Latin America best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2018

Latin America best selling cars Volkswagen-Polo_2018

Latin America best selling cars ranking year to date 2018 dominated by the Chevrolet Onix, leader for the third year and growing an impressive 22%. New entrance on top 10 are the Volkswagen Polo, recently launched in Brazil and Fiat Mobi.

Latin America economic activity ended 2017 on a weaker footing than previously thought. An estimate shows that the Latin American economies expanded an aggregated 1.9% annually in Q4. While the print was above Q3’s 1.6% expansion, it was well below the 2.1% preliminary estimate expected last month. The downward adjustment mostly reflected weaker-than-expected growth in BrazilColombia and Peru, along with a downgrade to Mexico’s GDP data for Q4.

In recent years the Central and South American countries had been penalized by a tough economic crisis, started from BRazil and expanded in all the South, while Mexico and surrounding countries have benefit of a vigorous economy and by the expansion of the automotive sector. This trend totally changed since early 2017, when South region countries have taken a recovery pathway, while Mexico was hurt by new US policy and moderated the growth. At the moment this is the trend in place, for the 2018 as well.

As far as the best selling cars ranking, albeit our report assembly data for 41 countries, this ranking is heavy conditioned by the trend in the top markets (Brazil, Mexico and Argentina).

Year to date February, the leadership unchanged and the Chevrolet Onix is the regional leader for the third year in a string with 44.636 sales (+22.8%) with a huge gap over all the followers.

The Chevrolet Onix is sold only in this region and in the 2017 ranked as 79th in the focus2move Best Selling Cars Ranking. It is a subcompact car launched in the 2012 to succeed Chevrolet Corsa and some versions of Chevrolet Celta. Made in Brazilian plan at Gravataí, is only available with five-door hatchback, two flex-fuel engines (999 cm³ and 78/80 cv, 1,389 cm³ and 98/106 cv), five-speed manual transmission, front-wheel drive. It’s sedan derivative is sold under the name Prisma and distributed in selected markets.

In second place the Volkswagen Gol with 31.904 sales (-2.5%). It is a subcompact car manufactured by Volkswagen do Brasil since 1980 and available in hatchback and sedan version. The Gol was the best-selling car in Brazil for 27 consecutive years, from 1987 to 2014.

In third place  the Toyota Hilux, leader among the pick ups gaining 3 spots with 28.720 units (+7.1%).

In fourth place the Ford Ka with 26.267 sales (+21.4%) followed by the Chevrolet Prisma up 3 spots with 21.618 (+33.1%), the Renault Sandero with 21.086 units (+18.8%) and the Nissan Versa with 19.203 units (+5.8%).

In eight place the the Toyota Corolla with 18.270 units (+4.5%) ahead of the Volkswagen Polo with 16.895 (+465%) and the Fiat Mobi with 15.807 (+37.0%).

You can see the previous years ranking here

Rank 2018Rank 2017ModelSales 2018Sales FebruaryVariation 2018Variation February
11Chevrolet Onix44.63617.84922,8%10,2%
22Volkswagen Gol31.90414.023-2,5%-4,9%
35Toyota Hilux28.72011.6177,1%2,5%
43Ford KA26.2679.10721,4%8,4%
57Chevrolet Prisma21.6148.05233,1%15,7%
64Renault Sandero21.0867.999-8,3%-19,5%
76Nissan Versa19.2039.3855,8%4,9%
88Toyota Corolla18.2707.7374,5%3,2%
970Volkswagen Polo16.8957.185465,6%506,8%
1010Fiat Mobi15.8076.01837,0%8,6%
1112Honda HR-V15.0866.679-1,6%-0,2%
1228Toyota Etios15.0185.15431,3%11,8%
139Hyundai HB2014.9427.4356,5%12,8%
1411Nissan March14.7457.174-3,3%-8,7%
1521Chevrolet Spark14.7208.1003,4%-0,4%
1614Ford Ecosport14.3464.88325,1%10,2%
1730Volkswagen Amarok13.2365.05930,2%24,8%
1825Peugeot 20813.0594.86613,6%10,4%
1926Chevrolet Aveo12.9066.351-0,6%-0,7%
2018Volkswagen Vento12.8586.530-6,9%-2,2%
21Fiat Argo12.7284.600
2217Nissan Pick-up12.6476.363-0,6%-0,6%
2319Fiat Strada12.4755.04823,3%24,3%
2429Nissan Kicks12.2066.05457,8%45,8%
2516Ford Fiesta12.1715.295-6,2%-5,1%
2620Ford Ranger11.4584.439-3,1%-3,8%
2742Chevrolet Tracker11.4544.50053,2%43,2%
2845Renault Kangoo11.3944.01046,8%16,7%
2927Volkswagen Up!11.3703.8169,1%-17,1%
3022Renault Duster11.1714.262-7,3%-19,5%
3131Chevrolet S1011.0904.17620,0%4,1%
3215Fiat Palio11.0314.414-27,2%-36,7%
3324Renault Logan10.4254.5135,8%6,9%
3413Fiat Toro10.3604.101-6,8%-14,2%
3536Volkswagen Jetta9.5034.4654,6%3,5%
3623Volkswagen Saveiro9.4844.3992,0%-2,6%
3738Jeep Compass9.4124.15549,8%41,5%
3833Jeep Renegade9.3403.68314,9%-7,4%
3935Ford Focus9.1003.395-16,7%-16,9%
4037Nissan Sentra9.0064.4580,0%0,0%
4134Hyundai Creta8.4894.31333,9%15,2%
4250Chevrolet Cruze8.1473.1587,9%1,6%
4349Renault Oroch8.1022.40041,3%4,3%
4332Volkswagen Voyage8.1023.492-5,9%-15,6%
4456Honda Fit7.6443.39214,5%7,8%
4543Kia Sportage7.3534.0267,8%11,6%
4641Honda Civic7.3093.701-19,4%-15,9%
4758Renault Captur7.2582.571114,4%71,3%
48Renault Kwid7.2354.506
4939Fiat Siena7.1822.834-19,7%-22,7%
5054Peugeot Partner7.0972.891-16,9%-11,8%
5151Chevrolet Spin6.9433.0734,4%12,3%
5259Peugeot 20086.7622.3293,8%9,3%
5355Volkswagen Suran6.6592.973-30,8%-15,4%
5444Toyota Yaris6.5663.419-2,2%-1,2%
5547Toyota Etios Hatch6.0462.7296,6%2,7%
5678Nissan Tsuru5.6892.864-0,1%-0,1%
5746Volkswagen Fox/CrossFox5.6832.581-15,8%-18,2%
5883Citroen C3 Aircross5.6411.05695,9%-1,5%
6061Hyundai Tucson5.5202.7847,4%9,6%
6140Kia Rio5.3962.467-1,4%-0,5%
6273Toyota RAV45.2692.35022,5%21,5%
6357Chevrolet Sail5.2652.721-2,9%0,0%
6462Nissan X-Trail5.2452.610-0,2%0,0%
6564Hyundai HB20S5.1062.4547,5%16,6%
6677Volkswagen Golf4.9071.898-4,0%-2,3%
6776Citroen C34.8571.8775,5%3,0%
6875Ford Figo4.7232.100-0,1%-0,1%
6966Toyota Etios Sedan4.5722.28511,1%11,2%
7081Hyundai Grand i104.5622.191-0,7%-0,5%
7167Mitsubishi L2004.5372.2495,0%4,0%
7279Peugeot 3084.4801.754-18,1%-14,2%
7363Honda City4.2542.050-20,1%-15,8%
7468Fiat Fiorino4.2311.7559,4%-5,8%
7572Chevrolet Sonic3.9991.780-8,6%-7,8%
7688Dodge Attitude3.9941.661-0,3%-0,4%
7765Suzuki Swift3.9881.534-2,3%-1,4%
7886Ford F-Series3.9041.688-0,3%-0,4%
7985Kia Picanto3.7872.012-6,7%-1,6%
8090Kia Forte3.6741.838-0,2%-0,2%
8171Chevrolet Cobalt3.4801.567-20,6%-26,2%
8253Honda CR-V3.3951.541-16,3%-12,9%
8389Chevrolet Cruze Sedan3.3611.77767,1%94,2%
8448Fiat Uno3.3001.346-39,2%-50,0%
8569Hyundai Accent3.2861.673-4,5%-0,5%
8682Toyota Hilux SW43.2841.402-7,8%7,6%
8797Seat Ibiza3.1881.336-0,4%-0,5%
8896Honda WR-V3.1701.213675,1%491,7%
8994Nissan Frontier2.9791.42412,5%31,7%
9092Citroen Berlingo2.9001.069-15,3%-7,4%
9198Mercedes Sprinter2.8351.0561,0%-11,7%
9287Chevrolet Trax2.6691.246-0,3%-0,3%
9391Mazda CX-32.5481.2100,8%-0,4%
9484Mazda CX-52.5401.175-0,8%-0,5%
95103Citroen C4 Lounge2.5111.029-20,5%-25,0%
9693Hyundai Elantra2.4551.3110,4%-1,7%
97110Chery Tiggo2.41887732,3%6,4%
98115Kia Cerato2.3461.53511,4%9,9%
99101Kia Soul2.3161.269-0,9%-1,3%
100127Peugeot 3012.238661170,0%84,6%


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