) followed by the Volkswagen Gol and the Chevrolet Onix Plus.

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Rank 2020Rank 2019ModelSales YTD 2020+/- YTD 2020February sales+/- February
11Chevrolet Onix43.3410,8%22.1325,2%
22Ford KA24.034-5,1%11.951-2,6%
34Nissan Versa23.20810,0%11.56311,5%
43Toyota Hilux20.067-7,7%9.124-8,9%
56Volkswagen Gol18.0449,3%8.80511,4%
6485Chevrolet Onix plus17.8459.123
711Renault Kwid16.98122,3%7.92816,0%
87Hyundai HB2015.215-2,4%8.5104,0%
910Nissan Kicks14.8435,6%7.9629,4%
1014Chevrolet Beat14.81610,3%6.94914,4%
118Volkswagen Polo14.5882,1%6.9883,3%
1220Toyota Corolla13.31610,3%6.63825,5%
1315Chevrolet Aveo12.983-2,2%7.19725,7%
1413Fiat Argo12.355-9,8%6.487-14,0%
1519Jeep Renegade12.1820,2%6.4419,6%
1618Fiat Strada11.689-5,2%5.655-18,3%
179Renault Sandero11.628-18,4%6.093-12,6%
1821Kia Rio11.5782,2%5.6541,4%
19336volkswagen T-Cross11.5468516,4%6.5959743,3%
2029Fiat Toro11.49240,1%5.06937,4%
2126Hyundai Creta11.30613,2%6.03211,7%
2212Toyota Yaris11.243-18,7%5.446-14,4%
2323Nissan NP30010.819-1,0%5.398-6,2%
2422Fiat Mobi10.620-5,8%5.346-4,9%
2516Nissan March10.570-18,1%5.776-4,7%
2625Jeep Compass10.5004,4%5.3003,1%
2717Honda HR-V10.444-18,2%4.743-26,8%
2824Ford Ecosport9.151-13,7%4.353-3,2%
2934Volkswagen Virtus9.07018,0%4.25020,1%
3031Volkswagen Saveiro8.87611,8%4.2947,3%
3130Ford Ranger7.526-5,9%3.201-3,3%
3227Renault Duster7.125-23,1%2.761-40,2%
3336Toyota RAV47.0803,2%3.3415,7%
3433Volkswagen Vento6.863-11,3%3.053-14,4%
3538Volkswagen Jetta6.276-7,8%3.189-13,5%
3628Kia Sportage6.251-25,8%3.564-7,2%
3739Volkswagen Amarok6.076-8,8%2.750-7,6%
3841Renault Logan6.020-7,7%3.082-14,3%
3937Honda Civic5.595-17,9%2.850-12,8%
4046Hyundai Accent5.462-6,0%2.692-9,4%
4148Suzuki Swift5.457-1,7%2.737-0,8%
4235Fiat Cronos5.376-23,2%2.083-24,0%
4343Chevrolet Spark5.255-14,3%2.661-17,9%
4464Hyundai Grand i105.20729,9%2.65330,9%
4532Volkswagen Fox/CrossFox5.141-34,8%2.183-42,5%
4650Chevrolet S104.987-8,1%2.083-16,3%
4749Renault Oroch4.975-10,0%1.709-26,6%
4854Honda CR-V4.961-3,9%2.160-16,9%
5042Nissan Sentra4.928-24,1%2.422-16,9%